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“. . . They Shall Reap the Whirlwind”, Part 2: Is Germany Using Environmental Modification Technology Against the United States? (One Helluva Conspiracy Theory)

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COMMENT: In a previous post, we explored an emphatically hypothetical line of inquiry concerning the possibility that Germany may be actively destabilizing Asia. 

In another emphatically hypothetical analysis, we revisit information presented in the late 1990’s and early 2001, as Oklahomans begin to pick up the pieces after the recent devastating twister.

A report from Munich Re in late 2012 caught our eye. (Munich Re is a major German insurer and, as such, invariably part of the Bormann capital network, which controls “corporate Germany.” It is the largest reinsurance firm in the world.)

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Munich Re was predicting an accelerating severity of disastrous storm in North America, due to the effects of global warming. Of course, such a development would increase overhead for insurers in the U.S., thus weakening the American economy. As highlighted below, it would also place additional strain on the U.S. budget.

Several things come to mind in this context:

  •  In our discussions with Nick Begich, co-author of Angels Don’t Play this HAARP, we covered the applications of this RMA–revolution in military affairs. In addition to missile defense and possible mind control applications, the system would have applications to seismic warfare. The patents for the technology specifically have stated applications to weather modification. (We note in passing, that Mr. Begich’s associate and literary collaborator Gael Flannagan died under suspicious circumstances.)
  • In FTR #69 (the description for which is excerpted below), we read into the record a statement at a [4/28/1997] press conference by then Secretary of Defense William Cohen that terrorist nations were seeking means of using electromagnetic radiation to cause earthquakes and other environmental catastrophes. 
  • In that same program, we read into the record the text of a treaty between the United States and the former Soviet Union banning environmental modification for military purposes. (The treaty dates to the administration of Jimmy Carter [1976-1980]). The events that might have military applications included earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes and other weather events. Listen to side 1 of the broadcast here. Side 2 highlights Nikola Tesla’s creation of an earthquake in New York City in the late 19th century. Again, contemplate the advances in military R & D since the late 19th century!
  • In FTR #272 (the description of which is also excerpted below), we highlighted a European (read “German”) Space Agency project to neutralize tornadoes using microwave technology. Listen to the program here.
  • In the years since that early 2001 broadcast, it develops that the “Ben” Eastlund, hired by the European (read “German”) Space Agency to manipulate tornadoes is indeed the same Bernard Eastlund who presided over the HAARP project, as highlighted in the excerpted article below. Note the predictably snide tone of the Business Week article, pooh-poohing the notion that such technology might have weather-manipulation applications. The relevant patents state that they have such potential uses. Eastlund was specifically hired by the European (read “German”) Space Agency to modify weather phenomena!!
  • Summing up: in early 2001 the European (read “German”) Space Agency hired the creator of HAARP to study ways to use microwaves to neutralize a weather phenomenon–tornadoes–that are all but non-existent in Europe! Roughly 90 percent of all tornadoes occur in–TA DA–North America! 
  • QUICK: when was the last time you heard of a tornado in Europe?
  • We wonder if the European [read “German”] Space Agency might commission Eastlund to study ways of using space-based microwave technology to make open containers of olive oil at fine European restaurants “hygienic”!
  • Also in FTR #272, we examined the charges by critics that such technology might very well make tornadoes worse!
  • One wonders if the tornado-neutralization technology might actually be a European (read “German”) HAARP project?
  • Global warming notwithstanding, it is imperative to understand that such things are absolutely possible. The U.S./U.S.S.R. treaty was concluded more than thirty years ago. The Wright brothers flew in 1911. By 1941, the Battle of Britain was history and the attack on Pearl Harbor became a reality. It has been twelve years since the European (read “German”) Space Agency project was undertaken. Again, the Wright brothers flew in 1911. By 1923, the first aircraft carriers were being developed.
  • How far might the tornado-neutralization project have evolved in the twelve years since its inception? 
  • Disaster-relief costs money, bringing into play the German/GOP “austerity” dynamic.
  • The Nazified GOP is attempting to hold disaster relief for the tornado victims in Oklahoma hostage to–you guessed it–budget cuts.
  • IF, in fact, our fears concerning the dynamic outlined here are correct, the United States is, literally, under attack. IF in fact, our fears are valid, the United States is in a state of war with Germany and the Underground Reich.
  • In this same context, one also wonders about the Fukushima mega-earthquake, which irradiated much of the Pacific Rim and the ocean. Should the clean-up of Fukushima–now projected to take more than 40 years–fail, and should the #4 reactor and the pool of spent rods (collected from all over the world) fail, say goodby to Japan, much of Asia, and the West Coast of the U.S. With the U.S. having “pivoted to Asia,” as discussed in our hypothetical post about Germany destabilizing Asia, that is something the Underground Reich would do. NEVER underestimate what the Reich might attempt. NEVER fail to understand that the Third Reich went underground. It did NOT disappear.
  • Note also, that a significant increase in weather and/or seismic disasters in North America will increase the cost of insurance, thereby driving up overhead for commercial and civic installations. Insurers–such as Munich Re and Allianz would be the beneficiaries.

“Report: Climate Change Behind Rise in Weather Disasters” by Doyle S. Rice; USA Today; 10/10/2012.

EXCERPT: The number of natural disasters per year has been rising dramatically on all continents since 1980, but the trend is steepest for North America where countries have been battered by hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, searing heat and drought, a new report says.

The study being released today by Munich Re, the world’s largest reinsurance firm, sees climate change driving the increase and predicts those influences will continue in years ahead, though a number of experts question that conclusion.

Whatever the causes, the report shows that if you thought the weather has been getting worse, you’re right.

The report finds that weather disasters in North America are among the worst and most volatile in the world: “North America is the continent with the largest increases in disasters,” says Munich Re’s Peter Hoppe.

The report focuses on weather disasters since 1980 in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Hoppe says this report represents the first finding of a climate change “footprint” in the data from natural catastrophes.
Some of the report’s findings:

— The intensities of certain weather events in North America are among the highest in the world, and the risks associated with them are changing faster than anywhere else.

— The second costliest year of the study period, 2011, was dominated by strong storms. Insured losses in the U.S. due to thunderstorms alone was the highest on record at an estimated $26 billion, more than double the previous thunderstorm record set in 2010. . . .

“Who Controls the Weather?”; BloombergBusinessWeek; 10/19/2005.

EXCERPT: . . . .In fact, a decade before the “Owning the Weather” report was written, that sort of missile shield had been outlined by U.S. researcher Bernard “Ben” Eastlund, president of Eastlund Scientific Enterprises in San Diego. What spooked civilian conspiracy campers was that the Pentagon in 1995 began operating what appeared to be a prototype of Eastlund’s missile-shield system.

Innocuously called the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, it had nowhere near the power that a missile shield would need. But the weather-conspiracy worriers fretted that HAARP was being used, or would be, to test potentially hostile weather-modification schemes. . . .

“Obama Pledges Storm Aid; Some in Congress Talk of Finding Cuts to Offset It” by  Peter Baker and Jeremy W. Peters; The New York Times; 5/21/2013.

EXCERPT: Promising to provide Oklahoma “everything that it needs right away,” Mr. Obama dispatched W. Craig Fugate, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to coordinate recovery efforts. Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security, is to follow Mr. Fugate to Oklahoma on Wednesday.

But although political leaders of both parties expressed sympathy for the victims, it took only hours for Washington to face off over the possible cost of repairing the devastation and how it would be paid. For the moment, it was a strictly hypothetical debate, since the government already has $11.6 billion available in a disaster relief fund. But it underscored the fact that even national tragedy does not always bring the capital together.

An Oklahoma senator, Tom Coburn, a Republican who is one of the most relentless budget hawks in Congress, kicked off the touchy dispute by saying that any additional disaster relief appropriated by Congress would have to be paid for by cutting other areas of the federal budget.

Some Republicans rushed to his defense, with Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin saying Mr. Coburn’s actions demonstrated “real leadership.”

But others said they were appalled. “I think we need to all act like Americans, that we’re all in it together, neighbor helping neighbor,” said Senator Barbara A. Mikulski, the Maryland Democrat who is chairwoman of the Appropriations Committee. “This is not the time for budgeteering battles. This is the time to respond with compassion and competence.” . . .

. . . . Early last winter, Republicans repeatedly tried to kill a bill to provide relief for states ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. They claimed it had been unnecessarily loaded with excess spending. Ultimately the bill passed, but only after Speaker John A. Boehner agreed to allow the legislation onto the House floor even though a majority of his Republican conference had vowed to vote against it and did.

As with any action in Congress these days, questions of further aid for the Oklahoma victims will quite likely boil down to cost. . . .

Description for FTR #69 [7/2/1997]: Even MORE Fun with Science: Earthquake Weaponry

Dur­ing World War II, Win­ston Churchill observed that, in wartime, truth is so pre­cious that it should, at all times, be attended by “a body­guard of lies.” For decades, the United States and U.S.S.R. researched the pos­si­bil­ity of manip­u­lat­ing nat­ural dis­as­ters, includ­ing earth­quakes, as weapons of mass destruc­tion. This type of weaponry was the focus of a treaty between the two super­pow­ers nego­ti­ated in the late 1970s. Yet, despite a grow­ing body of evi­dence that seis­mic weaponry may very well be a fact of life in the late 1990s, offi­cial­dom con­tin­ues to down­play that omi­nous pos­si­bil­ity. This pro­gram explores that evi­dence. In addi­tion to exam­in­ing evi­dence of the exis­tence of seis­mic weapons and/or research into such weapons, the seg­ments high­light the research of Nikola Tesla, who used mechan­i­cal res­o­nance to cause a small earth­quake in New York City in 1896! After dis­cus­sion of a press con­fer­ence given on April 28, 1997 by Defense Sec­re­tary William S. Cohen, in which he says that “ter­ror­ist nations” are cur­rently devel­op­ing means of trig­ger­ing earth­quakes, vol­canic erup­tions and dis­as­trous weather events, the pro­gram reviews some of the his­tory of the Cold War research and devel­op­ment of seis­mic weapons. The broad­cast also touches on the Japan­ese Aum Shinrikyo’s attempt to use Tesla’s dis­cov­er­ies to develop tec­tonic weapons and their pro­fessed belief that the Kobe earth­quake was caused by the United States.

Description  for FTR #272: [1/26/2001] ”  . . . They Shall Reap the Whirlwind”

EXCERPT:  Dur­ing Jimmy Carter’s admin­is­tra­tion, a treaty was rat­i­fied by the U.S. and for­mer U.S.S.R. ban­ning the manip­u­la­tion of envi­ron­men­tal dis­as­ters for mil­i­tary pur­poses. Cov­er­ing earth­quakes, tsunamis, tor­na­does and other weather events, the agree­ment was real­ized in order to pre­vent the devel­op­ment and use of a truly insid­i­ous gen­er­a­tion of WMD’s. In inter­views with Dr. Nick Begich, co-author (with Jeanne Man­ning) of Angels Don’t Play this HAARP, we ana­lyzed Project HAARP, the patents for which specif­i­cally refer to appli­ca­tions alter­ing the weather for mil­i­tary pur­poses.

In this pro­gram, we exam­ine the pos­si­bil­ity of another appli­ca­tion of weather mod­i­fi­ca­tion tech­nol­ogy with poten­tial mil­i­tary appli­ca­tions. A project funded by the Euro­pean Space Agency and par­ented by a “Ben” East­lund uti­lizes micow­ave beam tech­nol­ogy to neu­tral­ize tor­na­does. (The descrip­tion of East­lund as a for­mer Star Wars sci­en­tist sug­gest strongly that he is the Bernard East­lund who devel­oped HAARP, which also has poten­tial mis­sile defense appli­ca­tions.) In addi­tion to the fact that tor­na­does are a very rare occur­rence in Europe, they had pre­vi­ously been known to kill an aver­age of 100 Amer­i­cans a year–a rel­a­tively low casu­alty rate that has moved crit­ics to sug­gest that it wouldn’t be worth the expense of development.

One won­ders why this project would have been of inter­est to the Euro­pean Space Agency or Euro­peans in general.

Feared to carry the poten­tial to make tor­na­does worse, the tech­nol­ogy might very well have poten­tial mil­i­tary applications.

In the wake of a dev­as­tat­ing tor­nado sea­son in the United States, it might be worth­while to inquire as to whether such tech­nol­ogy may in fact have been devel­oped and uti­lized. Note that, in addi­tion to the ini­tial dev­as­ta­tion and loss of life inflicted by these dev­as­tat­ing storms, the fed­eral funds for aid and recon­struc­tion place fur­ther strain on the U.S. bud­get at a time when the national debt and deficits are at the fore­fron of polit­i­cal debate in the United States and elsewhere.

An enemy of the U.S. could inflict both loss of life, prop­erty dam­age and fis­cal destruc­tion on the United States through the appli­ca­tion of such technology. . . .

1. Past broad­casts have explored the use of envi­ron­men­tal mod­i­fi­ca­tion for mil­i­tary pur­poses. Those pro­grams are the foun­da­tion for this broad­cast. The title is a Bib­li­cal ref­er­ence (Hosea, 8:7), and refers to those who “. . . sow the wind” as being doomed to “. . .reap the whirlwind.”

2. Ben East­lund, described as “a for­mer Star Wars defense pro­gram sci­en­tist,” has pro­posed using an orbital, space-based microwave beam to neu­tral­ize tor­na­does. (“Could Tor­na­does Be Pre­vented?” by Jerry Bowen; CBS News Online; 1/16/2001, www.cbsnews.com/now/story.)

3. East­lund appears to be the “Bernard” East­lund who devel­oped the HAARP sys­tem, described in the broad­casts enu­mer­ated above. The alter­ation of the weather for mil­i­tary pur­poses, and the destruc­tion of incom­ing enemy mis­siles are among the stated appli­ca­tions of the HAARP sys­tem patents. (The destruc­tion of enemy mis­siles would, obvi­ously, be a “Star Wars” application.)

4. Crit­ics of Eastlund’s pro­posal believe that his “tor­nado pre­ven­tion” sys­tem could, in prac­tice, make tor­na­does worse and/or kill birds or knock down air­planes. (Idem.)

5. Mr. Emory dis­cusses the pos­si­bil­ity that the same tech­nol­ogy could be used to cause tor­na­does. In that con­text, it should be noted that Eastlund’s research has been funded by the Euro­pean Space Agency. (Idem.)

6. It should be noted that Europe rarely has tor­na­does and only 100 Amer­i­cans a year are killed by these storms. (One won­ders why the Euro­pean Space Agency would fund such research.) The pro­posed tor­nado tar­get­ing sys­tem would require “pre­ci­sion tar­get­ing” sys­tems. (Idem.) . . .


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