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FTR #320 Interview with Kevin Coogan

Listen: One Segment Highlighting aspects of continuity between fascism past and present, this broadcast reviews the career of the pivotally important (but little-known) Francis Parker Yockey. To do so, we visit with Kevin Coogan, author of the seminal Dreamer of the Day: Francis Parker Yockey and the Postwar Fascist International. (Copyright 1999 [SC]; Autonomedia; ISBN […]

FTR #633 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Muslim Brotherhood-Al-Taqwa link to Berlusconi; Eliot Spitzer scandal viewed in comparison to Palfrey murder case; pan-Turkist movement link to shooting of the pope.

FTR #595 European Vacation

As the Old World rejuvenates from centuries of devastating religious and political warfare, European political institutions are manifesting their old character.

FTR #559 The Opus Dei Code – The Vatican Rag Pt. III

The politics of Opus Dei pervade the Vatican, from influencing Pope Benedict to the beatification of past Vatican potentates, the order wields a profound influence.

FTR #535 Death Trap, Part III – Italian Fascism, Bogus Intelligence and the Iraq War

Recorded November 20, 2005 Listen: MP3  One 30-minute segment REALAUDIO NB: This stream contains both FTR # 535 and an older program, FTR #514 Conversation with John Loftus About the Muslim Brotherhood, originally aired and blogged on June 21, 2005. Each is a 30 minute broadcast. See also FTR #527 Death Trap Part II & […]

FTR #521 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Recorded August 7, 2005 REALAUDIO NB: This stream contains both FTRs 520 and 521 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute broadcast. Introducing new stories and updating old ones, this program begins by noting a growing body of information suggesting that the subject of “seismic warfare” is not as whacky as it sounds. After noting […]

Miscellaneous Archive Shows M31—M62

Program details and audio links.

FTR #474 Fifth Column Part V

Recorded August 22, 2004REALAUDIONB: This stream contains both FTR #s 473 and 474 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute broadcast. Continuing discussion of a Fifth Column that Mr. Emory believes facilitated the 9/11 attacks, the program examines a number of possible manifestations of such subversion. (The program is a follow-up to FTR#’s 405, 433, […]

FTR #463 Interview with Lucy Komisar about Saddam’s Money Network

Recorded June 6, 2004 REALAUDIO Supplementing information set forth in FTR#’s 413, 417, 423, this program documents Saddam Hussein’s financial machinations and highlights the institutions and individuals involved in secreting his ill-gotten gains out of Iraq. In addition to lucrative arms deals with major munitions makers (with kickbacks to the manufacturers), Saddam utilized the petroleum […]

FTR #456 Compendium on Nazi and Fascist Connections to 9/11

Documentation of Nazi and fascist connections to 9/11.