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“U-2, Brut?” Part II: Eddie the Friendly Spook Hits the Trifecta (Updated)



Is Eddie the Friendly Spook a sleeper agent?

Dave Emory’s entire life­time of work is avail­able on a flash drive that can be obtained here. [3] (The flash drive includes the anti-fascist books avail­able on this site.)

COMMENT: In the third of our posts [4] on “L’Affaire Snowden,” [5] we reiterated and further developed [6] the comparison between Snowden’s activities [7] and the downing of Francis Gary Powers’ U-2 spy plane on the eve of an important summit conference between then President Eisenhower and Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev.

In the Guns of November, Part I [8] (recorded on 11/1/1983), we analyzed evidence that the spy plane was deliberately sabotaged in order to frustrate the Eisenhower/Khruschev efforts at detente. (Irate over the incident, Khruschev cancelled the summit conference. The downing of the U-2 incident was blamed on information supposedly leaked to the U.S.S.R. by Lee Harvey Oswald.)

As the actions of Baby Face Snowden take shape, our analysis of this as “U-2, II” becomes more credible.

After decamping to Hong Kong and leaking information about anti-Chinese U.S. hacking programs on the eve of Obama’s summit with Chinese premier Xi, Snowden leaks information on NSA spying on Germany on the eve of Obama’s trip to Germany to meet with Merkel.

Immediately AFTER Obama’s meeting with Vladimir Putin, Snowden decamps to Moscow [9], thereby placing further strain on Obama’s diplomatic efforts and foreign policy. Obama’s goal of “rebooting” relations with Moscow will suffer as a result. 

Eventually, Snowden’s efforts led to the canceling [10] of Obama’s planned summit conference with Vladimir Putin (update). (See text excerpts below.)

As Secretary of State John Kerry noted, we can safely conclude that Snowden’s trips to China and Russia were not undertaken because either country is a citadel of political freedom and expression, but rather to damage Obama’s presidency [11]. (See text excerpts below.)

The Snowden op also appears to be aimed at alienating idealistic and less sophisticated voters from the Democratic Party. 

We note, in this context, who has handled much of WikiLeaks’ Russian operations–Joran Jermas (“Israel Shamir”) [12]–Assange’s Holocaust-denying pal and the person who connected WikiLeaks with Nazi financial angel Lundstrom’s milieu. (See text excerpt below.)

In passing, we also note that Ecuador and the Correa government, which has sheltered Assange and is apparently moving to shelter Snowden as well, have strong links to Germany and the EU [13]. In a recent visit, Merkel was negotiating with Correa for closer ties between Germany, Ecuador and the EU. (See text excerpt below. In this regard, we must remember that the German economy [14] is governed by the Bormann capital network.) [15]

He has hit the Trifecta and that is almost certainly by design. This is a spook operation, clearly. This should come as no surprise given Snowden’s background–Alphabet Soup from day one.

We still have questions about this imbroglio, including the possibility Eddie the Friendly Spook may be doing some CIA sabotaging of NSA, as well as the only-too-obvious evidence that he is doing his utmost to undermine Obama’s presidency.

In this context, we wonder about Michael J. Morrell’s resignation [16] right in the middle of this affair [17].

Please examine at length and detail our previous posts on this “op.”

As with the far-right, Nazi-linked WikiLeaks operation, follow the money. Snowden contributed money to Nazi/White Supremacist Ron Paul’s campaign, which was financed by Peter Thiel, the uber-reactionary whose Palantir firm can be safely deduced as having developed the PRISM software at the center of this controversy. A good treatment of Thiel’s background is to be found in FTR #718 [18]. Thiel is so far to the right that he has stated that he no longer believes in democracy, in part because we should not have allowed women to vote.

NOTE: Palantir officially claims that “their PRISM” is NOT the same PRISM in the focal point of the Snowden/NSA imbroglio. We feel this claim is laughable, frankly. The notion that the intelligence services are using TWO counter-terror software programs with identical names is not credible. Had a company developed a counter-terror software program for use by the intelligence community and called it “PRISM,” there would have been litigation. The major tech companies are NOTHING if not litigious, and Thiel and company have PLENTY of money!

(Although many of the naifs seduced by the Paul campaign aren’t fascists, we are obliged to hold Eddie the Friendly Spook to a higher critical standard. If Baby Face Snowden is so omniscient, how come he can’t figure out his presidential candidate of choice is a Nazi. THAT is hardly a state secret.)

We’ve also noted that Glenn Greenwald, Eddie the Friendly Spook’s leaker of choice, also networked with the Koch Brothers’ Cato Institute, with which Thiel also works. Saint Greenwald, by the way, has a background working as a lawyer working for high-priced corporate clients.

When one examines the WikiLeaks network, one finds the same forces at work. The Cyber-Wandervogel, as we have termed WikiLeaks’ foot soldiers are, for the most part, “anarcho/Utopian” in their political orientation. 

They are absolutely clueless, however, when it comes to discernible political reality. The “Pirate Bay/Pirate Party” crowd hasn’t even figured out their “own thing,” so to speak. The Pirate Bay operation, on whose servers WikiLeaks’ activities were based, is financed by Nazi money man Carl Lundstrom.  WikiLeaks’ connection with Lundstrom’s cadre is no accident either. 

Assange’s connection to Lundstrom was effected by Joran Jermas (“Israel Shamir”), the WikiLeaks’ founder’s long-standing Holocaust-denying ally. Both Pirate Bay/WikiLeaks Nazi financial angel Lundstrom and Ron Paul have networked with David Duke in the past.

As something of an amusing aside, we find it more than a little entertaining that the “Freetards” are alarmed that NSA/GCHQ is vacuum cleaning communications–something that has been on the public record for many years and an activity that is conducted by other countries, including Germany.

NSA, et al, is indeed monitoring communications on a massive scale. They are not likely to take action against the average citizen, however.

WikiLeaks, on the other hand, partnered with the Russian “phishing mafia”! [19]They are the folks who will use the Internet to hack your e-mails, steal your identity, empty your bank account and max-out all your credit cards. I guess the supporters of WikiLeaks [20] and Eddie the Friendly Spook are OK with that!

There is an old saying: “Count your buttons before doing them up.” it certainly applies to the Pirate Bay/Pirate Party/Anonymous folks and it also applies to the Chinese, Russians, Ecuadorans and anyone and everyone else who wants to give assistance or shelter to Eddie the Friendly Spook.

He is a professional intelligence officer on a mission. The possibility that he might be working to spy on the Chinese, Russians, Ecuadorans, Icelanders, WikiLeakers is one to be carefully considered.

To fully acquaint yourselves with the arguments being developed in connection with Eddie the Friendly Spook, PLEASE examine at length our previous posts on the subject, as well as following the links in those articles: Part I [6], Part II [5], Part III [4], Part IV [7].

“Snowden, in Russia, Said to Seek Asylum in Ecuador” by Ellen Barry and Keith Bradsher; The New York Times; 6/23/2013. [9]

EXCERPT: Edward J. Snowden, the fugitive former National Security Agency contractor wanted by the United States for leaking classified documents, foiled his American pursuers on Sunday by fleeing a Hong Kong hide-out for Moscow aboard a commercial Russian jetliner, in what appeared to be the first step in an odyssey to seek political asylum in Ecuador.

It was a day of frustrated scrambling by American officials, who have been seeking Mr. Snowden’s extradition and had annulled his passport a day before he left Hong Kong as part of an effort to thwart his escape. The authorities in Hong Kong said they lacked complete information to prevent his departure.

Mr. Snowden boarded an Aeroflot jetliner that reached Moscow on Sunday afternoon. Russian news agencies said Mr. Snowden was in a transit area, and Ecuador embassy officials, including the ambassador, were seen at the airport into the early hours of Monday.

Ecuador’s government and WikiLeaks, the organization that exposes government secrets and has come to the assistance of Mr. Snowden, appeared to have played a critical role in helping spirit him away from Hong Kong.

Ecuador’s foreign minister said that Mr. Snowden had submitted a request for asylum. In a statement on its Web site, WikiLeaks said, “he is bound for the Republic of Ecuador via a safe route for the purposes of asylum, and is being escorted by diplomats and legal advisors from WikiLeaks.”

The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, who has resided in Ecuador’s London embassy for a year because of his own fugitive status, said in an interview that his group had arranged for Mr. Snowden to travel via a “special refugee travel document” issued by Ecuador last Monday — days before the United States announced the criminal charges against him and revoked his passport. . . .

“Obama Cancels Putin Summit amid Snowden Tensions” by Matthew Lee and Deb Riechmann [AP]; Yahoo News; 8/7/2013. [21]

EXCERPT: Already faltering, President Barack Obama’s five-year effort to reboot U.S.-Russian relations finally crashed Wednesday, as the White House abruptly canceled his planned face-to-face summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

The effort to upgrade the relationship has fallen victim to the rapidly shrinking common ground between the former Cold War rivals, including extreme differences over the Syrian civil war, Russia’s domestic crackdown on civil rights and — the final straw — the asylum granted to National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. . . .

“Assange’s Extrem­ist Employ­ees: Why is Wik­iLeaks employ­ing a Holo­caust Denier and his dis­graced son?” by Michael C. Moyni­han; Rea­son Mag­a­zine; 12/14/2010. [12]

EXCERPT: . . . According to reports in the Swedish and Russian media, the broad strokes of which have been confirmed by a WikiLeaks spokesman, Shamir serves as the group’s content aggregator in Russia, the man who “selects and distributes” the cables to Russian news organizations, according to an investigation by Swedish public radio. In the newspaper Expressen, Magnus Ljunggren, an emeritus professor of Russian literature at Gothenburg University, outlined Shamir’s close ties to WikiLeaks and his position “spreading the documents in Russia.” (The article is illustrated with a picture of Assange and Shamir in an unidentified office.)

. . . . The Swedish media has iden­ti­fied Shamir’s son, a dis­graced jour­nal­ist named Johannes Wahlström, him­self accused of anti-Semitism and fal­si­fy­ing quotes, as a Wik­iLeaks spokesman in Swe­den. Indeed, Wahlström has authored sto­ries based on the Wik­iLeaks mate­r­ial for the news­pa­per Afton­bladet and is cred­ited as a pro­ducer on a recent Swedish pub­lic tele­vi­sion doc­u­men­tary about the group.

But while being the son of a famous Holo­caust denier is per­haps only suggestive—Wahlström is surely not respon­si­ble for his father’s many sins—his cel­e­bra­tions of his father’s work in print and his con­tri­bu­tions to Shamir’s web­site sug­gest ide­o­log­i­cal affin­ity.* Indeed, in 2005 Wahlström wrote a story for the left­ist mag­a­zine Ord­front argu­ing that Swedish media, not known for being friendly to the Jew­ish state, was in fact being manip­u­lated by Jew­ish inter­ests on behalf of the Israeli government.

Three of the jour­nal­ists inter­viewed for the story—Cecilia Uddén, Lotta Schüllerqvist, and Peter Löfgren—claimed that Wahlström fal­si­fied quotes, lead­ing the mag­a­zine to with­draw the story and issue an apol­ogy. Heléne Lööw, a his­to­rian of fas­cism and Euro­pean neo-Nazism, com­mented that the Wahlström story con­tained all the “ele­ments that one would find in a clas­sic anti-Semitic con­spir­acy theory.”

A mem­ber of Ordfront’s edi­to­r­ial board, writ­ing in the news­pa­per Dagens Nyheter, lamented that the piece was ever pub­lished, cit­ing Wahlström’s “close work­ing rela­tion­ship with Israel Shamir,” with­out point­ing out just how close the two were.

Wahlström and Shamir, father and son, are the Wik­iLeaks rep­re­sen­ta­tives for two rather large geo­graphic areas. Accord­ing to Swedish Radio’s inves­ti­ga­tion, Wahlström is the gate­keeper of the cables in Scan­di­navia, and “has the power to decide” which news­pa­pers are pro­vided access and what leaks they are allowed to see. (At the time of fil­ing, Wahlström had yet to respond to an email request for comment.) . . .

“Germany aims to be a good partner”; bundesregierung.de; 4/17/2013. [13]

EXCERPT: After their talks the Chancellor reported on the issues that are currently of particular political importance: a free trade agreement, an investment protection agreement and vocational training.

Angela Merkel and Rafael Correa discussed the situation in Latin America as a whole. Bilateral relations and also the relations with Latin America are “eminently interesting”. “Germany would like to be an increasingly good partner,” said the Chancellor.

EU free trade agreement with Ecuador

Ecuador is interested in joining the existing free trade agreement between the European Union and Colombia and Peru. Germany, said Angela Merkel, could help support the positive development of relations between the EU and Ecuador. “I have said that we will once again be speaking with the European Commission in order to generate an impetus to bring these negotiations to a successful conclusion,” she said.

A stable legal framework for economic agreement

The talks also touched on the legal conditions for improved economic cooperation, and thus the conclusion of a German-Ecuadorian investment protection agreement. “We need a stable legal framework,” said the Chancellor. More talks are to be held between Germany and Ecuador on this point.
The German economy is also interested in expanding infrastructure, including airports and roads, said Angela Merkel. She made special mention of cooperation in the field of vocational training, and gave the example of the vocational school in Quito, which is attached to the city’s German school.

Successful development cooperation

One focus of bilateral relations is development cooperation. On the basis of international agreements, the two sides have been cooperating closely for some 50 years. In the face of global climate change, it is particularly important to conserve tropical rainforests. Germany is one of Ecuador’s largest bilateral donors in the field of development cooperation.

In October 2012 government negotiations took place in Quito to decide on cooperation over the next three years. For the priority areas of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources and state decentralisation and modernisation, a total of 60.9 million euros was pledged, i.e. 20.3 million euros a year. Total assistance already stands at some 600 million euros.

“Leaker’s Flight Raises Tension For 3 Nations” by Peter Baker and Ellen Barry; The New York Times; 6/25/2013. [11]

EXCERPT: Frustrated Obama administration officials pressed Russia on Monday to turn over Edward J. Snowden, the national security contractor who disclosed surveillance programs, while warning China of “consequences” for letting him flee to Moscow.

As Mr. Snowden remained out of sight, apparently holed up in Moscow awaiting word of his fate, what started as a dramatic escape story involving a self-described whistle-blower evolved into a diplomatic incident in which the United States faces an open rift with one major power and a tense standoff with another. Hopes for a quick resolution had faded by nightfall.

Secretary of State John Kerry said China’s decision to allow Mr. Snowden to leave Hong Kong despite an arrest request from the United States would have “without any question some effect, an impact on the relationship, and consequences.” He called on Russia to expel Mr. Snowden. “I would urge them to live by the standards of the law, because that’s in the interest of everybody,” Mr. Kerry said.

He pointed out that the United States in the past two years had transferred seven prisoners Russia had sought, though the parallel is not exact, since Mr. Snowden is not being held by the Russian government.

At the White House, President Obama’s press secretary, Jay Carney, reinforced what he called “our frustration and disappointment with Hong Kong and China,” calling their refusal to detain Mr. Snowden a “serious setback” in relations. He said the Hong Kong authorities had been notified that Mr. Snowden’s passport had been revoked, and he dismissed their explanation that they had no legal basis to stop Mr. Snowden. “We do not buy the suggestion that China could not have taken action,” Mr. Carney said.

American officials also openly mocked China and Russia as states that repress free speech and transparency and therefore are hardly apt refuges for someone fighting government secrecy in the United States.

“I wonder if Mr. Snowden chose China and Russia as assistants in his flight from justice because they’re such powerful bastions of Internet freedom,” Mr. Kerry said sarcastically during a stop in New Delhi. . . .