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Whose Drones Were Surveilling Nuclear Power Plants in France?

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[7]COMMENT: Late last year, a series of drone flights over nuclear power plants in France raised alarm at the time.  Although 3 people were detained and then released (apparently not engaged in sinister activity), questions remain about the large number of flights.

In the wake of the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a kosher delicatessen in Paris, one wonders if some of the flights may have been preparatory to an attack of some kind?

IF, in fact, such an attack were to take place, things will become SERIOUSLY interesting.

“France Arrests 3 with Drones by Power Plant” by Dan Bilefsky; The New York Times; 11/7/2014. [8]

Two men and a woman were questioned by the police on Thursday after being arrested in possession of two drones near the Belleville-sur-Loire nuclear power plant in central France [9], news agencies reported. The arrests follow a wave of at least 14 illegal drone flights over French nuclear plants in recent weeks, which have raised concerns about the security of the country’s main source of electricity. . . . .

. . . . From Oct. 5 to Nov. 2, guards at 13 nuclear plants, including some operated by the French electricity giant EDF [10], heard the buzzing of drones that the authorities have labeled an “organized provocation” aimed at “disrupting the surveillance chain and protection of these sites.” Officials said that the drones were not military, but rather civilian or commercial, and that they could be used to take photographs or record video of the plants.

Adding to the mystery, Ségolène Royal, the environment minister, has said that she does not have any leads on who was behind the flights. While she said she would not let anyone undermine France’s reputation for security at its nuclear plants, she added that the threat posed by the drone flights should neither be minimized nor exaggerated.

France has 19 nuclear plants and 58 reactors that supply nearly 75 percent of its electricity. . . .