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Whose Drones Were Surveilling Nuclear Power Plants in France?

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[7]COMMENT: Late last year, a series of drone flights over nuclear pow­er plants in France raised alarm at the time.  Although 3 peo­ple were detained and then released (appar­ent­ly not engaged in sin­is­ter activ­i­ty), ques­tions remain about the large num­ber of flights.

In the wake of the attacks on Char­lie Heb­do and a kosher del­i­catessen in Paris, one won­ders if some of the flights may have been prepara­to­ry to an attack of some kind?

IF, in fact, such an attack were to take place, things will become SERIOUSLY inter­est­ing.

“France Arrests 3 with Drones by Pow­er Plant” by Dan Bilef­sky; The New York Times; 11/7/2014. [8]

Two men and a woman were ques­tioned by the police on Thurs­day after being arrest­ed in pos­ses­sion of two drones near the Belleville-sur-Loire nuclear pow­er plant in cen­tral France [9], news agen­cies report­ed. The arrests fol­low a wave of at least 14 ille­gal drone flights over French nuclear plants in recent weeks, which have raised con­cerns about the secu­ri­ty of the country’s main source of elec­tric­i­ty. . . . .

. . . . From Oct. 5 to Nov. 2, guards at 13 nuclear plants, includ­ing some oper­at­ed by the French elec­tric­i­ty giant EDF [10], heard the buzzing of drones that the author­i­ties have labeled an “orga­nized provo­ca­tion” aimed at “dis­rupt­ing the sur­veil­lance chain and pro­tec­tion of these sites.” Offi­cials said that the drones were not mil­i­tary, but rather civil­ian or com­mer­cial, and that they could be used to take pho­tographs or record video of the plants.

Adding to the mys­tery, Ségolène Roy­al, the envi­ron­ment min­is­ter, has said that she does not have any leads on who was behind the flights. While she said she would not let any­one under­mine France’s rep­u­ta­tion for secu­ri­ty at its nuclear plants, she added that the threat posed by the drone flights should nei­ther be min­i­mized nor exag­ger­at­ed.

France has 19 nuclear plants and 58 reac­tors that sup­ply near­ly 75 per­cent of its elec­tric­i­ty. . . .