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Rare, Mainstream Press Mention of U.S. Industrial Links to the Third Reich

It is comparatively rare to see articles in the mainstream press mentioning the profound support for Nazi Germany among American industrialists, financiers and political elite. A rare instance is a recent Daily Mail article from the UK. In addition to discussing the links between the Thyssen industrial empire and the Bush family, the broadcast underscores I.G. Farben’s decisive role in the German war economy and its links to the largest American corporations.

FTR #766 Bob Dylan vs. The Ustachi

Bob Dylan was charged with a hate crime after referencing the Croatian genocide against Serbs (and others) during World War II. A puppet state of the Third Reich during the Second World War, the Ustachi were heavily supported by the Vatican, which (along with elements of U.S. intelligence), aided their escape to the Americas after the war. Coalescing into part of the GOP’s ethnic heritage organization, the Ustachi were nurtured by assistance from Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and William Casey. Germany, the Vatican and the U.S. assisted the re-secession of Croatia and the resuscitation of a neo-Ustachi milieu.

Better Late than Never: Appellate Court Clears the Way for 9/11 Families to Sue Saudi Arabia

An appellate court has cleared the way for families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia, focusing on, among other things, charities used to fund al-Qaeda. IF this investigation were to proceed as far as it might, Grover Norquist, Karl Rove and others in the GOP/Bush milieu would come under scrutiny, as would Francois Genoud, Youssef Nada and the Underground Reich. In addition, there is renewed focus on the redacted 28 pages of the Join Intelligence Committee Inquiry, which implicate Saudi Arabia.

Update on Snowden’s “Op” as Destabilization of Obama

A recent lawsuit against the NSA about its spying operations was brought by Larry Klayman, an extreme right-winger who called on the “Muslim” Obama to put down the “Quran” and come out of the White House with his hands up!

Judge Richard J. Leon, who ruled in favor of Klayman and his clients, is a loyal Bush family running dog, having helped to cover-up the Iran-Contra scandal and the October Surprise, in addition to having been involved with the destabilization of the Clinton administration over the non-existent Whitewater “crimes.”

A Very Good Reason NOT to Attack Syria: “Bandar Bush” at Epicenter of U.S. Syrian Operation

Among the reasons why we view the proposed Syrian military adventure with the most jaundiced of eyes concerns the fact that none other than Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia (shown at right) is the single most important coordinator of aid to the rebels. Nicknamed “Bandar Bush,” because he is so close to the Bush family, Bandar Bush was deeply involved in the push for the invasion of Iraq, which is a damned poor recommendation for taking military action in Syria. Bandar Bush been involved in some of the dirtiest operations of the last quarter century, including the Iran-Contra affair and 9/11.

Have Turkish Citizens Had Enough of Erdogan’s Taffy? (Viva Attaturk!)

Recent days have seen expanding popular protests in Turkey. Turned back by heavy-handed tactics by the country’s Fetullah Gulen-dominated police establishment, the demonstrations appear to embody a broader popular dissatisfaction with Erdogan’s Islamist government. Far from being “moderate,” Erdogan’s government has systematically stifled journalistic and political expression. UPDATED ON 6/6/2013.

Homeland Insecurity, Part 2: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrating Department of Homeland Security

The Muslim Brotherhood presence in U.S. national security institutions continues to grow. That Islamic fascist organization has developed a considerable presence in the Department of Homeland Security.

Divine Laissez Faire: Comparing the Theocratic Free Market Philosophies of the Muslim Brotherhood and The Family

“Free Market” principles are manifesting behind fundamentalist religious cover. The Christian fundamentalist group The Family wields profound influence in Washington, behind an ideology that sees laissez-faire economics as “God’s will.” The Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamism also views free-market principles as “Divine” in origin. UPDATED ON 6/17/2013.

Strange Twist in the Clements Murder Case

The chief suspect in the murder of Colorado Corrections chief Tom Clements was affiliated with white-supremacist prison gangs, according to authorities. Now comes the news that the suspect’s father was close friends with and a campaign contributor to, the governor of Colorado.

Grover Norquist Strikes Again!

Earlier this month, the Tea Party/GOP Right demonstrated their hypocrisy, as well as the degree of solidarity between the Islamic fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood and the GOP. The Jihad Watch website received the “People’s Choice Award” at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Committee. The awarding of the honor was blocked, however by the Tea Party Republicans, who would only consent to give the award if the administrators of the site would agree not to criticize Grover Norquist.