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WikiLeaks: U.S. and Germany Allegedly Planning Joint Reconnaissance Satellite Program

COMMENT: One of the diplomatic cables leaked by WikiLeaks alleges that a joint U.S./German spy satellite program will essentially be run by Germany.

This has a number of interesting implications, among them, some thoughts about the death of John Wheeler III. Working for the Mitre Corporation, he was involved with an entity deeply involved with satellite operations.

Might this have had something to do with Wheeler’s death?

Note that the proposed project, nominally American and German, will be essentially German–a fundamental negation of U.S. national sovereignty, under the circumstances. Although Germany appeared to cooperate with the U.S. during the Cold War, Germany remained under the control of the Underground Reich–which is now reverting to form.

“US, Germany Embark on Secret Spy Satellite Program, Leaked Cable Reveals” [AP]; The Raw Story; 1/3/2011.

EXCERPT: Germany and the U.S. are planning a $270 million satellite spying program that is causing friction in the European Union, according to WikiLeaks documents published by Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten on Monday.

Citing diplomatic cables sent from the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, the newspaper said the project was presented as a commercial enterprise but is actually run by the German intelligence service and the German Aerospace Center, DLR.

According to the cables sent in 2009 and last year, the satellites would be in place by 2013, but it wasn’t clear if the funding for the project had been secured. . . .


2 comments for “WikiLeaks: U.S. and Germany Allegedly Planning Joint Reconnaissance Satellite Program”

  1. The nature of the Wikileaks minidrama is presented to us in stark reactionary, binary terms:

    Either Wikileaks/Assange is “good guy” or “bad guy” and all facets of the ongoing saga are taken at face value.

    Public discourse of even the most basic questions of how Wikileaks could be compromised by intentionally deceptive information is off-limits. Such is the hubris of American Exceptionalism which posits that deception, espionage & conspiracy is common only to “dirty” & “uncivilized” nations, like Russia.

    Thus far, most Wikileaks cables (which largely are sourced from the State Department, a dubious source if ever there was one, for its Bush Administration appointees if not its infamous CIA associations) have been exceptionally Bush-friendly & Underground Reich-friendly. Any assorted seemingly anti-Bush, anti-Underground Reich cables (such as this one) exist “between the tentpoles” and do not constitute significant threats to the greater purposes of Wikileaks.

    In addition, this cable may represent a Modified Limited Hangout, with key information significantly edited out or misdirected from what seems to be (in this cable) a snapshot of an insidious germinating international pathology.

    Overall, this cable may be the exception that proves the rule of the type of pro-Neocon-narrative “leaks” that Wikileaks has dealt in (with plenty of embarassment for the likes of Hillary Clinton but none for Rumsfeld or Cheney or Bush or Bolton or Wolfowitz or Zoellick the IMF or the World Bank).

    Meanwhile, Wikileaks is serving multiple purposes, as one would expect of a well-planned counterintelligence operation:

    Wikileaks itself serves as a sting operation to attract & neutralize any authentic, dangerous leakers & leaks.

    Wikileaks sets the stage for a visible “calamity” which can be blamed on one of the leaks which will necessitate (“Shock Doctrine”-style) some type of future Internet-control legislation or further weakening of Internet privacy safeguards.

    Assange serves as a foil for issues of free speech vs. “national security” in a staged minidrama for a predetermined outcome in which Assange is positioned both to provide illustration of the “dangers” of “loose cannon” transparency AND ultimately to divide the loyalties of his own cult-of-personality fans should he begin to develop some obvious issues of slipping ethics, snowballing celebrity or narcissist hypocrisy.

    And each of the individual leaks provides opportunity for individual intelligence operations in themselves. From bolstering Neocon claims to dividing allies, from creating new fault lines to damaging diplomatic processes themselves in selective venues, Wikileaks is only becoming more unassailable, if to question the veracity of the cables is to align onesself with those who seem to nakedly use rape charges to make a political martyr of Assange, whose politics in interviews ranges from vague and reactionary to Ron Paul-style Ayn Randism.

    And the Francis Parker Yockey-style Third Position Cheney Sleeper Cell of Barack Obama seems only too willing to play his role, in tandem with the operation that put Assange into place, in building Assange’s status as political free-speech martyr and creating a new class of “terrorist” that could never have been successfully cemented by the Bush Administration alone.

    Posted by R. Wilson | January 8, 2011, 2:09 am
  2. An update has been posted. Update: Germany abruptly denies involvement with project, offering no further details. Link @ http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/01/03/aftenposten-germany-plan-secret-spy-project/

    Posted by Joshua Laudermilk | January 8, 2011, 1:01 pm

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