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Strange Twist in the Clements Murder Case

The chief suspect in the murder of Colorado Corrections chief Tom Clements was affiliated with white-supremacist prison gangs, according to authorities. Now comes the news that the suspect’s father was close friends with and a campaign contributor to, the governor of Colorado.

“Family of Secrets”: A VERY Important New Book

Comment: Journalist Russ Baker has written a landmark volume about the deep political history of the Bush family, George H.W. (“Poppy”) Bush in particular. Family of Secrets (Bloomsbury Press [SC]; Copyright 2009 by Russ Baker) is a must for serious students of the realities of contemporary power structure. Painstakingly tracing evidentiary tributaries  running through decades […]

FTR #631 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Cindy Sheehan characterizes Muslim Brotherhood as force for democracy; MSM drops the “Von” from ricin suspect Roger (Von) Burgendorff; Dalai Lama link to SS; 2001 anthrax attacks; Las Vegas links to anthrax investigation.

FTR #551 Moonlighting

Sushi industry domination in the United States by True World Group—a Moon proprietary

FTR #519 More on the History of the Islamic Fascist Axis

Palestinian Islamic Jihad rally, 4/15/2005. PIJ is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. Do the participants in this rally appear to be making an Islamic gesture? Recorded July 24, 2005 REALAUDIO In the wake of 9/11, the London bombings and other, less-publicized terrorist incidents, this program sets forth more information about the historical development of […]

FTR #508 The Vatican Rag, Part II: Der Panzerkardinal

German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger—dubbed “Panzerkardinal” by wags because of his reactionary views.

FTR #484 3rd Interview with Daniel Hopsicker

Recorded November 8, 2004 REALAUDIO Introduction: Fleshing out discussion in FTR#’s 482, 483, this program features more information from Daniel Hopsicker, the author of Welcome to Terrorland: Mohamed Atta and the 9/11 Cover-up in Florida. Mr. Emory considers this volume to be one of the most important books about 9/11. Be sure to check out […]

FTR #438 Christmas Bushes: Business As Unusual

For members of the Bush family, everyday is Christmas. They are the recipients of enormous largesse, the product of business as unusual.

FTR #431 Desert Flower 2: More on the Bushes of Arabia

Marvin Bush, board member of two companies: Stratesec, security contractor for the World Trade Center, Dulles Airport and United Airlines; and HCC, insurance underwriter for the World Trade Center.

FTR #391 Discussion Points on 9/11 and Related Topics

Fascist and Nazi links dating from the 1920s involving Bush family, Arab and Muslim fascists, the Saudi elite and the Underground Reich, perpetrators of 9/11.