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Their Kingdom Come

Inside the Secret World of Opus Dei
by Robert Hutchison
St. Martin’s Press, 1999
ISBN 0312193440
Illustrated, 486 pages.

Publisher Comments:
An explosive expose of one of the most powerful and secretive sects operating within the Roman Catholic Church-Opus Dei.This book reveals that Opus Dei:

  • Has become the Catholic Church’s paramount financial power.
  • Influences its members through a combination of secret rites and insistence on absolute obedience.
  • Uses a strategy of discretion to cloud its real intentions.
  • Aims to prepare Christendom for the next crusade against Islam.

Robert A. Hutchinson was born in Canada and studied at McGill University in Montreal. He was a correspondent for the Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Telegraph, and his articles for the Toronto Financial Post won him four National Business Writing Awards. he is the author of several investigative nonfiction books covering a range of subjects. For the past thirty years he has lived in Switzerland.

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  1. Opus Dei is coming under intense scrutiny again:

    Posted by John Laws | July 11, 2017, 4:25 am

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