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FTR #481 Interview with John Buchanan

Journalist John Buchanan presents information on the Bush family’s wealth, generated from banking clients in Nazi industry, before, during and after WWII.

FTR #475 Pryor Offenses

The political landscape of the Bushes, and the legacy of their ancestors, deeply involved with the forces of international fascism.

FTR #441 Pecunia Nervus Belli, Part II

Economic relationships between the Bush administration, the Bormann – Underground Reich milieu, and the Arab petroleum-producing states.

FTR #435 The Road to Lugano

The Underground Reich is perpetuating the Second World War after a fifty-year hiatus.

FTR #361 Networking

“This broadcast discusses the type of relationship that has led to the political realities that made themselves manifest on 9/11.”

FTR #346 Pearl Harbor Meets the Reichstag Fire, Part III: Nation Building by the Underground Reich

Bush family alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood and old Nazis help bring fascism to the U.S.

FTR #309 The Ties that Bind

Significant overlapping of political and economic powers within the milieu of international fascism.

FTR #305 The Bormann Organization

The economic and political component of a Third Reich gone underground, the Bormann organization controls corporate Germany and much of the rest of the world.

FTR #278 Connecting the Dots Part 2

In the planning for the Bormann group, a Nazi official stressed that the German industrialists must continue to fund the Party, underground.

FTR #273 “B” as in “Bush,” “B” as in “Bormann”

Evidence that the Bush family may be the American point element of the remarkable and deadly Bormann organization.

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