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FTR #830 Machiavelli 2.0: The Paris Attacks and the Muslim Brotherhood

In the wake of the terrorist incidents in Paris, discussion has pointedly omitted the perpetrators’ links to the Muslim Brotherhood–the Islamic fascist organization that spawned groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. Portrayed in the West as a “moderate’ organization, the Muslim Brotherhood was allied with the Axis in World War II and nurtured as anti-communist cadre by Western Intelligence (CIA in particular) during the Cold War. Successfully scapegoated by European fascist groups like the National Front, elements of the Brotherhood network with those same fascists, mutually benefitting from cultural and political alienation generated among their respective supporters. Much of the program reviews and details the corporatist and free market economic philosophy of the Muslim Brotherhood, an ideology that endears the Ikhwan to powerful political and economic interests in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West. Brotherhood elements continue to be used as proxy warriors by elements of Western and Saudi intelligence in places like the Caucasus and China’s Xinjiang Province.

FTR #807 Update on the Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook

Updating “L’Affaire Snowden,” this program supplements information about the economic damage done to the American IT sector by Snowden’s disclosures. Snowden’s “op” was, among other things, an act of economic warfare against the U.S.–a “psy-op” designed to provide gravitas for a pre-determined German and Brazilian effort to upgrade their own IT sectors at the expense of the U.S. Other points of information include: more documentation of the effort by Facebook and other U.S. tech firms to data mine their customers to an extraordinary extent; Glenn Greenwald’s continued efforts on behalf of fascists of various stripes; the extreme sensitivity of documents given by Snowden to individuals and institutions not not authorized to receive such important information; Germany’s “accidental” spying on John Kerry and Hillary Clinton; counter-intelligence sparring by the CIA, NSA, GCHQ and BND.

FTR #717 Interview with Dave Gaubatz about “Muslim Mafia”

NOT a civil rights organization, CAIR is actually a front for the fascist Muslim Brotherhood and terror offshoots al-Qaeda, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad. It has penetrated law enforcement, news media, intelligence agencies.

Murdoch and News Corp Aligning with Muslim Brotherhood

Comment: The business deals between Prince Alwaleed and News Corp continue to proliferate. Gruppenfuhrer Murdoch has bought a significant stake in Saudi media group Rotana, controlled by Muslim Brotherhood fellow traveler Prince Alwaleed. (Alwaleed does fund raisers for the Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch, Hamas, and has contributed money to the Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR], which […]

FTR #375 “Take Two” For the Fifth Column?

Nazis and powerful corporate interests aid bin Laden and al-Qaeda; sensitive government computers stolen.

FTR #367 What’s Going On Here? Pt. 2 and Networking Pt. 3

GOP and 9/11 financiers; protection of international money laundering operations.

FTR #359 Mein Jihad Part 7

“Islamofascism” and the Al Taqwa connection.

FTR #358 Mein Jihad, Part VI: Islamofascism and The Wahhabi Lobby

Intersections between oil interests, international finance, fascism and “Islamofascism,” in relation to 9/11 attacks.