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Unholy Alliance

History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult

by Peter Levenda
2002, Continuum International Publishing Group
ISBN 0826414095
423 pages, illustrated.

From ravenoir.com
This comprehensive popular history of the occult background and roots of the Nazi movement shows how the ideas of a vast international network of late 19th- and early 20th century occult groups influenced Nazi ideology, from Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley to the Thule Gesellschaft, the Order of the Golden Dawn, the Order of the Eastern Temple, and the pseudoscientific expeditions to Iceland and Tibet of the Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society. Nazi appropriation of the occult was a weird farrago of astrology, Freemasonry, racism rooted in occultism and popular European folklore (the Cathars, the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, the Arthurian legends). It also traces the Nazi movements as they continued their activities after the war (the Nazi ratlines to South America, the Colony of Righteousness in Chile) or “morphed” into neo-Nazi, skinhead and satanic groups such as the Christian Identity and White Aryan Resistance movements.

Engagingly written, Unholy Alliance is a comprehensive, popular history of the occult background and roots of the Nazi movement, showing how the ideas of a vast international network of late 19th- and early 20th-century occult groups influenced Nazi ideology. Levenda takes readers through the teachings of Madame Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, the Thule Gesellschaft – the occult secret society that formed the ideological heart of the early Nazi Party – the Order of the Golden Dawn, and the Order of the Eastern Temple and demonstrates how each influenced Nazi ideology. He also details the expedition to Tibet of the Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society, comprised of the same SS officers who would later be involved in grisly medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners. Levenda traces the Nazis’ movements as they continued their activities after the war or morphed into neo-Nazi, skinhead, and satanic groups, such as the Christian Identity and White Aryan Resistance movements. Levenda’s is not only a “major work of investigative reporting,” but also the striking story of the unholy alliance between politics and religion – or politics and occultism – that has dominated events in Europe and the Americas since World War I, with all its implications for continuing racial and religious violence in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

THIS BOOK IS IN PRINT. Available commercially. Learn more about Peter Levenda.


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  1. Levenda’s latest work shows that Hitler is buried in Indonesia, and that he became a convert to Islam. Eva Braun left Indonesia to be present at her father’s death, permanently leaving hitler with a new Indonesian wife.

    Posted by rick | May 16, 2012, 2:56 pm
  2. @Rick–

    It would be interesting to see what Levenda’s sources are. I’m not dissing what he wrote, but one must ALWAYS be aware of the deliberate “badjacketting”/disinformation gambit I discussed in connection with the Cheryl Bormann post of several days ago.

    Does Levenda cite sources?

    I would not be surprised if the allegations are true. Hitler can be credibly said to have endorsed Islam, expressing the view that it would have been better if Charles Martel’s forces had been defeated at the Battle of Tours.

    Hitler felt that after the Islamization of Europe, the Muslims would have died off because of the harsh climate.

    This then would have left Europe/Germany with the Muslim views of Jews and Christians, women, gays, the institutionalization of great wealth, a religious commitment to war against the unworthy/unbelieving.

    Again, I don’t diss what Levenda is saying. There is reason to be intrigued.

    But Caveat Emptor!



    Posted by Dave Emory | May 16, 2012, 3:36 pm
  3. Greetings!

    Just a note on sources: pretty much everything I write is based on primary and solid secondary sources, which are always identified and footnoted. That was as true of Unholy Alliance as it is of Ratline. In Ratline, my research took me to Indonesia to do the fieldwork. Like most people, I was not prepared to believe for a moment that Hitler survived the war. It was only when confronted by textual evidence did I have to readjust my thinking (well, that and the fact that the skull the Russians claimed was Hitler’s turned out not to be!). You may disagree about how I interpret the evidence, of course. What I do believe at this point is that (a) Hitler did not die as we were told he died, the forensics simply don’t back it up, and (b) it is well-documented (but little known) that Indonesia was the site of the only real Nazi Party in all of Asia, formed in the years just after the Beer Hall Putsch by Hitler’s friend Walter Hewel who lived in Indonesia for ten years before his recall to the Reich. This laid the groundwork for a leg of the ratlines no one knew existed before: the Asian connection.

    As for Hitler in Indonesia, I provide data, photographs, and eyewitness testimony.

    Many thanks for this opportunity to clarify my approach!

    Peter Levenda

    Posted by Peter Levenda | May 17, 2012, 12:27 pm
  4. @Peter Levenda–

    Welcome to the website and thanks for all your efforts.

    My observations were not meant to cast aspersions on your work. I’m ad admirer and have done quite a bit of work on “Unholy Alliance.”

    Rather, the postwar Nazi Underground excels at planting disinformation in order to cover the tracks of supposedly dead Nazi luminaries who escaped.

    In Miscellaneous Archve Show M57, “The Flight of the Wolf”, I discussed Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller’s presentation while being debriefed by U.S. intelligence agents.

    (Mueller himself supposedly died at the end of the war, but when the grave was opened, it contained three skeletons, none of which were Mueller’s.)

    In that presentation, unearthed by “London Times” journalist, Mueller discussed how he engineered the escape of Hitler.

    The description of the show: “Doc­u­ments Adolf Hitler’s escape from Ger­many at the end of World War II, using infor­ma­tion con­tained in pre­vi­ously clas­si­fied U.S. intel­li­gence archives, accessed by a Lon­don Times jour­nal­ist and dis­cussed in a mil­i­tary his­tory quar­terly. The story was revealed to U.S. intel­li­gence oper­a­tives dur­ing their debrief­ing of for­mer Gestapo chief Hein­rich Mueller, prior to his going to work for U.S. intel­li­gence in an anti-communist capac­ity.

    Con­fi­dent that his sit­u­a­tion with his U.S. spon­sors was secure, Mueller dis­closed that Hitler escaped to Spain after the war and that his place in the bunker (and the grave) was taken by a dou­ble, a dis­tant blood rel­a­tive of the Fuehrer. Mueller’s alleged death at the war’s end has also been effec­tively debunked.”


    Dave Emory

    Posted by Dave Emory | May 17, 2012, 7:34 pm
  5. @Peter, Dave
    While we have two authoritative voices on the subject here, does anyone have any insight on why the Soviets would collude in the massive disinformation effort regarding the survival of high-level Nazis and their protection by, or inclusion into, Western intelligence agencies? Does that fact lend plausibility to some of the more bizarre theories that the Soviet leadership, at some level, was consciously participating in a decades long planned dialectic with the West? I’d much prefer a more mundane explanation.

    Posted by Dwight | May 18, 2012, 7:08 am
  6. Greetings.

    Dave: I am aware of the controversy surrounding the Mueller material, and due to the fact that none of the documents I possess could indicate that he did, indeed, escape at war’s end, I decided not to bring it up in Ratline (my Hitler story being controversial enough!). There have been accusations of fraud in some of the Mueller documentation as I recall, but that does not mean that they are, in fact, fraudulent. It’s an open question as far as I am concerned.

    Dwight: if the Soviets did collude in the disinformation effort it would have been to place double agents within Western intelligence services. As we know now, the Gehlen Org was notoriously penetrated by the KGB. In addition, the Paperclip scientists were known to have been in contact with their former colleagues behind the Iron Curtain, in some cases sending classified research their way through the mail.

    The Soviets could have screamed about Hitler’s survival on the one hand, and then at the same time use the Nazis they had turned as further channels of disinformation against the West.

    It’s textbook tradecraft, I think. On the one hand, SMERSH was insisting to Stalin that they had Hitler’s body. On the other hand, Stalin was telling the West that they had Hitler. MI6 was telling everyone that Hitler had died in the bunker, a suicide. Operation Myth met Operation Nursery. These cynical operational names pretty much give the game away.

    Posted by Peter Levenda | May 18, 2012, 10:24 am
  7. @Peter Levenda–

    Again, very glad to see you using this website.

    The disinformation factor was one of Mueller’s trademarks. Certainly, the “bodyguard of lies” surrounding any important truth did not originate with Mueller, but he was a master.

    I strongly encourage you to avail yourself of some of the books available for download for free in the “Books” category, in particular “Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile,” by Paul Manning.

    Also, FTR #305, is an encapsulation of “Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile.” “About Paul Manning” is a worthwhile synopsis of Manning’s career.

    FTR #145 consists of some of Manning’s correspondence with colleagues.

    FTR #’s 152, 155 highlight some of Manning’s research on the Bormann/Mueller milieu, developed after the publication of his Bormann text.

    FTR #604 discusses Manning’s account of Mueller’s disinformation effort vis a vis Bormann.

    FTR #134 recaps some of the Mueller disinformation successfully directed at Ladislas Farago, coupled with your information from “Unholy Alliance” about the repugnant Gerald Posner’s resonance of Mueller’s efforts against Farago.

    I also recommend “The New Germany and the Old Nazis” by T.H. Tetens, as well as “The Nazis Go Underground” by Kurt Reiss, published before D-Day.

    “All Honorable Men” places the Nazi recrudescence at war’s end within the transnational corporate context.

    Obviously, I think all of the books are worthwhile, or I wouldn’t have made them available, but the above-mentioned works are particularly relevant to the daunting task of sleuthing out the whereabouts of prominent Third Reich alumni.

    I, too, have developed some doubts about the Mueller/Hitler Escape material I accessed in the early ’90’s via M57. I can’t say that it’s wrong, just that I’ve developed some doubts.

    In the end, I think one is left with relying on credible documentation and sources one views as credible.

    Having gotten to know the Manning family, I have a high regard for Paul’s research. He undertook it at the urging of his colleague and mentor Edward R. Murrow. His work was underwritten by CBS News, which would not go with the story in the end. No surprise there.

    I view the Murrow/Manning journalistic engine as altogether credible.

    I have also been fascinated by the late Frank Wisner’s obsession with Bormann in the aftermath of JFK’s assassination and the run-up to Wisner’s own alleged suicide.

    (Naturally, Wisner’s Bormann fascination was dismissed as mental illness. His shotgun “suicide” may have been just that, but a well-known CIA assassination gambit involves dispatching a target with a small-caliber weapon fired into the back of the head, after which a shotgun is placed in the victim’s mouth/face and fired, thereby obliterating the fatal wound. Wisner’s was a “shotgun/kiss” death.

    After the JFK hit, Wisner was known to be obsessed with “the sinister and mysterious Martin Bormann” and was calling for us to “pool our resources and get Bormann.”

    What MAY have put him on to this was the collapsing of the stock market and the commodities market on the morning of 11/22/1963.

    That was accomplished by the Tino De Angelis/Bunge Corporation gambit involving German-connected interests in Argentina.

    (See FTR #327 and the book “Were We Controlled?)

    What I find most interesting and significant about this is that Wisner was a partner in Carter, Ledyard and Millburn, the general counsel for the New York Stock Exchange, at the time and, perhaps still.

    At one point two Deputy Directors of Central Intelligence were C,L,M partners–Wisner and Harding Jackson.

    There are plenty of people like Frank Wisner who would not hesitate to use Nazis in our intelligence apparatus but who would be appalled at a violation of the NYSE.

    I don’t think the Wisners and the Dulleses ever figured the Boys from Berlin could outsmart them. Talk about hubris!

    Again, I’m very curious about the Tino De Angelis gambit and Wisner’s obsession.

    Thanks again for your interest,

    Dave Emory

    Posted by Dave Emory | May 18, 2012, 2:00 pm
  8. One quick comment: I am very familiar with the Manning material and cited it in my own Ratline. I talk about Paul Manning on a few of the radio and podcast interviews I have been on in the past few weeks. I respect his work a great deal.

    And it is a pleasure to be contributing to this site!


    Peter L.

    Posted by Peter Levenda | May 18, 2012, 7:06 pm
  9. @Peter Levenda-

    Let me extend Dave’s greetings and welcome for joining our small group of thinkers. This community is small in number but very large and important for the quality of the contributions and suggestions listeners/readers input into it. Your work is obviously very important and of excellent quality.

    I have to say however that I tend to agree with Dave on the ability of the Bormann network to disseminate disinformation to throw people off. The logical thing for a fleeing Hitler would have been to go to Argentina via Spain. Peron’s regime had been friendly to nazism for years and Franco’s made it easy for people of that sort too. That would have been the most logical thing to do and the easiest. Could Hitler have chosen another route and destination? Possibly, but logic suggests he chose the simplest and most effective ones in a time of war when his head had a high price, and in this case, Spain and Argentina were. But of course, as you suggest, your trail of enquiry could very well be the real stuff. Who knows.


    Posted by Claude | May 18, 2012, 10:33 pm
  10. Just an aside; I don’t question the idea that Hitler would have fled to Argentina first. My book makes that point. What I suggest is that Latin America proved too hot. Hitler could not trust his generals. He could not trust some of those who had been around him since the early days, men who were making their overtures to the West. I believe that Hitler would not have stayed in Argentina for very long but would have looked for a place from which extradition — legal or illegal — would have been next to impossible. Hence, the Asian scenario. His close friend, Walter Hewel — “Surabaya Wally” to his friends — had established a Nazi Party organization throughout Indonesia in the 1920s, after he had spent time with Hitler in Landsberg Prison after the Beer Hall Putsch. He was then one of the last people to leave the bunker at the end. There is a lot more to this story, that I set out in detail in my book where you will find a lot of corroborating evidence to show that the Nazis were very aware of Indonesia and its importance as a possible escape route. (No, I am not plugging the book! Just pointing out that my suggestion of an Indonesia scenario is based on evidence I would have never believed existed only five years ago, but which I have reluctantly come to accept as a distinct possibility today.)_

    Many thanks!

    Posted by Peter Levenda | May 25, 2012, 5:24 pm
  11. Some of this solid research must be threatening somebody. Two moronic movies have been released in the last year. Nazis In The Center Of The Earth and Iron Sky, both possibly as attempts at marginalizing this material which is gaining ground. Next – a JFK assassination coloring book? As Mae said – these are tacky people.

    Posted by Dwight | May 25, 2012, 7:16 pm
  12. @Peter Levenda:

    Thank you for these precisions. This line of enquiry makes your book something not to miss and your research even more compelling. I will get it. It’s intriguing. I will keep visiting your website too. It’s very nice of you to reach out to us with your research.

    Keep on the good work!

    Posted by Claude | May 25, 2012, 10:00 pm
  13. […] of Peter Levenda. This researcher has explored a not-too-familiar line of enquiry, that is the occult foundations on which Nazism was based or driven from, presented and explained in his book Unholy Alliance: […]

    Posted by Reading suggestion – Unholy Alliance: History of Nazi Involve­ment with the Occult | Lys-d'Or | May 27, 2012, 2:21 pm
  14. Interesting stuff. I actually found out about Manning through Ratlines….FTR #155 about the later work of Paul Manning is very interesting, regarding nuclear power in Argentina and Germany. Surprisingly, according to Wiki one of Argentina’s core nuclear research institutes is in Bariloche, and Bariloche also coincidentally hosts “INVAP S.E.”, a company that Wikipedia says ” is the only company in Latin America certified by NASA (the US (National) Aeronautics and Space Administration) to supply space technologies.” It makes satellites and other space gear.

    Posted by Jean | May 28, 2012, 6:04 pm
  15. Also, it makes nuclear reactors, and is related to a company named “ENSI” or “NSIS”, which produces heavy water for the world market, made in Argentina http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/ENSI

    Posted by Jean | May 28, 2012, 6:40 pm
  16. @Jean–

    That section of Argentina is notorious as a Nazi haven as well.

    At your earliest convenience, check out FTR #152, which has material from Manning not included in the Martin Bormann book.

    While in Libya, he actually ran into Heinrich Muller, face-to-face and promptly changed his airplane ticket reservations and left the country!



    Posted by Dave Emory | May 29, 2012, 4:30 pm

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