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Was the Comcast/NBC Universal Merger Behind Keith Olbermann’s Sign Off?

Mum's the Word, Says Keith

William Casey

COMMENT: Yesterday, there was the surprise announcement that Keith Olbermann was ending his show on MSNBCIt’s officially being declared that this had nothing to do with the approval of Comcast‘s takeover by NBC Universal but that seems questionable given that Comcast‘s leader’s are staunch GOP supporters.

Comcast‘s long-time ruling duo, Tom Murphy and Daniel Burke, are also long-time partners of Bill Casey’s old Capital Cities inner-circle (they were both part of Capital Cities top management from the late 60’s onward).

NB: Casey was one of the principals in the Crusade for Freedom, the illegal domestic covert operation that brought Nazis and Eastern European fascists  into the United States, where they coalesced into a major wing of the GOP. Casey was the manager of the 1980 Reagan/Bush (I) campaign and then became Reagan’s CIA director.

“Breaking: Steve Burke to Become CEO of NBC Universal after Comcast Deal Closes” by Chris Ariens; mediabistro.com; 9/26/2010.

EXCERPT: Stephen Burke will become chief executive officer of NBC Universal upon the close of Comcast’s acquisition of 51% of NBCU from GE, both companies announced today. The news comes two days after current NBCU CEO Jeff Zucker, a lifetime NBC employee, announced he would be stepping down once the deal closes.

Burke is COO of Comcast and is past president of Comcast Cable. But he has broadcast TV in his blood. He’s the son of Daniel Burke, who along with Tom Murphy, ran Capital Cities Communications, an owner of several local TV stations. Cap Cities acquired ABC TV, a company 10 times its size, for $3.5 billion in 1985. Disney bought ABC 10 years later for $19 billion. Interestingly, Comcast made an unsuccessful $54 billion bid for Disney in 2004. . . .


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  1. Saw this on MOXNews’s channel yesterday………..sad to see him go. =(

    Posted by Steven | January 24, 2011, 1:44 am

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