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Who’s “SAAR-y” Now?

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Mohamed Hadid

COMMENT: In FTR #’s 382, 415, 455, we related the relationship of prominent real estate developer Mohamed Hadid to the SAAR Foundation. SAAR is at the epicenter of the complex web of institutions busted in the Operation Green Quest raids of 3/20/2002.

Operation Green Quest was thwarted, in considerable measure because the individuals and institutions involved with SAAR, the Safa Trust, the Bank al-Taqwa, the Islamic Free Market Institute and the overlapping PTech corporation have too many ties to the GOP, Grover Norquist, Karl Rove and the Bush administration.

Furthermore, had the funding trail for Muslim Brotherhood cadres been interdicted, the continued use of Islamists as proxy warriors by the transnational corporations and their associated intelligence and national security elites would have been threatened.

Now operating on the Left Coast, Hadid is the focal point of ire and scandal for his high-end construction projects for foreign high-rollers. It would be interesting to know if his real estate ventures are connected with money-laundering. 

For more about Operation Green Quest, Bank al-Taqwa and the SAAR network, see–among other programs–FTR #’s 343, 356, 357, 454, 456, 462, 464, 467, 498, 513, 569.

“A Mansion, a Shell Company and Resentment in Bel Air” by Louise Story; The New York Times; 12/14/2015.

. . . . Silver-maned at 67, Mr. [Mohamed] Hadid, like many of his clients, is an immigrant. Born in Israel, he moved to Virginia as a teenager with his Palestinian family and spent his early business career in the Washington, D.C., area, developing office buildings and Ritz-Carlton hotels. Central to his success even then was his ability to woo foreign financiers — French and German backers, and in particular the SAAR Foundation, a group of Saudi investors. . . .


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