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FTR #828 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

As the title indicates this program brings up to date a number of stories covered in the past and introduces some new topics of discussion. The topics covered include: JFK’s 1963 attempts at normalizing relations with Cuba; new information casting doubt on the “lone nut” theory of the 2001 anthrax attacks (which fingered Bruce Ivins as a “lone nut” perpetrator); Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s suppression of political dissent, echoing the policies of Francisco Franco; a Catholic mass held to honor the memory of the murderous World War II Ustachi leader Ante Pavelic; the global economic elites’ pursuit of the same economic policies that drove people into the arms of fascism in the 1930’s; Ayn Rand’s role in investigating the 1940’s movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” as possible crypto-Communist propaganda; the GOP’s implementation of fraudulent “dynamic scoring” economic evaluation; theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking’s warning that the development of Artificial Intelligence could threaten the existence of humanity; Mr. Emory’s 1995 warning that the development of Artificial Intelligence could threaten the existence of humanity.

Nazi and German Support for the Apartheid Government

In the aftermath of Nelson Mandela’s passing, it is important to remember the true nature of the forces he opposed and the fact that they did NOT disappear with the demise of Apartheid. In FTR #225, among other programs, we examined the Nazi heritage of the Broederbond, the primary power center of the Apartheid government of South Africa. In Miscellaneous Archive Show M8, we noted the profound German role in aiding the South African effort to develop the atomic bomb. An incisive post by German-Foreign-Policy.com (which feeds along the bottom of the front page) supplements the information in these programs.

Snowden’s Ride, Part 7: Citizen Greenwald, The National Alliance and The Underground Reich

In our last post, we highlighted Greenwald’s five-year long representation of Matthew Hale, head of the World Church of the Creator. In addition to Hale, Greenwald also represented a consortium of neo-Nazi/White Supremacist groups, including the National Alliance. Accused of inciting followers to racist violence, The National Alliance was defended by Greenwald in order to preserve their right to free speech. National Alliance books are specifically crafted to incite murder and terrorism. National Alliance head William Luther Pierce networked with Nazis in Latin America, as did the terrorist group The Order, which his work inspired. UPDATED ON 7/20/2013, 7/29/2013.

Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Fischer/Tropsch Process

Past programs have dealt with the resurrection of the Fischer-Tropsch process, developed by I.G. Farben and the Third Reich to synthesize oil from coal, among other fuels. The Fischer-Tropsch process is being utilized in Qatar to synthesize fuel from natural gas. One of the many dark clouds on the horizon of the Middle East concerns the growing and pivotal role Qatar is playing in the dynamics evolving from the Arab Spring. Awash with cash from its vast natural gas and fossil fuel resources, Qatar is financing Muslim Brotherhood-related activities, including the Al-Jazeera network. With Qatar subsidizing Islamic fascism through the Muslim Brotherhood and generating capital through the application of Nazi science, the possibility of that small but powerful nation as an Underground Reich subsidiary should be seriously considered.

Director of South African Reserve Bank Under Fire for Holocaust Denial

Director of South African Reserve Bank expresses Nazi sympathies–recalls and refers to country’s historical heritage as an offshoot of the Third Reich during the Apartheid era.

Breaking the Relative Silence on Arab/Muslim Brotherhood Genocide in the Sudan

U.N. focusing on Israel, largely ignoring Arab genocide in the Sudan. Many South Sudanese seeking political freedom in Israel.

Golden Lily Loot, Nazis, White Supremacists and Islamists

Comment: For years, we’ve accessed the magnificent work of Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, whose landmark text Gold Warriors is the definitive work on the distribution of recovered World War II gold, Japanese Golden Lily treasure in particular. The focal point of decades of high-level political intrigue on the part of intelligence services, financial institutions and […]

FTR #718 In Your Facebook: A Virtual Panopticon?

Seen as a dream come true, Facebook could be your worst nightmare. Intelligence services (including CIA), right-wing ideologues with apparent Underground Reich links are deeply involved with the network.

FTR #715 Interview (#5) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

Poppy Bush tabbed by Gerald Ford to head CIA as Kennedy assassination investigations proceed; Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and Paul Wolfowitz launch their careers courtesy of Poppy and Gerald Ford in same time period.

Apartheid Era South Africa’s Heritage on Display

Comment: In FTR #225, among other programs, we examined the Nazi heritage of the Broederbond, the primary power center of the Apartheid government of South Africa. At the funeral of the late Eugene Terreblanche, leader of the AWB, which years for the Apartheid era, that heritage was on display. “Nazi Salutes and Swastikas as Hundreds […]