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Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism

by Dennis King
1989, Doubleday
ISBN-10: 0385238800
ISBN-13: 978-0385238809
415 pages

From Publishers Weekly
A Trotskyist in the 1940s, four-time presidential candidate, head of the National Democratic Policy Committee, right-wing extremist Lyndon LaRouche was recently convicted on fraud and conspiracy charges. King, a journalist who has unveiled the workings of the LaRouche cult almost singlehandedly over the years, here produces a courageous, hard-hitting expose. The LaRouchians raised over $200 million in loans and donations from the public, despite what the author describes as the sect’s “classic fascist” ideology, anti-Semitism, brain-washing, smear tactics and fanatical support of the Star Wars defense system and military build-up. According to King, LaRouche’s eccentric posturing (he claimed the Queen of England was a drug pusher and branded Henry Kissinger a communist agent) was useful cover–a pose to distract the media while LaRouche forged bonds with the Reagan administration, the CIA, the National Security Council, the Ku Klux Klan and other white-supremacist groups, Teamster bosses and crime lords, among others. King charges that the major media looked the other way, adopting a “see-no-evil” policy that allowed LaRouche to flourish.

From Library Journal
In this portrait of LaRouche and his followers, journalist King provides a case study of the development of a radical movement. He discusses LaRouche’s childhood, which helped to shape LaRouche’s particular world view, as well as LaRouche’s strange odyssey from left-wing Marxist to right-wing leader of the reactionary National Democratic Policy Committee. King examines the bizarre coalitions–the Ku Klux Klan and black civil rights groups, for example–that LaRouche has managed to form and galvanize into political action. LaRouche has also managed to maintain ties to such disparate figures as Manuel Noriega and Teamsters’ boss Jackie Presser. This is a riveting narrative about a man who would say or do anything to gain personal power and who seems to have used his blatant anti-Semitism to successfully entice followers.
– Frank Kessler, Missouri Western State Coll., St. Joseph

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