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What’s in a Nickname?

14th Waffen SS Division ("Galicia")--composed of Ukrainian personnel--being inspected by Heinrich Himmler.

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COMMENT: A passing tidbit in a New York Times story about Ukraine caught our eye. The Gray Lady–predictably–didn’t expound on it.

A fighter in one of the Ukrainian government’s “volunteer” battalions was opining about the Russian army and gave “only his nickname, Panzer.”

Funny nickname–“Panzer.”

Wonder where he got it?

(We have covered the ascension of the OUN/B heirs in the Ukraine in a number of programs: FTR #’s 777778779780781782, 783784794800, 803, 804, 808.)

“Ukraine Town Bears Scars of Russian Offensive That Turned Tide in Conflict” by Carlotta Garl; The New York Times; 9/9/2014.

. . . . ‘The Russian Army is very good,” said a soldier in one of Ukraine’s volunteer battalions farther south, who gave only his nickname, Panzer. . . .




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