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The Big Bitcoin Bet: Currency of the Future or Just a Better Casino?

Bitcoin’s nearly parabolic rise in price this year has led to a similar rise in expectations. What does the future hold for bitcoin? Could bitcoin replace gold? Or might it grow even bigger? We’ll see, but one thing is for sure: The great bitcoin mining race is still picking up speed and you’re probably going to lose.

FTR #762 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook, Part 8: U-2 Brut? (The Destabilization of the Obama Administration)

Among the evident primary goals of the intelligence operation undertaken by Edward Snowden is the destabilization of the Obama administration. Intentionally damaging Obama’s attempts at improving relations with Russia, China and Germany/EU, the “op” bears strong similarity to the U-2 incident in May of 1960. That operation appears to have been orchestrated by domestic intelligence elements, whereas this appears to have been a foreign “op,” probably BND/Underground Reich.

Snowden’s Ride, Part 3: Shearing the Piglet (“We’re Shocked, Shocked . . . .”)

We further develop our coverage of the Underground Reich intelligence operation being carried out by Eddie “The Friendly Spook” Snowden. Experts on German intelligence have labeled the German outrage over the incident “feigned.” Despite their shrill rhetoric about the affair, French intelligence does the same thing. Europe as a whole engages in the same activities.

Was the Relationship between Brian Glyn Williams and Dzokhar Tsarnaev more than Just Student and “Tutor”?

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, we’ve highlighted the unraveling of the “two lone nuts” theory of that tragic event.In this context, we note that younger brother Dzokhar Tsarnaev’s high school mentor has a background in the CIA and also teaches Islamic studies at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, which Dzokhar attended.

What Has General Wesley Clark Been Doing since His Retirement?

I.G. Farben’s Fischer-Tropsch process is experiencing an industrial renaissance. In Kosovo, former NATO commander General Wesley Clark is chairman of a company using it to produce synthetic fuel from Kosovo’s coal deposits. Coincidentally (?) the head of NATO peacekeeping forces in Kosovo was the son of Nazi war crminal and Third Reich finance ministry official Fritz Reinhardt.

Winds of War Blowing over Northern Pacific Islands?

There has been a significant uptick in real or alleged military confrontations over disputed islands in the North Pacific. Conservative commentator Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has noted the possible drift toward war between Japan and China over uninhibited and disputed Islands. Japan has also accused Russia of fomenting confrontation over the disputed Kuriles.

Terminator V: The machines want your job.

In a fun change of pace, we’re going to have a post that’s light on excerpts and heavy on ranty linkiness. That might not actually be fun but it’s not like there’s a robot standing over your shoulder forcing you to read this. Yet.

Fascists in Russian Anti-Putin Coalition: Whither the Oil Rich and Largely Muslim Caucasus?

Anti-Putin Russian coalition includes prominent fascists, including Alexei Navalny. One wonders what effect this will have on the largely Muslim Caucasus?

“All that Glitters is Not . . .” Oh, Never Mind!

Central banks buying, not selling gold. This hasn’t happened in 40 years.

FTR #678 Interview (#1) with Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould

U.S. lured the Soviets into Afghanistan; George H.W. Bush analysts provide ideological base for the actions; Zbigniew Brzezinski implements the plan; Reagan cold warriors reject Soviet withdrawal plan.