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FTR #815 Walkin’ the Snake at Al Jazeera

In pre­vi­ous posts, we have noted that Al Jazeera is run by the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood. We have also dealt with the Nazi tract “Serpent’s Walk,” which focuses on a Nazi takeover of the U.S. in the mid-21st cen­tury. Fun­da­men­tal to the sce­nario pre­sented in the book is the Under­ground Reich/SS money com­po­nent buy­ing into the opinion-forming media, in order to swing the Amer­i­can people’s point of view in a pro-Nazi direc­tion. With Al Jazeera among those media out­lets gain­ing grav­i­tas in the U.S., it is worth exam­in­ing the net­work in detail to under­stand its rela­tion­ship with the Broth­er­hood, an Islamic fas­cist orga­ni­za­tion. The Al Jazeera network’s shep­herd­ing of a report about the late Yasser Arafat hav­ing been poi­soned with polo­nium 210 affords us an ideal oppor­tu­nity to eval­u­ate the outlet’s jour­nal­is­tic integrity. (Polo­nium 210 is a highly radioac­tive sub­stance.) The “inves­ti­ga­tion” is an Al Jazeera “op” from start to fin­ish. The alleged “poi­son­ing” is: extra­or­di­nar­ily unlikely; at vari­ance with the con­clu­sions of the French med­ical team attend­ing Arafat and in con­flict with the con­clu­sions of the PLO leader’s per­sonal physi­cian, who attrib­uted the death to AIDS.

A Lot of “Poloney”: Arafat Murdered according to (Ahem) Al Jazeera

The Arafat poi­son­ing report is an Al Jazeera project from start to fin­ish, with a for­mer spook pre­sid­ing over the project. Polo­nium 210 has a half-life of 138 days (!), ren­der­ing detec­tion of alleged poi­son­ing with the sub­stance remote at this point in time. Experts on radi­a­tion poi­son­ing and polo­nium 210 dis­miss the find­ings. A Russ­ian inves­ti­ga­tion ini­tially found no polo­nium. Al Jazeera’s rela­tion­ship with the Mus­lim Broth­er­hood becomes clearer, with the net­work financ­ing the liv­ing quar­ters of exiled Egypt­ian allies of Morsi. UPDATED ON 12/3/2013.

German Government’s Close, post-Attack Relationship with Perpetrators of the 1972 Olympics Massacre

Ger­man diplo­mats main­tained a cozy rela­tion­ship with the Black Sep­tem­ber ter­ror­ists respon­si­ble for the 1972 mas­sacre of Israeli ath­letes at the Munich Sum­mer Olympics. Express­ing sym­pa­thy for the Pales­tini­ans, they never made a seri­ous attempt at extra­dit­ing the ter­ror­ists behind the attack. A num­ber of con­tra­dic­tions are evi­dent in exam­in­ing the record of the events, includ­ing a dis­crep­ancy in the num­ber of ter­ror­ists actu­ally involved in the inci­dent, the Ger­man secu­rity forces’ lack of rifles at the air­port (they were plan­ning to snipe the ter­ror­ists at the air­port), and the Ger­mans’ refusal of coop­er­a­tion by Israeli intel­li­gence and secu­rity forces.

Germans Had Prior Warning about Olympics Massacre

Ger­man author­i­ties had a warn­ing three weeks before the Olympics mas­sacre of 1972. With secu­rity headed by an offi­cer of the BND, the final incar­na­tion of the Gehlen “Org” and with neo-Nazis assist­ing the Pales­tin­ian ter­ror­ists, this comes as no sur­prise. The BND Olympics secu­rity chief has also been accused of stag­ing provo­ca­tions and pro­vid­ing an alibi for a Nazi leader in the 1980 Okto­ber­fest bombing.

AFA 22: The Terror Connection, Pt.1

Hitler’s com­mando, for­mer SS offi­cer Otto Sko­rzeny was a promi­nent fig­ure in the devel­op­ment of the method­ol­ogy and orga­ni­za­tional onto­ge­n­e­sis of terrorism.

FTR #414 Islam Under the Swastika & its Implications for Today

His­tor­i­cal back­ground of con­tem­po­rary Islam­o­fas­cism, col­lab­o­ra­tion between Nazi Ger­many, Fas­cist Italy, and key ele­ments of the Islamic world.

FTR #380 Between Iraq and a Hard Place, Part 3

Nazi con­nec­tions to Sad­dam Hus­sein and Pales­tin­ian movement.

FTR #334 Protocols of the Elders of Oil

9/11 and the petro­leum industry.

FTR #94 A Look At Global Fascism

Pres. Hoover attempted to bring Gen. Smed­ley But­ler to court mar­tial for “slan­der­ing” Mus­solini; fas­cist antecedents to Zion­ist and Pales­tin­ian National Move­ment, links to Arafat and Netanyahu.

FTR #2 The “Phony Money” Scandal

Lis­ten now: One Seg­ment This seg­ment details a very com­plex and impor­tant (though sadly under­re­ported) scan­dal. Some of the ele­ments and oper­a­tions involved in the inves­ti­ga­tion include: “ex” CIA oper­a­tives; the infa­mous Licio Gelli of P-2 Lodge fame (a for­mer Mus­solini fas­cist and SS offi­cer deeply con­nected to the intel­li­gence ser­vices and polit­i­cal estab­lish­ments of [...]