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FTR #750 Surveying the Scene with Daniel Hopsicker

This broadcast catches up with some areas of research and interest on the part of the heroic investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker. We then revisited the circumstances of Ruki Dekkers, one of Atta’s closest associates. Although he was arrested for drug trafficking, informed sources expressed skepticism that he would ever go to trial. Much of the program focused on the Boston Marathon bombing of April 2013, especially the links between the bombers, their family and elements associated with CIA.

So It Begins, Part 2: Bertelsmann Occupies Town in Yorkshire (Sit Down Before You Read This)

The U.S. and the EU are proceeding forward in talks to establish the world’s largest free trade zone–an economic NATO. IF the agreement evolves along the lines of the United Kingdom’s inclusion in EU legal regulatory machinery, we may see something akin to the Bertelsmann corporation’s assumption of governmental control of a municipal district in Yorkshire, in the UK.! The world’s largest publisher, Bertelsmann was the publisher for the SS in World War II and gives every indication of retaining its Nazi character.

Bertelsmann to Control World’s Largest Book Publisher

The former supplier of books for the SS is wielding larger influence. Bertelsmann will dominate the new Random House/Penguin merged unit, which will control 25% of the world’s publishing business. Headed by “former” SS man Heinrich Mohn, Bertelsmann shows every indication of maintaining its Nazi character and obscuring them at the same time. Its official house historian published books blaming World War II on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. imperialism and Jewish control of the U.S. news media.

Austerity, Up Close and Personal, Part 2 “Austeritywitz”: German Elderly Being “Shipped to the East”

An aspect of Germany’s “austerity” diktat that has escaped notice and discussion concerns what Deutschland is doing with its poor, elderly people. Because of the expenses involved in caring for the these “undesirables,” they are being shipped “to the East.” We have seen this from Germany before. The uninitiated might be inclined to dismiss this as being of little significance. After all, they aren’t being killed, as they were under the Third Reich. Not yet, they aren’t. On the other hand, IF they were, who would report it? And with “austerity” the order of the day for the German-dominated EU, what will happen as the “expense” of dealing with the infirm increases?

Cashing Out: Al [Gore] Jazeera Buys Current TV

For years, we have noted the U.S. policy shift toward embracing the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic fascist organization allied with the Axis during World War II. Begun during George W. Bush’s second term, that policy shift continues to gather momentum, with Democrats falling headlong into a trap laid by the Underground Reich’s satraps in the Republican Party. On the heels of the Brotherhood’s smashing victory in the so-called “Arab Spring” (aided and abetted by the GOP/Underground Reich faction of the American national security establishment), Al Gore sold his Current TV cable and satellite channel to the Al Jazeera network. Ultimately, this will tragically, devastatingly rebound on the Democrats, Jews/Israelis and, ultimately, Russia, China and India–large nations slated for break up by the Underground Reich-dominated transnationals. Dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Jazeera will now be able to spread its propagandized news to a wider audience.

Nazis Shaping Postwar German Government? No Kidding!

Even Der Spiegel can write about it, now! Third Reich alumni in the Federal Republic of Germany.

As refreshing as it is to see the German government and mainstream press finally confronting this issue, the story is “modified limited hangout.”

FTR #748 Update on the Rewriting of World War II History

Estonian celebration of the Nazi invasion of World War II as ‘liberation’ and in Belgium, too, the past is being rewritten.

FTR #732 Dead Man’s Chest: WikiFascism and the Attack of the Cyber-Wandervogel

Youthful idealists, the Pirate Bay/Pirate Party/Anonymous milieu inadvertently serve Nazi elements in the WikiLeaks imbroglio; at the core of their associations is a corporatized, fascist power nexus; WikiLeaks employs fascists in key positions.

More German Historical Revisionism from the Vertriebene Groups

Comment: Adding to the momentum generated by Erika Steinbach, the German minister overseeing the vertriebene groups, people and institutions involved with those organizations have continued to intimate that Poland and Britain bear responsibility for starting the Second World War. Under the control of the postwar SS underground, the vertriebene groups embody the link between Germany’s […]

FTR #695 Dancing Machine: Reflections on the Death of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson surrounded at the time of his death by veteran spooks, black fascists, organized crime figures and Middle Eastern sheikhs. Two weeks after his death, a new music licensing subsidiary of the Nazi-linked Bertelsmann corporation is launched. Are they going for the Jackson-controlled Beatles catalog?