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“Troofer” and Fellow Traveler of Islamist Terror Groups and Fascist LaRouche Organization Advises British Journalists

Comment: the success of the fascist LaRouche organization–Webster Tarpley’s background is with the LaRouchies–in penetrating the so-called progressive sector is underscored by this disturbing post, as is the profound fascist and pro-terrorist nature of a disturbingly large portion of the “9/11 Truth” movement.

“NUJ Gets Nut to Write Terror Manual” by Brett; Harry’s Place; 3/11/2010.

The National Union of Journalists has commissioned a 9/11 ‘Troofer’ to work with an organisation that has partnered with Salafi jihadis to develop a handbook advising its members – the majority of working journalists – on how to report news relating to terrorism.

According to a story on the Bristol NUJ website, Tony Gosling, has been appointed to the NUJ’s National Ethics Council and has been tasked with developing the guide on reporting on terror published by the NUJ last November in association with “The Campaign Against Criminalising Communities” (CAMPACC), a group with close tiesto CagePrisoners.

CagePrisoners is at the centre of the current Amnesty storm. They support terrorist sympathisers like hate-preachers Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza and convicted terrorists like Sajid Badat who plead guilty to conspiring to place a explosive device on an aircraft.

Tony Gosling is himself a curious creature. He was thrown out of the Green Party after we at Harry’s Place exposed his antisemitic and homophobic outbursts.

Worse, Gosling is a 9/11 ‘Troofer’ who runs the biggest UK website for conspiracy nuts. Quite why the NUJ promoted him to their ethics committee after the revelations about his homophobia, antisemitism and his involvement is the “Truth” movement is anyone’s guess.

Gosling is singularly unsuited for the task. A paranoid delusional, he’s had bizarre Hitchcockian run-ins with the law himself, and has fallen under the spell of another 9/11 Troofer called Webster G Tarpley, who calls himself a “Terrororolgist”. Tarpley churns out books and tours the world insisting that terrorist attacks, including 9/11 and 7/7 are all ”false flag” operations, a view Gosling largely shares.

Now, I know it is frustrating and slightly maddening to have to ask this, but:

Why did  Britian’s largest union of journalists engage a person like Gosling to write a handbook on terror reporting?

Here you have a man who creates wild conspiracy theories denying terrorism even exists, and he’s working with associates of known terrorist sympathisers apparently to produce the manual guiding how terror-related issues are reported in the British Press!

One article in a Bristol Community Radio newsletter describes Gosling as “a driving force behind new media guidelines designed to ensure high standards when it comes to covering terrorist incidents.”

How the hell did this happen?

And how on earth did this bigoted little snot,  with an hallucinogenic take on reality, get appointed to the Ethics Committee of a major media union in the first place?

It would be a huge relief if the NUJ could tell us that this appointment is just another one of Gosling’s delusions, that the article appeared on their website by some administrative or editorial oversight and that – contrary to indications – sanity is still very much in evidence at the Journalist’s Union.


2 comments for ““Troofer” and Fellow Traveler of Islamist Terror Groups and Fascist LaRouche Organization Advises British Journalists”

  1. Maybe my suspicious mind is working beyond its means, but it seems feasible that a journalist union — like any union (does anyone remember unions?) — is pretty easy to penetrate and undermine, especially given the enormous resources of the NSA, SIS, BND, FSB, etc. The old ham-fisted COINTELPRO methods are no longer needed, if all you want to do is marginalize, discredit or disrupt the activities of a potential threat (and who is a larger potential threat to power than honest, serious journalists?). Just load the union board with pre-marginalized dupes — witting or unwitting — and Bob’s Your Uncle! Of course, this sort of thing is exactly how the KGB got the Soviet Union the into some extremely murky territory.

    Posted by Rob Coogan | March 17, 2010, 7:44 am
  2. Of the two major power blocks in the EU, Britain’s still strong financial influence and strong nationalism versus Germany’s territorial ambitions, the Larouche organization seldom mentions Germany’s machinations towards becoming the defacto leader of the EU. Instead we are fed a constant rant about the British Empire being the fount of all evil on the planet. Doubtless the square mile City of London is not a humanitarian organization but it is only one of many centers of illicit power on the planet and I agree with Dave that the emergent Fourth Reich (or Third still if one wants to split hairs) has eclipsed it. Is it plausible that this distraction away from things German is the current raison d’etre of the entire LaRouche operation? In any case, personality cults are always to be viewd with grave suspicion. Tarpley has been in lockstep with LaRouche since their supposed separation. I disagree with Dave on the degree and frequency of what are genuine and what are false flag terror attacks but I also think that has long been a distinction without a difference.

    Posted by Dwight Ward | March 19, 2010, 9:45 am

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