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FTR #744 The Shape of Things to Come

Panultimate example of “offshore,” the seastedding movement sees “freedom and democracy” as incompatible. Those left on shore must accept dissolution of privacy, freedom and, yes, democracy. Hedge fund managers buying up all arable land in anticipation of economic and social armageddon.

“Somewhere . . . Beyond the Sea . . . ” (Apologies to Bobby Darin)

Seeking to escape the ruin they are visiting on our society, super-rich are looking to sea and space colonies to escape social appocalypse. Facebook financier Peter Thiel (“Freedom and democracy are mutually exclusive”) behind it.

FTR #722 The “9/11 Mosque” Tea Party and its Multiple Mad Hatters

“9/11 Mosque” Imam no moderate; second generation Muslim Brotherhood, his foreign language pronouncements and actions belie his “moderation;” Supporters and opponents ignore profound ties between their “side” and what they oppose.

Bush, Bin Laden Families Linked To Funding of Ground Zero Mosque

Comment: Conservative commentator Pamela Geller has researched the funding apparatus behind the controversial “Ground Zero Mosque” project in New York City–the building of a Mosque and Islamic activities center two blocks from the site of the World Trade Center. It turns out that the family and milieu of Abdullah Alireza are involved with the institutions […]

FTR #699 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Anti-Semitic GOP bigwig shepherding Sarah Palin around Washington; McVeigh mentor working with Alaskan secessionists; Germany doesn’t like US coziness with China and Underground Reich elements working to subvert that relationship; British fascist represents EU Parliament at Copenhagen talks.

FTR #658 Update on the Meltdown

Walter Benjamin: With the upheaval of the market economy, we begin to recognize the monuments of the bourgeoisie as ruins, even before they have crumbled.

FTR #656 The Obama File, Part III: Badjacketing Obama, Part 2, The Headscarf Incident

Examining the “headscarf incident” and Muslim Brotherhood elements in the United States.

FTR #655 The Obama File, Part II: Badjacketing Obama

We should be mindful of the political and psychological warfare stratagems that were used to smear Obama.

FTR #632 Update on September 11 and Related Matters

Cyndi Sheehan aids Muslim Brotherhood; Grover Norquist’s conversion to Islam; disintegration of the United States helped by children of SS officers.

FTR #625 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

Behind-the-scenes machinations of Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia—the former Saudi ambassador to the United States.