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FTR #1024 More About Ukrainian Fascism, Maidan Snipers and Implications for the Syrian War, Part 2

On the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, we continue with analysis of the Maidan shootings–an apparent “false flag” operation–and muse about the implications of that for the conflict in Syria, as well as Russian and American political life.

In the first part of the program, we finish reading the poster presentation that professor Ivan Katchanovski, PhD of the University of Ottawa presented at The 2018 Conference of American Political Science Associates.

Katchanovski has done a deep, detailed forensic study of the evidence in the Maidan sniper attacks. He has a rigorous, succinct digital multimedia ‘poster’ (an ‘iPoster’) for his finding that the Maidan sniper attacks were a false flag operation. That poster was presented during the 2018 American Political Science Association conference in Boston. It gives a high level overview of his research and is heavily embedded with substantive, documentary videos. Here are the contents of the poster. Be sure to check out the numerous images and videos included in the actual iPoster online.

He concludes his presentation with: “ . . . . Maidan massacre trial and investigation evidence have revealed various evidence that at least the absolute majority of 49 killed and 157 wounded Maidan protesters on February 20, 2014 were massacred by snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings. Such evidence includes testimonies of the majority of wounded protesters and many witnesses, forensic medical and ballisitic examinations, and investigation own finding that about half of Maidan protesters were wounded from other locations than the Berkut police. Various indications of stonewalling of the Maidan massacre investigations and the trials by the Maidan government officials and by far right organizations. Various indications of the cover-up of much of the key evidence of the massacre. Such revelations from the Maidan massacre trials and investigations corroborate previous studies findings that this massacre was a false flag mass killing with involvement of elements of Maidan leadership and the far right and that it included the massacre of the police. The puzzling misrepresentation of the Maidan massacre, its investigation, and the trial by Western media and governments require further research concerning reasons for such misrepresentation . . . . ”

Note: Since FTR #1023 was recorded professor Katchanovski has posted a 59-minute-long video of the Maidan shootings. The video features TV footage from that day, with many clips clearly showing snipers operating from Maidan-controlled buildings. It also includes English subtitles and forensic descriptions of scenes. The footage includes a number of people being shot and killed–a grizzly 59-minutes, but absolutely invaluable in terms of establishing what actually happened.

The presentation of professor Katchanovski’s research in this program begins with the section titled “Cover-Up and Stonewalling.”

Additional perspective on the apparent non-investigation of the Maidan sniper shootings is provided by Anatoliy Matios, Ukraine’s Deputy Prosecutor and Chief Military Prosecutor:

Matios, Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor, gave an extensive interview where he said that Jews are behind all wars and want to “drown ethnic Slavs in blood.”

Also recall the cryptic statement Matios made back in 2016 about the identity of the people involved with the 2014 sniper attacks: “When public learns who is involved in this, people will be very surprised.” In FTR #’s 982, 993,  1004, 1023, we examined evidence that Ukrainian fascists may well have executed those sniper attacks. It is ominous that the chief military prosecutor who is involved in that investigation is a neo-Nazi. ” . . . . In an extensive interview with the Ukrainian news outlet Insider, Anatoliy Matios, Ukraine’s chief military prosecutor, espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in which he implied that Jews want to drown ethnic Slavs in blood. . . .”

Returning to professor Katchanovski’s thought-provoking conclusion to his online poster: “ . . . . The puzzling misrepresentation of the Maidan massacre, its investigation, and the trial by Western media and governments require further research concerning reasons for such misrepresentation . . . . ”

With the Syrian government apparently commencing an offensive to vanquish Al-Qaeda jihadis in Idlib province (with Russian military support), the stage is set for a possible Russian-U.S./Western military conflict.

Against the background of the Maidan sniping as a probable false flag provocation, the impending Syrian offensive to re-capture the last territorial enclave of the Islamists in Syria should be viewed with apprehension. As noted in the article we present, the so-called “rebels” are Al-Qaeda offshoots. Ominously, they have apparently successfully executed false-flag chemical weapons attacks before, including in Idlib province.

Russia has warned that such a provocation is in the wings–an unremarkable deduction in light of past history. In turn, the West has warned of retaliatory action if such actions are undertaken.

The stage appears set for an Islamist/Al-Qaeda chemical weapons false flag/provocation, upon which U.S., British and French military intervention will be predicated.

In this context, one should not lose sight of the fact that Chechnyan Islamist veterans of the Syrian war have already made their appearance in the combat in Eastern Ukraine, partnering with Pravy Sektor in their deployments. (The Chechen/Right Sector/Islamist link is discussed in FTR #’s 857, 862, 863, 872, 878, 893, 911.)

We note possible outcomes of U.S./Western Russian combat:

1.–If the Western/U.S. forces are victorious, this will cover Trump’s rump  with regard to the “Russia-Gate” so-called investigation and bolster the GOP’s position in upcoming 2018 midterm elections.
2.–If the Western/U.S. forces prevail, it will weaken Putin politically, which is a goal of the West.
The last part of the program consists of a partial reading of an article by CFR member Bruce Hoffman. Noting Al Qaeda’s resurgence and Al Qaeda’s emphasis on the Syrian conflict, Hoffman cites the so-called “Arab Spring” as the key event in Al Qaeda’s resurgence. ” . . . . The thousands of hardened al-Qaeda fighters freed from Egyptian prisons in 2012–2013 by President Mohammed Morsi galvanized the movement at a critical moment, when instability reigned and a handful of men well-versed in terrorism and subversion could plunge a country or a region into chaos. Whether in Libya, Turkey, Syria, or Yemen, their arrival was providential in terms of advancing al-Qaeda’s interests or increasing its influence. . . . It was Syria where al-Qaeda’s intervention proved most consequential. One of Zawahiri’s first official acts after succeeding bin Laden as emir was to order a Syrian veteran of the Iraqi insurgency named Abu Mohammad al-Julani to return home and establish the al-Qaeda franchise that would eventually become Jabhat al-Nusra. . . .”

In FTR #’s 733 through 739, we presented our view that the so-called Arab Spring was a U.S. intelligence operation, aimed at placing the Brotherhood in power in Muslim countries dominated either by a secular dictator or absolute monarchy.

It is our view that the Brotherhood was seen as useful because of its military offshoots (Al-Qaeda in particular) were useful proxy warriors in places like the Caucasus and the Balkans and because the Brotherhood’s corporatist, neo-liberal economic doctrine was in keeping with the desires and goals of the trans-national corporate community.

In FTR #787, we solidified our analysis with definitive confirmation of our working hypothesis presented years earlier.

About the Muslim Brotherhood’s economic doctrine: ” . . . . The Mus­lim Broth­er­hood hails 14th cen­tury philoso­pher Ibn Khal­dun as its eco­nomic guide. Antic­i­pat­ing supply-side eco­nom­ics, Khal­dun argued that cut­ting taxes raises pro­duc­tion and tax rev­enues, and that state con­trol should be lim­ited to pro­vid­ing water, fire and free graz­ing land, the util­i­ties of the ancient world. The World Bank has called Ibn Khal­dun the first advo­cate of pri­va­ti­za­tion. [Empha­sis added.] His found­ing influ­ence is a sign of mod­er­a­tion. If Islamists in power ever do clash with the West, it won’t be over com­merce. . . .”

Stephen Glain’s citation of Ibn Khaldun resonates with Ronald Reagan’s presentation of “supply-side economics.” ” . . . . Responding to a question about the effects of tax and spending cuts that began taking effect yesterday, Mr. Reagan said the supply-side principle dated at least as far back as Ibn Khaldun, who is generally regarded as the greatest Arab historian to emerge from the highly developed Arabic culture of the Middle Ages. . . .”

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

In programs and posts, we have chronicled the American use of Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood elements as proxy warriors in Syria. We wonder about the U.S. trained prospective police officers pictured at right. They do NOT appear to be auditioning for an anti-perspirant commercial. All of the contents of this website as of 12/19/2014–Dave Emory’s 37+ years of research and broadcasting–as well as hours of videotaped lectures are available on a 32GB flash drive. Dave offers his programs and articles for free–your support is very much appreciated.

FTR #917 Wiki-Fascism, Part #4: Weighing In for the Trumpenkampfverbande (Technocratic Fascism in Action)

In FTR #’s 724, 725, 732, 745 and 755, we have detailed the fascist and far right-wing ideology, associations and politics of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. Lionized by the so-called progressive sector, as well as mainstream media sources like “The New York Times” and “Der Spiegel,” Assange’s true colors and fascist politics and associations have emerged on a larger stage. As the Trump campaign evolves, a major alliance between Trump and the Assange organization has developed. Obviously serving as a dirty-tricks cadre for the GOP, Assange is working hard to destroy Hillary Clinton with leaked documents intended to torpedo her campaign. Assange–not even an American citizen–is manifesting what we termed “technocratic fascism,” arrogating to himself the right to determine the results of the American Presidential election. Quoting from a seminal article by David Golumbia: ” . . . Hack­ers (“civic,” “eth­i­cal,” “white” and “black” hat alike), hack­tivists, Wik­iLeaks fans [and Julian Assange et al–D. E.], Anony­mous “mem­bers,” even Edward Snow­den him­self walk hand-in-hand with Face­book and Google in telling us that coders don’t just have good things to con­tribute to the polit­i­cal world, but that the polit­i­cal world is theirs to do with what they want, and the rest of us should stay out of it: the polit­i­cal world is bro­ken, they appear to think (rightly, at least in part), and the solu­tion to that, they think (wrongly, at least for the most part), is for pro­gram­mers to take polit­i­cal mat­ters into their own hands. . . .” Assange is networking with Trump’s dirty tricks operator Roger Stone and resonating with the right-wing GOP/Trump playbook in his activities against Clinton. A major portion of the program highlights the substantive evidence that the DNC hack was NOT done by Russia, but by someone trying to make it look like Russia did it. Assange is now strongly hinting that the source was Seth Rich, a Democratic National Committee volunteer who was murdered. Assange is obliquely suggesting that Clinton was behind the murder. (Rich’s family disputes this canard and is urging the public to disregard Assange’s claims.) The WikiLeaks Clinton e-mail dump: ” . . . . The emails include unencrypted, plain-text listings of donor emails addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, passport numbers, and credit card information. . . .” Might this have had something to do with the murder of Seth Rich? Program Highlights Include: WikiLeaks’ disclosure of the Social Security and credit card number of Democratic contributors; WikiLeaks anti-Semitic tweet, labeling its critics as Jews; Assange’s oblique endorsement of Trump; Assange’s embrace of a synthesis of Chicago school and Austrian school neo-liberal economic theory; Assange’s operational resonance with Koch brothers associate Peter Schweitzer; review of Assange’s pivotal associations with fascists and anti-Semites like Carl Lundstrom and Joran Jermas (aka “Israel Shamir”); review of David Duke’s links to the WikiLeaks milieu and to Ron Paul (Snowden and Assange’s Presidential candidate of choice); David Duke’s support of Trump; ideological and rhetorical resonance between Ron Paul, Glenn Greenwald and Donald Trump; a bullet-point analysis that connects the dots between elements of this complex analysis.

FTR #911 The Crimean Tatars, Ukraine and The Underground Reich: Update on the Earth Island Boogie

Keyed by the victory of a Crimean Tatar singer in the Eurovision song contest–she sang about their deportation by Stalin in 1944–the Crimean Tatars are in the political spotlight again.

Agitating and conspiring alongside OUN/B fascist heirs Pravy Sektor in Ukraine, the Crimean Tatars have become something of a cause celebre in the course of collaborating to destabilize Crimea and Russia. What has been eclipsed by the current controversy is the long history of Crimean Tatar collaboration with the Third Reich, initially, and then Western intelligence.

Utilized as a wedge against the former Soviet Union, the Crimean Tatars were enlisted in the anti-Soviet Promethean League in the period between the two world wars and subsequently turned to the Third Reich as sponsors and allies, seeing the Nazi armies as their ticket to autonomy. Throughout this almost century-long odyssey, the Crimean Tatars have served alongside the Ukrainian fascists of the OUN/B and its successor organizations. ” . . . Berlin began forging plans for winning over Soviet linguistic minorities (‘Volksgruppen’) to collaborate with the Nazis in the war against Moscow. The attention of strategists in the German Foreign Ministry and in the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories fell on the approx. 200,000 Crimean Tatars. The idea was encouraged by the hope that, with the Tatar’s help, officially neutral Turkey could also be won over to enter the war. Ankara saw itself as the protective power for Turkic-speaking minorities, including the Tatar linguistic group on the Crimean Peninsula. . . . The Battle Group D began immediately to recruit Crimean Tatar volunteers for the war against the Soviet Union. In December 1941, this battle group had massacred more than 13,000 people – 11,000 Jews and over 800 Roma – in Simferopol (Crimea). . . .”

Following military defeat in the Second World War, the Crimean Tatars and their primary sponsor in the Ostministerium–Gerhard von Mende–continued their work apace under the auspices of Frank Wisner and Allen Dulles’s CIA and the Gehlen organization, both in its CIA incarnation and after it’s incorporation as the BND, the intelligence service of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Crimean Tatar/Ukrainian fascist collaboration has continued into the post-Maidan period.

Program Highlights Include: Review of Crimean Tatar/Pravy Sektor blockading of road traffic into Crimea; review of Crimean Tatar/Pravy Sektor collaboration in the sabotage of Crimea’s electric grid; contemporary German political liaison with dissident Crimean Tatars; Turkey’s ongoing support for the Crimean Tatars, part of Erdogan’s “neo-Ottoman”/Pan-Turkic policy; von Mende’s use of Third Reich collaborator Edige Kirimal during the Cold War; review of the UNA-UNSO’s collaboration with Chechens and other Caucasian Islamists following the breakup of the Soviet Union.

FTR #886 What the Hell Does Dave Emory Mean by “The Earth Island Boogie?,” Part 3: Geopolitical Quicksand

Analyzing the possibility that American use of Muslim Brotherhood Islamists as proxy warriors and armed heralds of corporatist free-market economic values might backfire on the United States, we look at the development of ISIS, the curious Turkish about-face on the Fetullah Gulen organization and fallout from the so-called “Arab Spring.” Beginning with discussion of a “doomsday” contingency plan concocted by al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein to back each other up militarily in the event either or both were overthrown by the U.S., we examine the prominent role of former members of Saddam’s officer corps in administering ISIS. ISIS and al-Qaeda are holding forth in Libya, which is serving as a base for spreading their operations into Africa. Like the bloody Syrian civil war, the overthrow of Khadafy (which set the stage for the Islamist presence in Libya) is an outgrowth of the so-called “Arab Spring”–one of the “conga-line ops” we highlighted in FTR #885. Much of the program highlights the operations of the Fetullah Gulen organization in Turkey. Alleged to be a CIA front organization and Islamic extremist in nature, the Gulen organization was formerly an ally of Tayyip Erdogan. Now, it is among his most bitter opponents. Program Highlights Include: review of Hitler’s view that Islamists were a crucial Third Reich ally; review of a critical meeting in Switzerland at which prominent Euro-fascists and al-Taqwa director Ahmed Huber met; speculation that the Swiss “Euro-fascist” summit may have helped generate the intelligence disinformation that helped lure the Bush administration into the ill-advised Iraq war; “ex” CIA officer Graham Fuller’s ridicule of the allegation that the Gulen organization is a CIA front organization; the close connections between Erdogan’s AKP Party, Germany and the EU.

FTR #885 What the Hell Does Dave Emory Mean by “The Earth Island Boogie?,” Part 2: “The Conga-Line ‘Ops’ “

For most of this decade, Mr. Emory has analyzed an overlapping series of “ops” that have determined much of contemporary political reality. At the epicenter of this dynamic is the Earth Island. “The Earth Island Boogie” embraces an overlapping series of “ops” including: the so-called “Orange Revolution” of Ukraine, WikiLeaks, the so-called “Arab Spring,” “L’Affaire Snowden” and the Maidan coup of 2014. ISIS is a direct outgrowth of the so-called “Arab Spring.” This broadcast presents a detailed overview of “the conga-line ‘ops,'” featuring links to key text excerpts providing longer analysis of these dynamics.

FTR #884 What the Hell Does Dave Emory Mean by “The Earth Island Boogie”?, Part 1 (Turkish Taffy, Part 4)

Clarifying and further developing analysis of geopolitical discussion from both previous and future broadcasts, this program details the developing Islamic fascism of Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan. Both a NATO country and Muslim Brotherhood-derived Islamist in nature, Turkey is also manifesting aggressive militarism. Silencing opposition press and legal investigators who have discovered his support for Islamic terrorists, Erdogan is proposing sweeping constitutional changes and invoking Hitler’s Germany as political precedent. Erdogan’s AK Party evolved from the Muslim Brotherhood and the Bank al-Taqwa milieu. Program Highlights Include: Erdogan’s AK Party’s links with Germany and the EU; Turkey’s dispatch of troops into Iraq, against the wishes of the Iraqi government; Hitler’s political last will and testament, envisioning Islamists as proxy warriors to fulfill his political agenda; review of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s endorsement of Muslim Brotherhood-derived Islamists as proxy warriors against Russia in the Caucasus and China in Central Asia.

FTR #881 Turkey Shoot: Sleepwalking into World War III

This broadcast features Pierre Sprey’s analysis of the shootdown of a Russian Su-24 fighter plane, allegedly after violating Turkish air space. (Sprey was one of the developers of the F-16.) Sprey’s analysis can be summed up: ” . . . Look­ing at the detailed Russ­ian time­line of what happened—as well as the much less detailed Turk­ish radar maps—I’d say the evi­dence looks pretty strong that the Turks were set­ting up an ambush. They cer­tainly weren’t doing any­thing that would point to a rou­tine air patrol along the bor­der. . . .” Sprey’s breakdown of the event notes that: the area being attacked by the Su-24’s was a base for Turkish-backed Nusra Front and ISIS fighters and ethnic Turks; the Russian planes were not attacked on their first pass, allegedly overflying a small piece of Turkish territory extending into Syria; the Russian planes were attacked on their second attack on the area, well inside of Syrian territory; the Turkish F-16’s were loitering below Syrian and Russian radar, burning much fuel; the Turkish F-16s were refueled by tanker planes to, and from, the target area; the F-16s were under Turkish ground control; the F-16s flew straight to an apparent ambush point; the Turkish aircraft then rose up to ideal firing position, after which they executed a hard right turn, diving below Syrian and Russian radar and violating Syrian air space; the F-16s did not contact the Russian aircraft, as required by international protocol; Turkish ground control may well have broadcast a warning on a frequency they knew the Russian aircraft could not hear; Russian anti-aircraft missiles installed in Syria to guard against a future incident of this type can fire two hundred miles into Turkey, perhaps setting the stage for World War III.

FTR #880 The ISIS File: The Myth of the Moderates

Continuing our analysis of an overlapping series of massive covert operations in the Earth Island utilizing Muslim Brotherhood-based Sunni jihadists and intersecting Pan-Turkist elements, we analyze the genesis of ISIS. Stemming from a covert operation in which elements of CIA, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood are operating in Southern Turkey to enable jihadists in Syria, ISIS appears to be something of a Frankenstein’s monster. Envisioned as a Salafist principality in Eastern Syria to destabilize the Assad regime, the Islamic State used AQI (Al-Qaeda in Iraq) infrastructure to spread into Iraq, threatening the “gains” of the misguided U.S. invasion of that country. Now, this Islamist Frankenstein’s monster is attacking the West, driving the political spectrum in Europe and the United States rightward. That reaction, in turn, is fueling Muslim alienation to the delight and benefit of ISIS. Program Highlights Include: ISIS chief Al-Baghradi’s “former” membership in the Muslim Brotherhood; the decisive role of Chechen fighters in ISIS; the alliance of UNA-UNSO fighters (Pravy Sektor) in Chechnya and Georgia; ISIS’s use of Bitcoin to stash their financial assets; ISIS’s use of an encrypted Berlin-based messaging service for its communiques; an oblique endorsement of ISIS by the chief of Turkish intelligence; review of the re-direction of the anti-Soviet jihadist effort in Afghanistan to anti-Russian combat in Chechnya; review of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s endorsement of using jihadists against Russia in the Caucasus and China in central Asia.

Elements of Western Intel Using Jihadists: Genesis of ISIS?

A worthy post from “German Foreign Policy,” which feeds along the bottom of the front page of this website, fleshes out our understanding of the use of jihadists as proxy warriors. With Saudi and Western intel backing, Sunni extremist combatants are being used against Iran, Syria and Russia. Is ISIS “blowback” from this dynamic? All of the contents of this website as of 12/19/2014–Dave Emory’s 35+ years of research and broadcasting–as well as hours of videotaped lectures are available on a 32GB flash drive. Dave offers his programs and articles for free–your support is very much appreciated.