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The Strange Case of Kim Schmitz aka “Kim Dotcom”: Cyber Agent Provacateur for the Corporations, Underground Reich?


Kim Dot­com man­i­fest­ing the lifestyle of the polit­i­cal­ly and eco­nom­i­cal­ly oppressed.

COMMENT: In the after­math of the arrest of Kim Schmitz aka “Kim Dot­com” in the wake of the MegaU­pload take­down by the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment, Herr Dot­com has been var­i­ous­ly por­trayed as a mar­tyr for inter­net free­dom and the Sec­ond Com­ing of Christ by his cyber-lib­er­tar­i­an sup­port­ers and as the Beast of the Apoc­a­lypse by his detrac­tors. There is anoth­er pos­si­bil­i­ty that sug­gests itself.
Per­haps Kim is actu­al­ly in cahoots with some of the very same inter­ests he would have us believe he oppos­es. One should attempt to “fol­low the mon­ey,” as was advised to Water­gate inves­ti­ga­tors Bob Wood­ward and Carl Bern­stein.
A num­ber of things are appar­ent when one exam­ines Herr Dot­com­man­dant:

Have Schmitz/Dotcom been but­tressed and fueled with Nazi ven­ture cap­i­tal, in exchange for part of the prof­its?

The view here is that MegaU­pload and Schmitz/Dotcom’s media antics will serve to dis­cred­it the cause of inter­net free­dom and may serve as pre­text for the big cor­po­ra­tions to crack down hard–and I mean hard–on inter­net free­dom.
That would be deeply trag­ic.
Now, about the Dot­com­man­dant:
“The Fast, Fab­u­lous, Alleged­ly Fraud­u­lent Life of MegaU­ploads Kim Dotcom“by Sean Gal­lagher; Wired.com;  1/26/2012. [10]

. . . . With insid­er trad­ing charges pend­ing over Lets­Buy­It, Schmitz decid­ed it was time to lay low (by his stan­dards); “in fear for his life [11],” he fled to Thai­land in Jan­u­ary of 2002. On his web­site, he hint­ed at pos­si­ble sui­cide, say­ing he would be cross­ing “to a new world,” Hale-Bopp cult style. But instead of off­ing him­self, he declared that he want­ed to be known as “King Kim­ble the First, Ruler of the Kim­pire” — a label he would apply to his future projects. (It’s list­ed as his title [12] on LinkedIn.)

As it turned out, Thai­land wasn’t hap­py to see him. He was prompt­ly arrest­ed and fast-track deport­ed to Ger­many to stand tri­al. How­ev­er, the few nights in a Thai jail turned out to be the worst of it, as fears of prison in Ger­many [13] were unfounded—he was sen­tenced to 20 months pro­ba­tion and slapped with a €100,000 fine. In 2003, he plead­ed guilty to embez­zle­ment charges over the Mon­key “loan” and received anoth­er two years of pro­ba­tion.

After the law’s repeat­ed lash­es with a wet noo­dle, Schmitz left Ger­many and moved to Hong Kong to start the next lev­el of Mega-insan­i­ty. . . .