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“The City of Elevation” Comes into View Once Again: Muslim Brotherhood Moves Headquarters to Graz, Austria

An interesting development concerns the Muslim Brotherhood’s relocation of their headquarters to Graz, Austria and three other unnamed European cities. Graz was a city that enjoyed Hitler’s favor and was an epicenter for postwar Underground Reich activity. Muslim Brotherhood lynchpin and apparent former Third Reich intelligence agent Youssef Nada resided there in the 1960’s, as did a number of other Brotherhood activists. the Schwarzenegger family also had links to the Graz area.

Poll Reveals Persistence, Vitality of Nazism in Austria

A recent poll by an Austrian periodical revealed the degree of vitality that Nazism retains in that country, once part of Hitler’s Third Reich. Not only did respondents think that the Nazi Party would be elected today if it were legalized, but many expect renewed persecution of Jews in the near future. Not surprisingly, many of those polled didn’t think that Hitler’s rule was all that bad.

Joerg Haider Hid Millions in Liechtenstein Accounts

Comment: The late Austrian fascist leader appears to have hid millions in Liechtenstein accounts. Long a money-laundering vehicle for various fascist and criminal elements, Liechtenstein has become a focal point for various countries seeking accounts belonging to tax dodgers in their respective countries. Note that his Freedom Party began as a vehicle for the political […]

Austria’s Largest Daily Endorses Nazi Revisionist Candidate

“Austrian Far-Right Icon Eyes Presidency” by Veronika Oleksyn [AP]; google.com; 3/3/2010. A woman who has crit­i­cized anti-Nazi law and is mar­ried to an extreme right­ist is run­ning for pres­i­dent in Aus­tria, and crit­ics con­tend her can­di­dacy could tar­nish the rep­u­ta­tion of a coun­try still marred by its con­nec­tion to the Holocaust. Bar­bara Rosenkranz, 51, is […]

Will California Sink the U.S. and Global Economy?

Comment: With the Groppenfuhrer leading the Golden State, one can but wonder to what extent this may have been by design. Schwarzenegger has vetoed bill after bill that would have raised taxes in order to relieve California’s crushing fiscal situation, with the unwavering support of California Republicans. If Obama and the Federal Government have to […]

FTR #677 Update on Global Fascism

The old SS giving rise to new fascism in Austria and Germany; Mussolini’s heirs move into the Italian mainstream; Continuity of foreign policy between the “new” Germany and the Third Reich.

FTR #492 Musings on the End of One Year and the Beginning of Another

William Armsted Robinson, reclusive magnate and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s financial backer; Mohammed Atta’s German associates in Florida.

FTR #440 Triumph of the Shill Part 4: The Gropenfuhrer

Sexual misconduct charges; Schwarzenegger’s private investigator Anthony Pellicano’s past career: Mark Fuhrman (O.J. Simpson trial), Watergate.

FTR #436 Triumph of the Shill Pt 3: The Kaiser of California

Contextual comparison of the marketing of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political persona to that of Adolf Hitler.

FTR #434 Triumph of the Shill Part 2, Reichstag Wildfire?

Contextual comparison of the marketing of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political persona to that of Adolf Hitler.