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Updating JFK, RFK Assassination Investigations

Daniel Burros

COMMENT: Our long journey in political research began with the investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy. That killing was a coup d’etat, followed in time with the murders of Martin Luther King and JFK’s brother Robert at the hands of the same interests.

A couple of recent stories touch on aspects of the investigation.

A New York Times obituary for McClandlish Phillips notes his work exposing the Jewish background of Daniel Burros, leader of a New York Ku Klux Klan chapter and a member of the American Nazi Party.

The obituary (predictably) fails to note that Burros’ name, address and telephone number were in the supposed “leftist/communist” Lee Harvey Oswald’s address book at the time of his arrest. (So were the name, address and telephone number of George Lincoln Rockwell, the fuhrer of the American Nazi Party, who was shot to death in 1967.)

Burros is alleged to have committed suicide following the publication of Phillips’ story. As we have noted in AFA #13 (among other programs), Burros allegedly killed himself at the home of Roy Frankhouser, a Pennsylvania KKK leader and himself a contract agent for the CIA. As Frankhouser noted, commenting on Burros’ death: “Bad case of suicide. Three bullets. . . .” 

The connections between the American Nazi Party milieu and the 544 Camp Street/531 Lafayette Place milieu that figured in Jim Garrison’s investigation are covered in FTR #188. Garrison’s thorough vindication by the House Select Committee on Assassinations is covered in FTR #190.

Grant Cooper and Sirhan

We’ve covered the reopening of the RFK assassination investigation in past posts. Suffice it to say that Sirhan was a patsy and an apparent mind-control job.

Many investigators feel that Robert Kennedy’s actual assassin was American Nazi Thane Eugene Cesar.

In a recent post updating the RFK killing, Russ Baker notes that Sirhan’s first attorney functioned more like a prosecutor, railroading Sirhan into prison. More importantly, attorney Grant Cooper was under indictment at the time in a case involving Johnny Roselli, one of the Mafia figures involved with the CIA’s anti-Castro efforts and believed by many to have been part of the mob element involved with the JFK assassination. 

“McCandlish Phillips, Who Exposed a Jewish Klansman, Is Dead at 85” by Margalit Fox; The New York Times; 4/10/2013.

EXCERPT: McCandlish Phillips, a former reporter for The New York Times who wrote one of the most famous articles in the newspaper’s history – exposing the Orthodox Jewish background of a senior Ku Klux Klan official – before forsaking journalism to spread the Gospel, died on Tuesday in Manhattan. He was 85. . . .

. . . Mr. Phillips’s most renowned article appeared on Page 1 on Sunday, Oct. 31, 1965, under the headline “State Klan Leader Hides Secret of Jewish Origin.” It was a rigorously reported profile of Daniel Burros, a 28-year-old Queens man who was the Grand Dragon of the New York State Ku Klux Klan, a chief organizer of the national Klan and a former national secretary of the American Nazi Party. . . .

. . . . The article remains a case study in a reporter’s perseverance in the face of intimidation. It is also a case study in the severe, unintended consequences that the airing of fiercely guarded truths can have for the guardian: despite threatening to kill Mr. Phillips if the article went to press, Mr. Burros, in the end, killed only himself. . . .

“RFK Assassination Legal Case Update” by Russ Baker; WhoWhatWhy; 4/5/2013.

EXCERPT: . . . . Although Sirhan pled guilty at his original trial in 1969, Pepper contends that Sirhan was betrayed by a lead member of his original legal team, Grant Cooper, who Pepper notes was himself under federal indictment at the time for illegally possessing grand jury proceedings in another famous case, involving card cheating at the Beverly Hills Friar’s Club. Cooper, who faced possible jail time for that, ended up being let off with a $1000 fine.

Intriguingly, his client in the Friar’s affair, John Roselli, was an organized crime figure with CIA ties often named as a possible conspirator in the death of President John F. Kennedy.

The defense had Sirhan admit guilt and sought to portray him as both mentally deficient and acting on impulse. Pepper notes that the attorney’s personal vulnerability was known to the judge and prosecution, and that they nevertheless said nothing while Sirhan’s real interests were not represented, and exculpatory evidence was suppressed. Although Sirhan confessed to shooting at Robert Kennedy, he later said that he could remember nothing at all of that tragic day. . . .

. . . If Sirhan had been represented by capable attorneys determined to learn the truth about the politically fraught second murder of a Kennedy brother in five years, things might have turned out differently. Instead, his attorneys persuaded Sirhan to plead guilty in hopes of avoiding the death penalty; Sirhan put up no resistance to this strategy since, as he would later reveal, he had zero recall of what happened on the night of the shooting. He was sentenced to the death penalty anyway, though several years later the sentence was commuted to life in prison after California abolished the death penalty.
Pepper, in his recent filing, directs much of his outrage at attorney Grant Cooper:

As a matter of record he accepted, without even the most perfunctory examination or challenge, all of the State’s ballistic evidence…. As a result, defense Counsel Cooper’s indictment [for illegally possessing grand jury proceedings in another case] went away. He was rewarded for obtaining the guilty plea and death penalty sentence….

Indeed, here’s what Cooper said in his closing remarks:

“Now, let me state at the outset that I want this to sink in if anything sinks in—we are not here to free a guilty man. We tell you as we always have, that he is guilty of having killed Senator Kennedy….we expect that under the evidence in this case, whether Mr. Sirhan likes it or not, under the facts of this case, he deserves to spend the rest of his life in the penitentiary….Don’t we know from dozens and dozens of witnesses that this defendant pulled the trigger that killed Senator Kennedy?…there is no question about that.”…“I wouldn’t want Sirhan Sirhan to be turned loose as he is dangerous, especially when the psychiatrists tell us that he is going to get worse and he is getting worse. There is a good Sirhan and a bad Sirhan and the bad Sirhan is nasty… we as lawyers owe the obligation to do what we think is right to the fullest extent of our ability but we also owe an obligation to society. And, I, for one, am not going to ask you to do otherwise than to bring in a verdict of guilty in the second degree.”

It takes a moment to realize that this is not the prosecutor, but the defense lawyer. No wonder most of us take for granted that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy—and acted alone. . . .


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