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Henry Kissinger, BND Elements and Third Reich Veterans Contemplated the Overthrow Willy Brandt’s Government

Over the years, we’ve presented the profound, decades-long networking of both Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger with Third Reich alumni, many of them war criminals of the first order. Nixon helped to initiate and sustain the Nazi element of the GOP. Now we learn that Kissinger actively conspired with Third Reich veterans and German aristocrats to establish the groundwork for the overthrow of the German government of former chancellor Willy Brandt. Previously, Kissinger was recruited by Allen Dulles to help incorporate Nazis into the CIA’s fledgling paramilitary cadre to be used against the USSR. One of Kissinger’s co-conspirators was Hans Globke, author of the Nuremberg laws, which provided the basis for the Nazi extermination programs.

“Austerity” Equals Fascism, Part 2: A Kindler, Gentler T-4 Program

Obama’s political fate may well be determined in Europe by Germany. In German press, Romney campaign promoting Merkel’s economic doctrine in opposition to Obama. Will Romney be empowered to do the U.S. what “austerity” has done to much of Europe?

German Joins Inner-Most Mormon Circle

Deutsche WelleFollowing the recent death of the Mormon’s spiritual leader, a German pilot has joined the highest leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by becoming one of two counselors to the new Mormon head. Dieter Uchtdorf’s appearance doesn’t immediately hint at anything unusual. This 64-year old, who worked as chief pilot […]

German arms dealer extends scope of favor charges

OTTAWA (REUTERS) – An arms dealer wanted on fraud charges in Germany Thursday sought to draw the government into a political storm over cash payments to a former prime minister, saying a request to Prime Minister Stephen Harper to help him avoid extradition was “well received.” German-Canadian businessman Karlheinz Schreiber told a parliamentary committee that […]

Strategies of Attrition (II)

GermanForeignPolicy.com [See also Strategies of Attrition (I) and Strategies of Attrition (III).] BEIJING/LHASA/BERLIN(Own report) – German politicians have announced an escalation of the chancellor’s Tibet offensive. According to comments made by the Prime Minister of Hesse, Roland Koch (CDU), Angela Merkel’s meeting with the Dalai Lama is only the beginning of large scale interference into […]

Strategies of Attrition (I)

GermanForeignPolicy.com[See also Strategies of Attrition (II) and Strategies of Attrition (III).] BEIJING/LHASA/BERLIN(Own report) – The German chancellor is reinforcing Berlin’s special relationships to Chinese separatists, in spite of Beijing’s massive protests. The Dalai Lama had talks in the German Chancellery, for the first time, Sunday, Sept. 23. He is the leader of a self-proclaimed Tibetan […]

The Ordering of a Superstate

GermanForeignPolicy.com BERLIN/MAGDEBURG(Own report) – The medieval, Europe-wide German Reich is a valid model for the union of European countries today. So says the Berlin State Minister for Culture, Bernd Neumann. According to him, the memory of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation reveals “an inner historical consistency” with the founding and steady expansion […]

How Bush's Berlin Ambassador Pick Profited from Protective Tariffs against German Companies

by Georg Mascolo and Juergen DahlkampDer Spiegel Washington’s choice for future US ambassador to Germany has all the makings of a political bombshell. For years, a company owned by the multimillionaire and newly-appointed diplomat William Timken, Jr. has been profiting from anticompetitive tariffs — at the direct expense of German companies. As Washington’s new ambassador […]

FTR #469 The Schmitzes: Republican Family Values

The life, times, and offspring of former Representative John G. Schmitz.

FTR #411 The Bayer Facts: I.G. Farben and the Politics of Murder

History of I.G. Farben and Bayer, Germany’s top chemical and pharmaceutical firms, responsible for Hitler’s war production and drugs that have done great damage to humanity.