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The Forbidden Truth

U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy And The Failed Hunt For Bin Laden

by Jean-Charles Brisard & Guillaume Dasquie
2004 Revised Ed., Diane Publishing Co.
ISBN-10: 0756776619
ISBN-13: 978-0756776619
249 pages

From Book List
There’s been a lot of prepublication buzz about this book, especially on the Web. A best-seller in Europe and banned in Switzerland (because of a bin Laden lawsuit), this first American edition links the events of September 11 to pipeline politics, especially as practiced by the Bush administration. Although these sorts of charges have been made in a general way, the authors have collected a great deal of information, all footnoted. Investigating for three years, Brisard and Dusquie were able to follow the dots along a “parallel diplomacy” in which the private negotiations of oil tycoons, religious extremists, international financiers, and American politicians had little to do with the U.S.’ best interests. The book is not particularly easy on the Clinton administration; however, especially incriminating is the authors’ claim that FBI counterterror chief John O’Neil quit his job to become security head at the Twin Towers, where he died, because of his frustrations with the Bush administration’s willingness to accommodate the Taliban (and bin Laden) for the sake of the pipeline. Considering how complicated the material is, this book is surprisingly easy to follow. It could wind up as the first 9/11 book for conspiracy theorists or as the story behind the story. Maybe both.
Ilene Cooper

THIS BOOK IS IN PRINT. Available commercially. Learn more about Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie.


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