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What Has General Wesley Clark Been Doing since His Retirement?

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COMMENT: In the past, we’ve highlighted the breakup of the former Yugoslavia and the German role in dissolving that country, thereby precipitating the first major European war since WWII. (The UNPO was also deeply involved with the Kosovo gambit.)

Among the aspects of the Balkans wars that have escaped much public scrutiny concerns the central role in that conflict of fighting formations descended from Muslim Waffen SS divisions formed during World War II.

Soldiers of the 21st Waffen SS ("Skanderbeg") Division

In Kosovo, the KLA was comprised largely of the descendants of members of the 21st Waffen SS (“Skanderbeg”) Division and other fascist fighting formations. Germany was centrally involved in the preparation of the Kosovo campaign as well. 

Kosovo is, for all intents and purposes, a German colony. At the same time, it has become both an organized crime horror show.

A New York Times story notes the role being played by American luminaries in the Kosovar economy. Having played a central role in jackhammering Kosovo from what was left of Serbia, they now appear to be reaping the rewards.

Of particular interest to us is former general Wesley Clark, former NATO military commander at the time of the Kosovo bombing campaign.

I.G. Farben logo

Clark is now the chairman of Envidity, an energy firm using the I.G. Farben-developed Fischer/Tropsch process to develop synthetic fuel from Kosovo’s coal deposits. Inevitably licensed to some of the successor firms of I.G. Farben, that process is being used in Qatar to synthesize fuel. (Qatar, too, is an area of primary German influence.)

A  number of things come to mind in this context, including:

  • What sort of networking might General Clark have engaged in prior to, during, and after the campaign, resulting in his standing astride a Fischer/Tropsch industrial application?
  • Might Clark have networked with German general Klaus Reinhardt, the son of Fritz Reinhardt, a German finance ministry official  and war criminal (involved with the liquidation of Polish Jewry and the confiscation of their property.)
  • Fritz Reinhardt

    Fritz Reinhardt’s activities inevitably placed his endeavor in the constellation of the Bormann flight capital operation and resulting networks.

  • Poland–Fritz Reinhardt’s old stomping grounds–was home to vast coal reserves, hence its selection by Germany as a focal point for the development of I.G. Farben synthetic fuel projects. One of those utilized slave laborers from the Auschwitz concentration camp.
  • Clark’s firm is also using Fischer/Tropsch to synthesize fuel for Mongolia, previously dependent on Russian imports. This will, inevitably, weaken Russian energy exports, as well as placing Envidity right in the middle of the “Earth Island boogie.”
  • In the context of Earth Island geo-politics, remember that the UNPO champions the peoples of Inner Mongolia (part of China) and the activities of the SS-connected Dalai Lama.
  • Mongolia–home to Envidity’s synthetic-fuel operation, has spawned a virulently anti-Chinese neo-Nazi movement!
  • UNPO (which greatly aided in the establishing of “independent” Kosovo) also champions the independence of the Uighurs,  whose primary place of residence is Xinjiang province of China–home to large natural resource deposits, including and especially petroleum.)
  • Of course, one must ask, under the circumstances, if Envidity is part of the Underground Reich/Bormann capital network?
  • Has Wesley Clark been networking with the heirs to Fritz Reinhardt?

“That Crush at Kosovo’s Business Door? The Return of U.S. Heroes” by Matthew Brunwasser; The New York Times; 12/11/2013.

EXCERPT: . . . . They also include Wesley K. Clark, a retired Army general and the former supreme allied commander of NATO forces in Europe who ran the bombing campaign against the Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic; and Mark Tavlarides, who was legislative director at the Clinton White House’s National Security Council. . . .

. . . . Asked for comment, former officials involved said their business dealings with the Kosovo government would benefit Kosovars by building a more prosperous economy. “We’re going to employ people, provide training, create exports and help the country grow and develop as a democracy,” said General Clark, who is chairman of Envidity, a Canadian energy company seeking to explore Kosovo’s lignite coal deposits and produce synthetic fuel. . . .

“The Energy Dilemma” by Wesley Clark; envidityinc.com.

EXCERPT: . . . .The world needs to needs to develop alternative new resources where there is significant reserve potential but in a clean manner. For example, existing minable coal reserves in the USA can provide 275 years of production at current consumption rates. Sasol in South Africa currently produces 160,000 bpd of synthetic fuel from “coal” and all of the planes that departed South Africa at the end of the World Cup flew on synthetic jet fuel.

UCG focuses on “stranded” coal (too deep to mine) and coupling UCG with Fischer Tropsch gas to liquids (GTL) technology has the ability to increase coal reserves by 17 fold. Since CO2 is sequestered in the process, UCG/GTL generates a “clean, stable and secure source” of transportation fuels. Synthetic fuel is clear; it has fewer emissions, a higher cetane value, is biodegradable and is compatible with existing fuel infrastructure and engines.

UCG refers to the process in which coal reacts in situ with an oxidant to produce a combustible gas, called synthesis gas or syngas. In contrast to surface coal gasification (SCG), no coal mining needs to take place and hence UCG has the potential to access unmineable coal. UCG/GTL technology is in its 4th generation of development. . . .


Mongolian neo-Nazis

“Envidity Launches $1B UCG-GTL Project in Mongolia”; greencarcongress.com; 8/20/2011.

EXCERPT: Retired US Army General Wesley Clark, Chairman of Envidity Inc., announced the commitment of funds to launch a US$1-billion underground coal gasification gas-to-liquids (UCG-GTL) project in Mongolia. The project will transform low-quality deeply-embedded, underground coal into synthetic diesel.

In August of 2010, Envidity entered into an exclusive agreement with operator Live Energy Group LLC and Shine Shivee LLC to transform economically stranded coal more than 150m deep in the Shine Shivee license areas into domestic fuel for Mongolia. On 22 July, Envidity exercised that option.

Envidity says that the project has the potential to produce 1,000 barrels per day of synthetic diesel satisfying 10% of local demand within 24 months, and 15,000 barrels per day within 60 months. Envidity says that its project has been recognized and encouraged by Senior Mongolian Government officials as a viable way to tackle the issue of Mongolian fuel self-sufficiency. . . .

“Geno­cide and the Ter­ri­ble Nazi Secret of the Ger­man Who Leads British Troops” by Christo­pher Evans; The Daily Mail; 10/2/99.

EXCERPT: Committed wholeheartedly to Hitler’s fanatical ideals, Fritz Reinhardt rose rapidly through the ranks of the Nazi party. He governed the purse strings in the Ministry of Finance and was promoted to Obergruppenfuhrer, or general, in the Brown Shirts.

And in 1941 he had a son – who this week took over command of 8,000 British troops. General Klaus Reinhardt is directing Nato peacekeeping operations in war-torn Kosovo after being handed the reins by Britain’s Lieutenant General Sir Mike Jackson. Klaus Reinhardt is keen to distance himself from his country’s past and says of his father merely that ‘he was an under-secretary in the finance ministry between 1933 and 1945’.

In fact, a Daily Mail investigation has discovered Fritz Reinhardt was a Nazi war criminal who was involved in an operation to exterminate more than 1.75 million Jews. He was jailed for four years after the war and classified a ‘major offender’.

He is said by eminent historians of the Nazi period to have lent his name to the infamous Aktion Reinhardt – the codename for the operation under which the SS massacred Jews in Poland and stole from them property worth 180 million marks, more than [pounds sterling] 360 million at today’s values.

The proceeds were passed via Reinhardt’s finance ministry to the SS and deposited in a special bank account known as ‘R’ – believed to stand for Reinhardt. . . .


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