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Was Micah X. Johnson REALLY Acting Alone?

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Farrakhan and his stormtroopers: Minstrel Show Mussolini [6]

Farrakhan and his stormtroopers: Minstrel Show Mussolini

COMMENT: Filtering the news accounts of the tragedy in Dallas, we have more questions than answers. For some time, we have been afraid that long-standing, lethal  police brutality toward African-Americans and the Black Lives Matter could provide a combustible mix in this troubled, wounded nation.

Although Micah Johnson was apparently moving up and down stairs to effect multiple sniper posts, the numerous accounts of other gunmen generating “triangulated fire” do not strike us as being satisfactorily dismissed by Johnson’s vertical mobility.

Subsequent accounts of other snipers turning out to be armed protesters at what was described as a “peaceful” protest strike us as inadequate as well.

With Louis Farrakhan having called for blood, with jihadists being recruited for combat as proxy warriors in the Caucasus and Syria, among other places, with long-standing interface between Farrakhan and white supremacist elements [7], with white supremacists having enthusiastically embraced Donald Trump, we are of the opinion that other angles should be explored here.

We should also remember that Nazis and white supremacists have long advocated [8] the acquisition of “specialized knowledge and abilities” [9] by infiltrating military and law enforcement organizations.

We observed in past posts that Warren Hinckle reported that Al Sharpton [allegedly] worked for the CIA in Grenada. (The allegation was not sourced, although it appeared in a major daily, the now-defunct San Francisco Examiner.) It is a matter of public record that Sharpton has worked as an FBI informant.

We noted Sharpton’s unsavory presence at the forefront of most events involving the African-American community, including Black Lives Matter.

In that context, we were apprehensive about the possibility that BLM could be infiltrated and exploited to inflame racial tensions in the U.S. 

There is a history in this country of exploiting “black militants” for the purposes of provocation. (AFA #23 [10] covers this at great length.)

There are eerie parallels to the JFK assassination, which took place in the same area:

Might there be more to this than we have been told?

Certainly, this is heating things up on the race relations front, and will benefit the Trumpenkampfverbande.

Again, we stress EMPHATICALLY that we have more questions than answers at this point. The journalistic accounts to date do not strike us as providing a complete explanation for what has happened.

“Who Was Michah Johnson? Everything We Know About the Attack” by Robina Sabur; The Daily Telegraph [UK]; 7/08/2016. [11]

. . . . A female neighbour characterised Johnson as laid back, but said he kept a number of guns in his home, some of which were stolen in a break in one year ago. . . .

. . . . Five police officers were killed and another seven injured when snipers opened fire on them from rooftops in Dallas at a protest on Thursday evening. . . . [12]

. . . . One sniper, thought to be Micah Johnson, has been killed while exchanging gunfire with authorities at a parking garage in Dallas, while two other suspects are in custody. Police officers surrounded a car park near El Centro College where an armed man was firing off rounds with a rifle. . . .

. . . . Police chief Brown said the hostage negotiator did “an excellent job getting the suspect to talk” but a police bomb robot was detonated close to the shooter who died as a result. . . .

. . . . Though police said the gunman professed to be acting alone, three suspects are in custody.

Police said were questioning two occupants of a Mercedes they had pulled over after the vehicle sped off on a downtown street with a man who threw a camouflaged bag inside the back of the car. One woman was taken into custody in the parking garage where the standoff occurred.

Mayor Mike Rawlings said earlier the suspects were “not being very cooperative.” . . .

. . . . The area is only a few blocks away from Dealey Plaza, where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. Some of the injured officers were taken to Parkland Hospital. . . .

. . . . Police chief Brown told how the attackers  “triangulated” in the downtown area where the protesters were marching and had “some knowledge of the route” they would take.

Authorities have not determined whether any protesters were involved with or were complicit in the attack and were not certain early Friday that all suspects have been located, Brown said. . . .