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Drugs, Oil and War

The United States in Afghanistan, Colombia and Indochina

by Peter Dale Scott
2003, Lanham, Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN 0742525228
248 pages, illustrated.

Author’s Description
Drugs, Oil and War explores the underlying factors that have engendered a US strategy of indirect intervention in Third World countries through alliance with drug-trafficking proxies. This strategy was originally evolved in the late 1940s for the containment of Communist China; it has been resorted to since to secure control over foreign petroleum resources. The result has been a staggering increase in the global drug traffic and the mafias associated with it, a problem that will worsen until there is a change in policy. The book traces also some of the processes by which some of these covert interventions have escalated into war, and how present strategies to support the US dollar have come to depend on US domination of the global oil economy.

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