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U.S. Troops to Train Azov Battalion; Pravy Sektor Chief to Join Ukrainian Army as Adviser

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Combat helmets of the Ukrainian government's Azov Battalion, as shown on German TV


Pravy Sektor

COMMENT: In a previous post, we noted that elements of the 173rd Airborne Brigade [9] are to begin training of Ukraine’s national guard battalions. Those battalions include the “punisher” battalions, including the Nazi Azov Battalion. Now comes confirmation that Azov will, indeed, be the recipient of training by the 173rd Airborne, beginning on April 20th [Hitler’s Birthday–D.E.]. In addition, Dmytro Yarosh, head of Pravy Sektor (one of the Nazi OUN/B heirs in Ukrainian power structure and government) will be an assistant to the head of that country’s army, this to “control” the “punisher” battalions, including Azov.

are alleging [10] that an entire battalion of Pravy Sektor combatants will be incorporated into the Ukrainian army. IF, in fact, this allegation is accurate, it will be interesting to see if it ever is covered by even the most marginal of Western media.
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“US Forces to Hold Exer­cises in Ukraine” [AP]; Stars and Stripes; 3/31/2015. [33]

The United States plans to send sol­diers to Ukraine in April for train­ing exer­cises with units of the country’s national guard.

Ukraine’s Inte­rior Min­is­ter Arsen Avakov said in a Face­book post on Sun­day that the units to be trained include the Azov Bat­tal­ion, a vol­un­teer force that has attracted crit­i­cism for its far-right sen­ti­ments includ­ing bran­dish­ing an emblem widely used in Nazi Germany.

Avakov said the train­ing will begin April 20 [Hitler’s birthday–D.E.!] at a base in west­ern Ukraine near the Pol­ish bor­der and would involve about 290 Amer­i­can para­troop­ers and some 900 Ukrain­ian guardsmen.

Pen­ta­gon spokesman Col. Steve War­ren said the troops would come from the 173rd Air­borne Brigade based in Vicenza, Italy. . . .

“Ukraine Far-right Leader Made Army Advi­sor in Move to Con­trol Militias” by Claire Rosem­berg [AFP]; Business Insider; 4/6/2015. [34]

 The con­tro­ver­sial leader of Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist Pravy Sek­tor para­mil­i­tary group, which is fight­ing pro-Russian rebels along­side gov­ern­ment troops, was made an army advi­sor Mon­day as Kiev seeks to tighten its con­trol over vol­un­teer fight­ers.

Com­ing on the anniver­sary of the start of fight­ing in Ukraine, the move marks a key step in gov­ern­ment efforts to estab­lish author­ity over the sev­eral pri­vate armies that share its goal of crush­ing pro-Russian sep­a­ratists in the east, but do not nec­es­sar­ily oper­ate under its control.

While some such mili­tias answer to the inte­rior min­istry and receive fund­ing, the pow­er­ful Pravy Sek­tor or “Right Sec­tor” mili­tia, which cur­rently claims 10,000 mem­bers includ­ing reservists — but will not say how many are deployed at the front — had until now refused to reg­is­ter with the authorities.

Its pos­ture is expected to change fol­low­ing Monday’s announce­ment by the defence min­istry of the appoint­ment of its leader, Dmytro Yarosh, a hate fig­ure in Moscow who was elected to Ukraine’s par­lia­ment last year, as advi­sor to the army chief of staff Vik­tor Muzhenko.

“Dmytro Yarosh will act as a link between the vol­un­teer bat­tal­ions and the Gen­eral Staff,” armed forces spokesman Olek­siy Mazepa told AFP.

“We want to achieve full unity in the strug­gle against the enemy, because now our aim is the coop­er­a­tion and inte­gra­tion of vol­un­teer bat­tal­ions in the armed forces,” he added.

Asked whether the appoint­ment might anger the West, polit­i­cal ana­lyst Taras Beresovets said becom­ing army advi­sor “does not make him an influ­en­tial per­son in the armed forces.”

“I do not remem­ber hear­ing offi­cial crit­i­cism of Yarosh or the ‘Right Sec­tor’ by any coun­try except Rus­sia,” he added. . . .