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FTR #573 Alfa Males—One Helluva Conspiracy Theory, Part II

Recorded Octo­ber 15, 2006 REALAUDIO Con­tin­u­ing analy­sis of what British Prime Min­is­ter Tony Blair described as a “global net­work” behind the 9/11 attacks, this pro­gram details evi­den­tiary trib­u­taries between the pow­er­ful, well-connected and crim­i­nal Alfa con­sor­tium and peo­ple and insti­tu­tions con­nected to the events of 9/11. A Russ­ian com­pany with what Mr. Emory describes as [...]

FTR #571 Yer Momma Works for the Mossad—Fireside Chat II

Recorded Octo­ber 1, 2006 REALAUDIO Unlike most broad­casts, this pro­gram is intended pri­mar­ily for rhetor­i­cal pur­poses, not for the pur­poses of fac­tual doc­u­men­ta­tion. (Some sources for fur­ther research are sug­gested at the end of this descrip­tion.) High­light­ing the resur­gence of anti-Semitism, the show takes its title from the oft-heard ratio­nal­iza­tion that “the Mossad did it.” [...]

FTR #567 The Socialism of Fools

He Who Tells the Truth Gets Chased out of Nine Vil­lages, Part IV Recorded Sep­tem­ber 9, 2006 REALAUDIO NB: This stream con­tains both FTR #s 567 and 568 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute broad­cast. A Euro­pean social critic termed anti-Semitism “the social­ism of fools.” In the wake of the Lebanon war, anti-Semitism has been [...]

FTR #521 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Recorded August 7, 2005 REALAUDIO NB: This stream con­tains both FTRs 520 and 521 in sequence. Each is a 30 minute broad­cast. Intro­duc­ing new sto­ries and updat­ing old ones, this pro­gram begins by not­ing a grow­ing body of infor­ma­tion sug­gest­ing that the sub­ject of “seis­mic war­fare” is not as whacky as it sounds. After noting [...]

FTR #476 More on the Schmitzes, the Underground Reich and 9/11

REALAUDIO Com­ple­ment­ing infor­ma­tion pre­sented in FTR#469, the pro­gram details the career of Joseph E. Schmitz—a very for­mi­da­ble indi­vid­ual who is Inspec­tor Gen­eral of the Depart­ment of Defense. A mem­ber of the Schmitz fam­ily dis­cussed in FTR#469, Joseph E. Schmitz is in a vitally impor­tant posi­tion in the Pen­ta­gon and is in a very sen­si­tive position [...]

FTR #446 Funds and Games

Recorded Feb­ru­ary 14, 2004 Lis­ten: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 RealAu­dio High­light­ing the post­war use of Axis trea­sure recov­ered by the Allies after World War II, this pro­gram talks about these Funds and the Games that were played with (and because of) them. Par­tic­u­lar empha­sis is on the post­war use of the mas­sive amount [...]

FTR #374 Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Evolv­ing events in US-Mideast pol­i­tics, rela­tions with Saudi Ara­bia and Iraq.

FTR #57 The CIA and The News Media

Amer­i­cans are accus­tomed to deceiv­ing them­selves with the notion that they enjoy a “free press.”

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