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Family of Secrets

The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America

by Russ Baker
2008, Bloomsbury Press
ISBN-10: 1596915579
ISBN-13: 978-1596915572
592 pages.

“Shocking in its disclosures, elegantly crafted, and faultlessly measured in its judgments, Family of Secrets is nothing less than a first historic portrait in full of the Bush dynasty and the era it shaped. From revelation to revelation, insight to insight—from the Kennedy assassination to Watergate to the oil and financial intrigues that lie behind today’s headlines—this is a sweeping drama of money and power, unseen forces, and the emblematic triumph of a lineage that sowed national tragedy. Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets is sure to take its place as one of the most startling and influential works of American history and journalism.” — Roger Morris, former senior staff member, National Security Council

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2 comments for “Family of Secrets”

  1. To Dave Emory:
    If you believe that Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are just tools of the right wing, do you think that Daniel Ellsberg and Bradley Manning are also just tools of the right wing? This all seems difficult to believe. Maybe if you put it on You Tube, with interviews of a number of people who can prove your case, maybe then it would all be slightly more believable. Please explain all the above in as much detail as possible. Thanks in advance.

    Posted by Jay Lynn | June 28, 2013, 2:30 pm
  2. @Jay Lynn–

    The evidence that Assange and Snowden’s actions are of a far-right vector is overwhelming.

    You don’t appear to have made the slightest effort to examine the information I’ve put forward on both.

    NEITHER Snowden nor Assange is a “tool of the right wing.”

    They are both extreme right wingers themselves, acting in concert with their political fellow travellers. Assange manifests a cruel social-Darwinism and keeps professional company with Holocaust deniers. When his professional situation began to unravel, he stated that he was the victim of an “International Jewish Conspiracy”–involving the BBC and The Guardian.

    Snowden is a backer of Ron Paul, who is a Nazi. Snowden himself is a cynical, far right-wing short seller, who advocates a return to the gold standard, the elimination of Social Security, maintaining high employment as “necessary.” He loved John McCain.

    I’m sure as hell not going to produce a video, when I’ve already assembled more than enough information on both. I’m working on another post about Snowden.

    In the meantime, little boy, when you are through watching television, be sure to do your homework (following the links in all these posts):










    Posted by Dave Emory | June 28, 2013, 5:44 pm

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