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AIDS and the Doctors of Death

by Alan Cantwell
1992, Aries Rising Press
ISBN 0917211251
239 pages.

From Amazon.com:

In this well-documented expose of AIDS and cancer research, Dr. Cantwell links the outbreak of AIDS in the late 1970s to the government-sponsored hepatitis B viral vaccine experiments that used gay men as guinea pigs in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. African AIDS traces back to smallpox vaccine programs conducted in Africa in the mid-1970s. The only book that clearly explains why AIDS is a man-made epidemic produced by a genetically-engineered, laboratory-produced virus.

The Wilson Library Bulletin
When Cantwell implicates agencies like the National Cancer Institute in a shadowy anti-gay conspiracy. . . his argument deserves thoughtful consideration.

See review by Paul Tran.

Available commercially. Learn more about Alan Cantwell.


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