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The “Uber Bowl”: The San Francisco 49ers and SAP (Kudos to “R. Wilson”)

The Uber Bowl

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COMMENT: In FTR #304, we highlighted the profound and ongoing relationship between organized crime and the National Football League. As is the case with professional sports around the world, the degree of “fixing” in sports could not be exaggerated.

(In a recent post, we noted links between the anti-Castro Cuban community in Florida and an alleged performance-enhancing drug company. In that post, we speculated about the possibility of the intelligence community using sports gambling as a means of clandestine revenue generation, much as they have with the importation of illegal drugs.)

In the aforementioned FTR #304, we paid particular attention to the De Bartolo family, widely suspected of being involved with organized crime. Eddie De Bartolo’s above-board ownership of the 49ers was terminated by the NFL after his involvement with Louisiana gambling activities came to light. The team is now owned by his in-laws. 

“La Familia.”

In a comment on FTR #304, R. Wilson noted the blackout that occurred just after halftime, boosting the Mercedes-Benz logo “uber alles.”

In FTR #305, we noted the late Paul Manning’s research indicating that “corporate Germany” is run by the Bormann capital network, the economic component of a Third Reich gone underground.

That makes all the more interesting a development indicating a close working relationship between German software giant SAP and the San Francisco 49ers.

49ers chief Jed York (Eddie D’s son-in-law) hired one Paraag Marathe to be chief operating officer of the team. They are using diagnostic software made by SAP, which is being credited (rightly or wrongly) with boosting the team’s fortunes.

SAP also is bidding for the naming rights to the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara. 

A number of things come to mind in connection with this story:

  • Will the consummate power of organized crime to fix sporting events be used to boost the fortunes of the 49ers and, consequently, SAP’s sports software?
  • Will intelligence agencies utilize this to generate monies?
  • How many other sports franchises around the world will take their cues from the SAP/49ers relationship?
  • It stands to reason that the above considerations will very likely generate a lot of revenue for Germany/the Underground Reich.

 “Unplugged: SAP Tech Tools Gave 49ers’ Scouting Edge” by Mark VeverkA; USA Today; 4/25/2013.

EXCERPT: . . . . It was no fluke that the San Francisco 49ers went from systemic failure to the brink of winning the Super Bowl in two years. Yes, head coach Jim Harbaugh was integral to that, but so was the person who hired him, Niners CEO Jed York. It was the 32-year-old shopping mall scion, whose own ascension to the top job was met with biting criticism, not only recruited the right coach but also tapped the right chief operating officer in Paraag Marathe.

Together, York and Marathe have been turning the NFL club into a Silicon Valley start-up, tearing down legacy scouting and evaluation systems and retooling them through advanced enterprise technology.

At the center of the Niner’s re-invention is SAP, the Germany-based enterprise software giant that knows a thing or two about re-invention itself. The Niners are one of SAP’s initial customers of the company’s burgeoning sports business practice, which is applying three of the biggest trends in technology to sports: big data, cloud computing and mobility. CEO York “totally gets it,” says SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott.

“This business is going to be a totally global play,” from European soccer to Formula One car racing to the National Basketball Association, McDermott told USA TODAY in an interview.

As part of their relationship, SAP will be a “founding partner” of the Niners new football stadium in Santa Clara, which is under construction in the epicenter of Silicon Valley. As such, SAP will pay for the naming rights of the team’s nearby training and practice facility.

The naming rights to the game-day stadium, which is slated for 2014 completion, are still up for grabs, reflecting perhaps more on the Niners asking price than anything else. More important than the marketing relationship, however, is that SAP will oversee technological advances in fan experience and tailored software tools that integrate statistics with player, coaching and team performances. . . .


One comment for “The “Uber Bowl”: The San Francisco 49ers and SAP (Kudos to “R. Wilson”)”

  1. SAP makes a very common accounting software used by large companies.

    The question that should be asked is does the underground Reich have access to these companies financial information, thus giving them advanced knowledge of financial reports?

    This would be similar to the way the Chinese and Russians steal US technology by tapping into US Companies technical databases. It is even more similar to the way the Chinese manufacture chips with embedded software with backdoors that can be cracked by the Chinese government.

    Posted by TBD | May 13, 2013, 6:51 pm

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