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The Man Who Knew Too Much

Hired to Kill Oswald and Prevent the Assassination of JFK

by Dick Russell
2003, Carroll & Graf
ISBN 0786712422
576 pages

Publisher comments
On the fortieth anniversary of the JFK assassination: the fascinating story of the man hired to kill Oswald, revised and expanded with a decade’s worth of new declassified information Carroll & Graf has been in the forefront of producing books about the Kennedy assassination. …It has come up with a winner, …this mammoth study of one of the most mysterious figures on the fringes of the assassination: Richard Case Nagell, described as the man ‘hired to kill Oswald and prevent the assassination of JFK.’ With painstaking care, Russell sets out to reconstruct the strange life of Nagell, a former member of a super-secret army intelligence, the sole survivor of two air crashes, a contract agent for both the CIA and the KGB at different times…. [Nagell] was ultimately prodded by the Russians to head Oswald away from his role in the Dallas plot… [or, failing that, ] to kill him…. Unsure who was calling the shots, [Nagell] lost his nerve, warned the CIA and FBI of the impending disaster, then had himself arrested…. He spent years in jail, while lawyers wrangled over his sanity. [In 1995, three years after the original publication of this book and the day after he was subpoenaed by the Assassination Records Review Board, Nagell died under suspect circumstances in his Los Angeles home.]

THIS BOOK IS IN PRINT. Available commercially. Learn more about Dick Russell.


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