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Further Indications of a Cover-Up in the Anthrax Attacks

In past posts and programs, we have noted evidence of a cover-up in the anthrax attacks of 2001. Now, a former FBI agent is suing the bureau, charging that he was subject to professional retaliation in exchange for questioning the official pronouncement that Bruce Ivins was the “lone nut” perpetrator of the attacks. Although Richard L. Lambert thinks it possible that Ivins was the mailer, he thinks the bureau was railroading him. All of the contents of this website as of 12/19/2014–Dave Emory’s 35+ years of research and broadcasting–as well as hours of videotaped lectures are available on a 32GB flash drive. Dave offers his programs and articles for free–your support is very much appreciated.

FTR #828 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

As the title indicates this program brings up to date a number of stories covered in the past and introduces some new topics of discussion. The topics covered include: JFK’s 1963 attempts at normalizing relations with Cuba; new information casting doubt on the “lone nut” theory of the 2001 anthrax attacks (which fingered Bruce Ivins as a “lone nut” perpetrator); Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s suppression of political dissent, echoing the policies of Francisco Franco; a Catholic mass held to honor the memory of the murderous World War II Ustachi leader Ante Pavelic; the global economic elites’ pursuit of the same economic policies that drove people into the arms of fascism in the 1930’s; Ayn Rand’s role in investigating the 1940’s movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” as possible crypto-Communist propaganda; the GOP’s implementation of fraudulent “dynamic scoring” economic evaluation; theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s warning that the development of Artificial Intelligence could threaten the existence of humanity; Mr. Emory’s 1995 warning that the development of Artificial Intelligence could threaten the existence of humanity.

Nazi and German Support for the Apartheid Government

In the aftermath of Nelson Mandela’s passing, it is important to remember the true nature of the forces he opposed and the fact that they did NOT disappear with the demise of Apartheid. In FTR #225, among other programs, we examined the Nazi heritage of the Broederbond, the primary power center of the Apartheid government of South Africa. In Miscellaneous Archive Show M8, we noted the profound German role in aiding the South African effort to develop the atomic bomb. An incisive post by German-Foreign-Policy.com (which feeds along the bottom of the front page) supplements the information in these programs.

Director of South African Reserve Bank Under Fire for Holocaust Denial

Director of South African Reserve Bank expresses Nazi sympathies–recalls and refers to country’s historical heritage as an offshoot of the Third Reich during the Apartheid era.

Deadly New Strain of Bird Flu: Apocalyptic Potential

Bird flu can be genetically altered to produce nightmare pandemic. Changes not hard to do and could be done by terrorists.

Golden Lily Loot, Nazis, White Supremacists and Islamists

Comment: For years, we’ve accessed the magnificent work of Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, whose landmark text Gold Warriors is the definitive work on the distribution of recovered World War II gold, Japanese Golden Lily treasure in particular. The focal point of decades of high-level political intrigue on the part of intelligence services, financial institutions and […]

The Anthrax Attacks Were NOT the Work of a “Lone Nut”

Comment: the FBI has disproved its own theory about the 2001 anthrax attacks. “The Anthrax Attacks Remain Unsolved” by Edward Jay Epstein; The Wall Street Journal; 1/25/2010; p. A19. The investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks ended as far as the public knew on July 29, 2008, with the death of Bruce Ivins, a senior […]

FTR #642 Update on the Anthrax Attacks, AIDS and Biological Warfare

Following suicide of Dr. Bruce Ivins, 2001 anthrax attacks return to journalistic center stage.

A Onetime ‘Person of Interest’ Moves a Step Closer to Public Exoneration

by CHARLIE SAVAGE The New York Times WASHINGTON — Having been named a “person of interest” in the investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks, the former Army scientist Steven J. Hatfill has tried for six years to clear his name, both inside court and out. Now the disclosure that a former colleague died this week, […]

Scientist’s Suicide Linked to Anthrax Inquiry

by SCOTT SHANE and ERIC LICHTBLAUThe New York TimesCorrection Appended WASHINGTON — After four years pursuing one former Army scientist on a costly false trail, F.B.I. agents investigating the deadly anthrax letters of 2001 finally zeroed in last year on a different suspect: another Army scientist from the same biodefense research center at Fort Detrick […]