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FTR #464 I Told You So—More About the Subversion of Operation Green Quest

Struc­tur­al eco­nom­ic rela­tion­ships that bind the Bush­es to the Saud­is.

FTR #424 The Past Is Prologue 2: A Memorial to September 11th

9/11, the inva­sion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the “enabling fac­tor” of the oil indus­try.

FTR #391 Discussion Points on 9/11 and Related Topics

Fas­cist and Nazi links dat­ing from the 1920s involv­ing Bush fam­i­ly, Arab and Mus­lim fas­cists, the Sau­di elite and the Under­ground Reich, per­pe­tra­tors of 9/11.

FTR #376 A View From the Bridge

Bush fam­i­ly links to Nazis and Islamists behind 9/11; Big Oil, GOP and Third Reich joined by eco­nom­ic, oper­a­tional and his­tor­i­cal ties.

FTR#368 Harken Unto Me, Part II; The Ties that Bind, Part V

George W. Bush’s ener­gy com­pa­nies linked to drug smug­gling and 9/11.

FTR #367 What’s Going On Here? Pt. 2 and Networking Pt. 3

GOP and 9/11 financiers; pro­tec­tion of inter­na­tion­al mon­ey laun­der­ing oper­a­tions.

FTR #356 Mein Jihad Part 4

“Par­tic­u­lar empha­sis is on the con­nec­tion between the Repub­li­can Par­ty’s eth­nic out­reach oper­a­tions and the Wahhabi/Islamofascist ele­ments behind Al Que­da.”

FTR #355 Ties that Bind, Part 2

Bin Laden con­nec­tions to pow­er­ful cor­po­rate inter­ests; Nazi links to 9/11; PLO links to the CIA.

FTR #354 Forward Into the Past Pt 3

Much of the first side of the pro­gram con­sists of read­ing and analy­sis of a very impor­tant recent arti­cle by the bril­liant Kevin Coogan.

FTR #347 Axis of Evil (Carlyle’s Way)

Car­lyle Group con­nects the Bush fam­i­ly, the Rea­gan and first Bush admin­is­tra­tions, and the Bin Laden and Sau­di roy­al fam­i­lies.

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