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Gifts of Deceit

Sun Myung Moon, Tongsun Park, and the Korean scandal
by Robert B. Boettcher
1980, Holt, Rinehart and Winston
ISBN 0030445760
402 pages, illustrated.

Review by A.T. Wood, Legislative assistant to Representative Donald Fraser, December 2000

In Gifts of Deceit the late Robert Boettcher insightfully and thoroughly documents the activities and findings of the Fraser Committee. This congressional subcommittee (through it’s 1978 report) on International Organizations opened a window on a world in Washington which many would prefer to see closed forever.

The report of this committee informally called the “Fraser Report” exhaustively documents and details Sun Myung Moon’s role in working to shape American foreign policy. It further names a whole host of characters including American politicians, military leaders, Korean diplomats, former Japanese prime ministers, not to mention President Dwight D. Eisenhower who wittingly or unwittingly wound up acting as agents or surrogates for Sun Myung Moon and his “Unification Church”.

In addition to reading like a first rate who dunn’it Boettcher’s book gives the reader a behind the scenes look at official Washington which to this day has done nothing about the principal findings of the Frazer Committee: namely that the Unification Church has engaged in systematic violations of U.S law. Banking and currency laws, securities and exchange commission laws, Immigration and naturalization laws and charities fraud laws.

Boettcher’s book is the first book that reveals the global geo-political ambitions of the Moon organization. It is a must for students of foreign relations, students of destructive cults, and for students of the U. S. Constitution particularly those who take an interest in the first and the thirteenth amendments.

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Robert B. Boettcher was staff director of a Congressional investigation of South Korean influence-peddling in Washington in the 1970’s. He died Thursday May 24, 1984, in a fall from the roof of an apartment building on Central Park West, where he lived. He was 44 years old.

From 1971 until 1979, Mr. Boettcher directed the staff of the House Subcommittee on International Organizations. In that capacity he was in charge, under Representative Donald Fraser, of gathering evidence of a scandal in which Tongsun Park, a South Korean millionaire businessman, and others were accused of unlawfully seeking to influence American political figures in providing military and economic aid to Seoul. Mr. Boettcher also served as executive director of development and public relations for the Dance Theater of Harlem.

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