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Update on “A Night in Tunisia”

"We moderates must stick together!"

COMMENT: In the long For The Record series dealing with WikiLeaks and the Piggy-Back Coups in the Middle East, that tortuous journey began with the coup in Tunisia, believed by some observers to have been triggered by the disclosure of State Department cables critical of the Ben Ali regime.

As noted by the vigilant “Terrafractyl”, the ostensibly “moderate” Islamist government that has come to power in  Tunisia may not be as advertised. It is interesting and significant that Ghannouchi compares his Ennahda party to the ruling party of Erdogan in Turkey.

As we saw in the “Turkish Taffy” broadcasts in the WikiLeaks/Piggy-Back Coups series, that party has roots in the Muslim Brotherhood and the Bank Al-Taqwa–entities with a fascist heritage that continues to manifest.

“Tunisia’s Ghannouchi too Liberal  for some Islamists” by Andrew Hammond; Reuters; 10/25/2011.

Tunisian Islamist leader Rachid Ghannouchi is seen by many secularists as a dangerous radical, but for some conservative clerics who see themselves as the benchmark of orthodox Islam — he is so liberal that they call him an unbeliever.

Ghannouchi’s Ennahda party won Tunisia’s first free elections, 10 months after an uprising brought down ruler Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, who had banned the group and imprisoned Ghannouchi before he took up home as an exile in London.

The party said on Tuesday it had won more than 40 percent of seats in Sunday’s election, pledging to continue democracy after the first vote that resulted from the “Arab Spring” revolts sweeping the Middle East and North Africa. . . .

. . . Ghannouchi compares Ennahda to Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party of Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan describes his own party as a mainstream center-right group with roots in religion, not unlike the Christian Democratic parties found in many European countries.

Yet Tunisian commentator Rachid Khechana said many in Ennahda give different messages in their own communities.

“They use different rhetoric in the rural areas where it’s more conservative: rhetoric about stopping culture from outside, corruption of youth and defending Islam,” he said.

“In the mosque, they tell their believers they should not fear what they hear them saying on TV.”

Salafists — strict Sunni Muslim adherents who oppose elections in principle — have flexed their muscles in recent months, attacking a cinema and a TV station over material they considered blasphemous. Ennahda has denied any connection. Critics don’t believe them. . . .

COMMENT: The critics are right to be alarmed, for Ghannouchi is closely affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood. One of the organizations connecting him to the Brotherhood is the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, an organization with evidentiary tributaries running in the direction of Al Qaeda and the Bin Laden family!

Not surprisingly, this “moderate” has called for an end to Israel, as well as openly espousing the notion of an international Jewish conspiracy. He has associated himself with members of Hizb ut-Tahrir, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Hezbollah!

Users of this website should stay abreast of The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report, whichfeeds along the bottom of this website, along with German-Foreign-Policy.com.

“BREAKING NEWS: Global Muslim Brotherhood Claims Victory in Tunisia”; The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report.

. . . . Rachid Ghannouchi (many spelling variations) is the leader of the Tunisian Islamist movement known as Nahada (aka Ennahda, Al Nahda) and can best be described as an independent Islamist power center who is tied to the global Muslim Brotherhood though his membership in the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR) and his important position in the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), both organizations led by Global Muslim Brotherhood Youssef Qaradawi. An Egyptian news report has identified Ghannouchi  as a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood “abroad.” Ghannouchi is also one of the founding members of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), a Saudi organization closely linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and dedicated to the propagation of “Wahabist” Islam throughout the world. . . .

. . . Ghannouchi maintains that altogether the Arab revolutions are positive for the Palestinians, and threaten to bring Israel to an end. . .

. . . . Mr. Ghannouchi’s views are not surprising given that his long history of association with extremism and Palestinian terrorism. From 1988-92, the Islamic Committee for Palestine organized conferences and rallies in the United States that featured the leading lights of Islamic extremist movements throughout the world. One example of such a conference took place in Chicago from December 22-25, 1989 and featured Mr. Gahannouchi as a speaker.  Its theme was “Palestine, Intifada, and Horizons of Islamic Renaissance” and other speakers included Abd Al-’Aziz Al’Awda, the “spiritual leader” of Islamic Jihad and Muhammad ‘Umar of Hizb Al-Tahrir, the Islamic Liberation Party. . . .  “The Jews everywhere are behind a worldwide campaign against Islam. Islam and the West could reach an accommodation, he says, were it not for the worldwide machinations of the Jews, who fan the fires of mistrust. Beware the Jews, he admonishes the West: “We Islamists hope that the West is not carried away by the Jewish strategy of linking the future of its relationship with the Islamic world with a war against Islam.”

COMMENT: The apparent selection for Tunisia’s new prime minister is from the Muslim Brotherhood. We should not fail to note that Hamadi Jebali is part of the Muslim Brotherhood milieu allied with Grover Norquist and Karl Rove in the U.S., as  well as the aforementioned Bank  Al-Taqwa.

Jamal Barzinji, part of Jebali’s milieu, was deeply involved with Norquist and Rove’s Islamic Institute.

“BREAKING NEWS: Tunisia’s Muslim Brotherhood Selects New Prime Minister; Choice Earlier Hosted by U.S. Muslim Brotherhood; The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report.

EXCERPT: Global media is reporting that Ennahda, the Tunisian political party tied to the Global Muslim Brotherhood and the apparent victor in recent elections, has put forward its Secretary General Hamadi Jebali as the next prime minister. . .

. . . . The relationship between Mr. Jebali and Ennahda with CSID, an organization close to parts of the U.S. government, raises question about the influence of the Global Muslim Brotherhood on U.S. policy. CSID was founded in 1998 largely by the efforts of Georgetown University academic Dr. Esposito who during the 1990′s served in the State Department as a “foreign affairs analyst” and who has at least a dozen past or present affiliations with global Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas organizations. Many members of the early CSID board were associated with IIIT, the American Muslim Council, and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC). For example, past CSID board members included Jamal Barzinji and Taha Al-Alwani, both associated with IIIT and both important leaders in the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood who helped to establish many of the most important U.S. Brotherhood organizations. . . .

. . .


2 comments for “Update on “A Night in Tunisia””

  1. Scary stuff here. Anyway, it’s good to know we have someone like Terrafractyl on our side.
    And hopefully, the Tunisian people will wake up and see reality.

    Posted by Steven L. | October 30, 2011, 10:19 pm
  2. Well, I don’t think “too liberal” should be a problem for Ghan­nouchi any more:

    Top Islamist politician causes storm in Tunisia over reference to Caliphate
    By Associated Press, Published: November 17

    TUNIS, Tunisia — A reference by an Islamist politician to a form of government from Islam’s history has stirred a political controversy in Tunisia shortly after an election won by his party.

    The victory by Ennahda, a moderate Islamist party once repressed by the country’s dictatorship, has left many members of the secular elite carefully scrutinizing it for any suggestions they might impose a conservative, religious agenda.

    On Sunday, the party’s campaign manager, Hamadi Jebali, and expected candidate for prime minister, suggested the country was entering the “sixth Caliphate,” a reference to the first Islamic empire ruled by caliphs that were supreme in religious and temporal affairs.

    “My brothers, you are living during a historic moment, a divine moment, a new stage of civilization, God willing, in the sixth Caliphate — a great responsibility awaits,” he told supporters in the city of Sousse, 100 miles (150 kilometers) southeast of the capital.

    The left of center Ettakatol (forum) Party, which was set to form a coalition with Ennahda, on Wednesday suspended talks with the party, awaiting clarification of its position.

    For its part, Ennahda maintains the comments were taken out of context, explaining that for them “the Caliphate represented principles of Tunisia’s political patrimony and civilization, including justice, sincerity, liberty and loyalty,” a statement on the party’s website said.

    The statement also reaffirmed their oft-repeated commitment to democratic and republican values.

    Ah, I see, they were just speaking metaphorically when they said they wanted to see a Caliphate. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot more of this Ghannouchi fellow palling around with his commie buddies in the future.

    Posted by Pterrafractyl | November 21, 2011, 8:19 pm

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