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The Belarus Secret

by John Loftus
1982, Alfred A. Knopf
ISBN 1557781389
197 pages.

John Loftus was a prosecutor in the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations, where he investigated the war crimes and subsequent activities of the Belorussian Nazis. In this capacity he coordinated a highly-classified inquiry called the “Belarus Project.” This book describes what Loftus uncovered from the files of several U.S. government agencies.

In 1948 a secret section of the State Department began recruiting Belorussian war criminals for guerrilla warfare inside the Soviet bloc. When the operations failed, these Nazi collaborators were allowed to settle in the U.S. As recently as 1978, government departments were lying to Congress in an effort to cover up this history. Loftus blew the whistle on CBS’s “60 Minutes” in May 1982, drawing headlines across the nation.

This book also provides insight into the foundations of U.S. Cold War bureaucracy, still extant (rampant) today:

The success of the Italian operation [the fixing of the 1948 Italian parliamentary elections with funds siphoned from the M-Fund] brought demands for similar actions elsewhere. [. . .] National Security Council Directive 10/2, the OPC’s [Office of Policy Coordination] charter, gave it the widest possible latitude, which would include the use of clandestine military organizations to overthrow governments regarded as unfriendly to the United States. [. . .] In 1948, this unit functioned as the operational arm of the National Security Council, which had been constituted the previous year. Policy and planning was the nucleus of America’s Cold War effort, with liaisons to each component of the intelligence community. The Belarus Secret, pp. 69-70]

The use of former Nazis by U.S. intelligence is also covered comprehensively in Blowback by Christopher Simpson (1988). In another twist to this curious history, Mark Aaron teams up with Loftus to examine the Vatican’s Nazi-smuggling and its probable infiltration by Soviet intelligence in Unholy Trinity (1992).

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