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Getting in Dutch: The Third Reich and the Royal Family of the Netherlands (“A Prince Too Far”)

Generations of the Netherlands’ Royal Family link to the Third Reich and its postwar manifestations. Prince Bernhard was SS, an IG Farben spy and a traitor to the Allied Cause. Was he “the Traitor of Arnhem?”

FTR #662 Reflections on Islamic Fascism and Media Self-Censorship

The program consists of the reading of an important article by Christopher Hitchens noting the chilling ripple effect of the Ayatollah Khomeini’s fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

FTR #657 Targeting the Centers of Finance

The “terror front” exploded with a major, headline-garnering attack on Mumbai, India’s financial and cinematic center.

FTR #398 More on the Virtual State & Manipulation of Political Polarities

Recent historical trends under the influence of a “virtual state,” the Underground Reich.

FTR #395 Tangled Webs: Deep Politics, Para-Politics, and Proxy War in the Middle East

Deep political maneuvering in relation to the conflict in Iraq.

FTR #384 Between Iraq and a Hard Place, Part 4

Third Reich alumni, Bush family help arm Saddam Hussein’s Iraq with nuclear and biological weapons.

FTR #380 Between Iraq and a Hard Place, Part 3

Nazi connections to Saddam Hussein and Palestinian movement.

FTR #333 Forward Into the Past

Mr. Emory believes terrorist elements associated with the Underground Reich that were recruited to help the United States actually have “doubled on America”.

FTR #211 Fascism and the Black Metal Music Scene

Growing fascist influence within the “black metal” music genre.

FTR #129 Interview with Peter Vogel

Listen: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 Much has been written and said about the development of nuclear weapons. Perhaps the most intriguing chapter in the development of the bomb was revealed by researcher Peter Vogel, who developed compelling information that the 1944 explosion of an ammunition ship was, in fact, the explosion and probable […]