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FTR #694 The Perfect War Machine

Deadly, cancer-causing virus SV40 decommissions cellular mechanisms that prevent cancer, activates mechanisms producing uncontrolled cell growth, scrambles the nuclei of infected cells, causes adjacent cells to become malignant.

FTR #693 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Blackwater security outfit plots to kill whistleblowers; deadly pathogens missing from Ft. Detrick; viruses mutating to infect other species; the bailout hasn’t assured economic security and has made the institutions that are “too big to fail” even bigger.

FTR #686 Update on the National Cancer Institute’s Viral Cancer Program, Biological Warfare and AIDS

National Cancer Institute apparently used as a cover for biological warfare research; Ft. Detrick and the Naval Biosciences Laboratory involved; defense contractor Litton Industries used for much of the work. This nexus at the center of U.S. AIDS research.

FTR #682 Update on AIDS as a Man Made Disease

New stem cell therapy for AIDS based on the “Aryan” gene; SIV discovered in U.S. primate laboratories; Did Nazi agent Franz Liesau Zacharias witness an SIV outbreak during WWII?

FTR #669 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Euro-fascism receives a blow with the death of closet-gay Jurg Haider; German neo-Nazi NPD reveals funding from Old Nazis in Latin America; Updates on AIDS and Nixon’s 1968 treason.

The Virus and the Vaccine

The true story of a cancer-causing monkey virus, by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher.

FTR #644 Interview with Ed Haslam About Dr. Mary’s Monkey

Haslam’s investigations into JFK assassination, CIA cover-up, and iatrogenic (man-made) epidemics.

FTR #642 Update on the Anthrax Attacks, AIDS and Biological Warfare

Following suicide of Dr. Bruce Ivins, 2001 anthrax attacks return to journalistic center stage.

A Onetime ‘Person of Interest’ Moves a Step Closer to Public Exoneration

by CHARLIE SAVAGE The New York Times WASHINGTON — Having been named a “person of interest” in the investigation of the 2001 anthrax attacks, the former Army scientist Steven J. Hatfill has tried for six years to clear his name, both inside court and out. Now the disclosure that a former colleague died this week, […]

Scientist’s Suicide Linked to Anthrax Inquiry

by SCOTT SHANE and ERIC LICHTBLAUThe New York TimesCorrection Appended WASHINGTON — After four years pursuing one former Army scientist on a costly false trail, F.B.I. agents investigating the deadly anthrax letters of 2001 finally zeroed in last year on a different suspect: another Army scientist from the same biodefense research center at Fort Detrick […]