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Olav Thon and the Norwegian Progress Party

We have discussed Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, a Nazi who held membership in the Progress Party. In a recent election, the Progress Party gained membership of the Norwegian government for the first time. Olav Thon, one of Norway’s richest men, generated publicity for the party by taking out ads on its behalf in the Norwegian media. A critical biography of Thon alleged that he built his fur empire through collaboration during and after World War II with interests sympathetic to the Germans.

FTR #770 Bit[coin]burg, Part 3: Fool’s Gold

Presented as an alternative to the existing monetary and fiscal paradigms, bitcoin is–in fact–as bad, or worse, than what it is designed to replace. Subject to a wide variety of crooked machinations, bitcoin also lends itself readily to concentration of ownership–get ready for the “bitcoin 1%.” The bitcoin milieu increasingly overlaps that of Eddie the Friendly Spook and “The Paulistinian Libertarian Organization.”

The Underground Reich and the Max Planck Institute

We have discussed the Max Planck institute in past posts and programs. Originally named the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, it was a major epicenter of Nazi science. In the 1950 Madrid circular letter crafted by the Nazi government in exile, we find reinforcing argument that the Max Planck Institute remained an epicenter for scientific and technological development for the Underground Reich.

Ratzinger’s Vatican Benefactor

Before becoming Pope, Josef Ratzinger had a Vatican pedigree revealing him to be closely linked to the Vatican/Nazi escape and assistance organizations. One of Ratzinger’s benefactors during his rise through the Vatican ranks was Cardinal Josef Frings of Cologne, who worked closely with the postwar SS infrastructure to deflect punishment for convicted war criminals. The course of Ratzinger’s papacy, particularly his actions shortly after announcing his resignation, is consistent with the career vector he established with Frings.

Henry Kissinger, BND Elements and Third Reich Veterans Contemplated the Overthrow Willy Brandt’s Government

Over the years, we’ve presented the profound, decades-long networking of both Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger with Third Reich alumni, many of them war criminals of the first order. Nixon helped to initiate and sustain the Nazi element of the GOP. Now we learn that Kissinger actively conspired with Third Reich veterans and German aristocrats to establish the groundwork for the overthrow of the German government of former chancellor Willy Brandt. Previously, Kissinger was recruited by Allen Dulles to help incorporate Nazis into the CIA’s fledgling paramilitary cadre to be used against the USSR. One of Kissinger’s co-conspirators was Hans Globke, author of the Nuremberg laws, which provided the basis for the Nazi extermination programs.

Nazis Shaping Postwar German Government? No Kidding!

Even Der Spiegel can write about it, now! Third Reich alumni in the Federal Republic of Germany.

As refreshing as it is to see the German government and mainstream press finally confronting this issue, the story is “modified limited hangout.”

Drang Nach Osten (Push to the East) or: “What the Hell Does Dave Emory Mean by ‘The Underground Reich?’ ”

German government rewriting history of World War II, repudiating Yalta and Potsdam agreements, seeking control of Eastern Europe.

The New Germany and The Old Nazis

Book written in 1961 asks: Has Germany really changed? If so, where are the hundreds of thousands who once faithfully and eagerly served Hitler’s reign of terror? And what is life like today for the Jews who are still in Germany?

For The Record programs from 700-799, Complete Audio

Download links to Dave Emory’s “For The Record” series, programs 700 through the most recent program.

FTR #727 Whither China?

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo seeks return to China’s past; foregoing most reforms of the past century, China would surrender its position on the world stage; Liu doing the bid of China’s exporting rival Germany.

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