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What Was Gary O’Donoghue Working On at the Time of His Death?

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The late Roberto Calvi: Setting a trend in the financial industry.

COMMENT: In FTR #’s 772, 792 and 823, we looked at a number of highly suspicious deaths of people involved with the financial industry–we termed them “collateralized death obligations.” Now we learn of the curious demise of Gary O’Donoghue, a lawyer working as “a solicitor in corporate finance” in the City of London economic epicenter.

A skilled “footballer,” (soccer player) O’Donoghue went missing at his 29th birthday party.

His corpse was found at the bottom of a “disused rubbish chute in a block of flats.”

We wonder what O’Donoghue was working on at the time of his death?

This one does NOT pass “the sniffs test.”

Quick: when was the last time you heard of someone falling to their death in an unused rubbish chute? 

“City Lawyer Fell to His Death Down Rubbish Chute at His Own 29th Birthday Party in East London” by Jenny Awford; The Daily Mail [UK]; 2/6/2015.

A city lawyer died at his own 29th birthday party after falling down a disused rubbish chute in a block of flats.

Gary O’Donoghue, a solicitor at EMW Law firm, disappeared during a celebration friends had thrown for him at an apartment in Shoreditch, east London, at around 6am.

 His body lay undiscovered for 24 hours, but was found by police at the bottom of the chute after officers searched the building. . . .

. . . . He was last seen at around in the early hours of January 25 at the flat in Quaker Street, off Commercial Street in Spitalfields and friends hunted for 12 hours before calling police.

 Police are treating Mr O’Donoghue’s death as unexplained but at this stage do not believe there to be any suspicious circumstances. . . .

 . . . . Mr O’Donoghue had worked as a solicitor specialising in corporate finance at EMW Law firm, based in Chancery Lane, for more than five years. . . .

. . . . A Met Police spokesman said: ‘We were called to Quaker Street on January 25 at 6pm after a man was reported missing. We searched the property and the man’s body was found. We are treating the death as unexplained.’


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