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When the Saints Go Goose-Stepping In: Ukraine’s “Joan of Arc” Is a Nazi Cop-Killer

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Vita Zaverukha

Heinrich Himmler (left) with Joan of Arc

COMMENT: The Western media’s orgiastic fawning over the fascists who have been installed in Ukraine is reaching new heights, or depths, depending on one’s perspective. Seeking to mint heroes (and heroines) from the ranks of the OUN/B heirs governing Ukraine, the French edition of “Elle” magazine anointed one Vita Zaverukha as Ukraine’s version of Joan of Arc. One of the combatants grouped in the “punisher battalions,” Zaverukha is actually a Nazi, recently arrested for her role in robbing a gas station, a crime in which two Ukrainian policemen were killed.

The other members of the gang to which Zaverukha belongs are also members of Nazi punisher battalions.

Zaverukha’s status as a “heroine” impeded her arrest, despite the fact that she and her Nazi comrades had “long terrorized the city [Kiev–capital of Ukraine].” She also appears to have been one of the participants in the attack on The Odessa House of Trade Unions, in which 46 people were burned alive, while “Sveta” (as she calls herself) and her Nazi comrades voiced celebratory chants.

They just aren’t making those saints like they used to.

This brings to mind Gandhi’s response when he was asked what he thought of Western civilization: “I think it would be a good idea.”

Good grief, Charley Brown!

It is impossible in the scope of this post to relate the detailed history of the Ukraine coup and the installation of the OUN/B heirs in that unfortunate country. Previous programs detailing the Ukrainian crisis are: FTR #’s 777778779780781782, 783784794800803804, 808811817818824826829832833, 837.

“Teenage Girl Sol­dier Hailed as Ukraine’s ‘Joan of Arc’ by Elle Mag­a­zine Is Revealed as Neo-Nazi and Is Arrested over Cop Killing” by Will Stew­art and Flora Drury; Daily Mail; 5/08/2015.

A neo-Nazi por­trayed as Ukraine’s ver­sion of Joan of Arc by French fash­ion mag­a­zine Elle for her ‘brave’ fight against the Russ­ian sep­a­ratists has been arrested in con­nec­tion with the deaths of two policemen.Vita Zaverukha was taken into cus­tody after two offi­cers were killed and three more injured on May 4, fol­low­ing a gang’s failed attempt to rob a petrol sta­tion in the cap­i­tal Kiev.

The gang, who all have links to the far-right in Ukraine, and allegedly were involved in a shoot out as they tried to flee the scene.

At first glance, it seems shock­ing that this slight, blonde teenager could be involved at all.

But Vita, 19, is charged with ‘an attempt on an offi­cer of the law’, reported news out­lets in Moscow — and a quick search reveals she is an active pro­moter and sup­porter of vile neo-Nazi ideals.

What’s more, she is also sus­pected of being linked to an attack on a traf­fic police post in Bykovnya two days before­hand, and it is also claimed she par­tic­i­pated in bloody attacks on the Odessa House of Trade Unions in May last year in which 46 per­ished and 200 were injured.

Yet just six months ago, Elle magazine’s French edi­tion was por­tray­ing her as a Joan of Arc-type fig­ure, bravely defend­ing her home from Russ­ian sep­a­ratists — taken in, it seems, by her inno­cent appearance.

Vita — who uses the name Sveta in the piece — poses dressed in her army fatigues, star­ing at the cam­era in a pose which is rem­i­nis­cent of the hun­dreds of other female fight­ers feted as heroes for their stance against their attackers.

The mag­a­zine shows ‘Sveta’ as a brave young woman vol­un­teer­ing as a fighter to save her coun­try from being over­run by Russian-backed militants.

In a cap­tion along­side the pho­to­graph, she is quoted as say­ing: ‘If the Rus­sians return to my town, I will shoot. If not me, then who will do it?’

But the magazine’s mis­take was quickly picked up: Vita is a well-known mem­ber of the Aidar Bat­tal­ion, which last Sep­tem­ber was slammed by Amnesty Inter­na­tional for its cam­paign of ter­ror through the war-torn Luhansk region.

Among the 400-strong vol­un­teer unit’s alleged crimes were abduc­tions, unlaw­ful deten­tion, ill-treatment, theft, extor­tion, and pos­si­ble executions.

The bat­tal­ion is known for its links to the far-right, and mem­bers have pre­vi­ously been pic­tured with Nazi insignia.

But it is Vita’s VK page — the Russ­ian equiv­a­lent of Face­book — which pro­vide unequiv­o­cal evi­dence of her own extreme views.

Pic­tures of the blonde teenager per­form­ing the Nazi salute, pos­ing in a t-shirt cov­ered in the fas­cists’ emblem and even dec­o­rat­ing her tent with a colour­ful swastika pop­u­late the page, while pic­tures she shares include things like ‘Ukraine with Yids’.

What Vita — who says she is ‘Aidar from the begin­ning’ and will con­tinue to be so — writes on the page makes her vile views even more star­tling obvious.

‘I pro­mote Nazism, ter­ror, geno­cide,’ she wrote in Decem­ber last year. ‘For all this, I’m not a bad per­son. The jus­ti­fi­ca­tion is the “War for Peace”. If you go bring­ing the work to the end, only in this case, jus­tify my actions would not. Win­ners are not judged.’

In one of her more recent posts, she writes: ‘The vic­tory may be only rad­i­cal action — cam­paign­ing and murder.

‘Ral­lies , pick­et­ing and other dress­ing did not achieve. Action should always be sharp. The less time costs for the action , the longer it takes effect.’

The rev­e­la­tions meant Elle France was forced to print an apol­ogy — although whether they were refer­ring to Vita in par­tic­u­lar was unclear.

The state­ment explained they had met her in Luhansk, but there was noth­ing to sug­gest — from her clothes to her words — that she was in any way attached to a far right movement.

ELLE’s edi­to­r­ial board, as well as the two jour­nal­ists in charge of the cov­er­age, were shocked to learn the true ide­o­log­i­cal beliefs of this woman,’ the state­ment con­tin­ued. ‘We vig­or­ously con­demn all and any xeno­pho­bic, anti-semitic, racist and Nazi ideologies.’

Eka­te­rina Roshuk, for­mer Man­ag­ing Direc­tor at The Kyiv Times, claimed she had ‘long ‘ter­rorised’ the city, with no one able to do any­thing about her.

’The police were afraid to touch a hero of the Anti-Terrorist Oper­a­tion, which in turn was used as license to engage in lawlessness.’

The state-owned Russ­ian broad­caster Sput­nik News Ser­vice also claimed: ‘She is also sus­pected of attempt­ing to destroy a ther­mal power sta­tion in militia-controlled Luhansk, and of attempt­ing to orga­nize the rob­bery of the office of a Russ­ian firm oper­at­ing in her home city of Vin­nitsa, cen­tral Ukraine.’

It added: ‘In March, a video appeared show­ing Vita shoot­ing an RPG into a vil­lage in Don­bass ‘just for fun’.’

Vesti reported that Vita’s four male accom­plices were mem­bers of vol­un­teer bat­tal­ions fight­ing in country’s east­ern con­flict zone.

They were named as Vadim Pinus, 23, a dec­o­rated Azov Bat­tal­ion fighter who was killed in the shootout with police, Evgeniy Koshe­lyuk, 20, sniper Andrei Romanyuk, 17, and Niko­lai Mon­ishenko, 17.

She and ‘friends’ were ear­lier accused of stag­ing a row with a shop in Vin­nitsa, blam­ing man­agers for links to Russia.

It was not pos­si­ble to reach Zaverukha or her lawyer.



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