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This ISIS (ISIL) Video Isn’t Generating the Gravitas of the Foley Execution

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ISIS followers vowing allegiance to the group

COMMENT: Check out this video [3] of followers pledging fealty to ISIS (also known as ISIL). At about 1:05 of the video, the acolytes engage in some very “un-Islamic” gesturing. It graphically illustrates a dynamic we have spoken of so often.

Central to an understanding of political conflicts throughout the 20th and 21st century is the concept of the Earth Island [4] (also called “the World Island.”) This area is populated largely by Muslims, and political affiliation with, and/or control of, those population groups has long been seen as fundamental to domination of the Earth Island–that, in turn, is the geopolitical key to controlling the world.

Imperial Germany made good use of Islamists as proxy warriors during the First World War [5], and the Third Reich developed and used that strategy extensively, in both its above-ground and underground phases. Western intelligence–the CIA and derivative organizations such as the Safari Club–have made extensive use of this stratagem during the Cold War.

Evidence suggests that petroleum-related intelligence elements are continuing to use jihadists as proxy warriors, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood [6]. The so-called “Arab Spring,” [7] the Boston Marathon Bombing [8], the breakup of Yugoslavia [9] and the Ukrainian conflict [10] all appear to involve and/or overlap elements of “jihadis as proxy warriors.”