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Biological Warfare: Did the Germans Cause the 1918 Flu Epidemic?

Deeply engaged in sabotage in the United States, even before America entered the First World War, German agents were spreading anthrax to livestock headed for the front to feed the troops. British intelligence officers opine that the deadly 1918 flu epidemic that killed scores of millions worldwide may well have been spread by the Germans. Apparently having discovered this deadly flu strain in 1916, the Germans may well have disseminated it in an attempt to neutralize the decisive entry of the United States into the war. (The first case was discovered in Maryland in January of 1918.)

Director of South African Reserve Bank Under Fire for Holocaust Denial

Director of South African Reserve Bank expresses Nazi sympathies–recalls and refers to country’s historical heritage as an offshoot of the Third Reich during the Apartheid era.

Deadly New Strain of Bird Flu: Apocalyptic Potential

Bird flu can be genetically altered to produce nightmare pandemic. Changes not hard to do and could be done by terrorists.

FTR #705 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

Islamist terror, drug smuggling and weapons trafficking are closely linked; major aviation networks serve all three and could be used to strike the U.S. with WMD’s; GOP and Grover Norquist are very close to these elements.

Apartheid Era South Africa’s Heritage on Display

Comment: In FTR #225, among other programs, we examined the Nazi heritage of the Broederbond, the primary power center of the Apartheid government of South Africa. At the funeral of the late Eugene Terreblanche, leader of the AWB, which years for the Apartheid era, that heritage was on display. “Nazi Salutes and Swastikas as Hundreds […]

FTR #702 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law accused of sheltering war criminals; GOP rhetoric references Elin Woods; with bad economy, the influence of drug cartels increases; Growing clout of the militia movement, foot soldiers of the GOP.

FTR #694 The Perfect War Machine

Deadly, cancer-causing virus SV40 decommissions cellular mechanisms that prevent cancer, activates mechanisms producing uncontrolled cell growth, scrambles the nuclei of infected cells, causes adjacent cells to become malignant.

FTR #686 Update on the National Cancer Institute’s Viral Cancer Program, Biological Warfare and AIDS

National Cancer Institute apparently used as a cover for biological warfare research; Ft. Detrick and the Naval Biosciences Laboratory involved; defense contractor Litton Industries used for much of the work. This nexus at the center of U.S. AIDS research.

FTR #682 Update on AIDS as a Man Made Disease

New stem cell therapy for AIDS based on the “Aryan” gene; SIV discovered in U.S. primate laboratories; Did Nazi agent Franz Liesau Zacharias witness an SIV outbreak during WWII?

FTR #669 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Euro-fascism receives a blow with the death of closet-gay Jurg Haider; German neo-Nazi NPD reveals funding from Old Nazis in Latin America; Updates on AIDS and Nixon’s 1968 treason.