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School Shootings Are Technologically Obsolete

In past programs, we have covered school shootings, one of the most high profile forms of mayhem in our benighted society. With the growth of high-tech, they have now become technologically obsolete–school terrorism may become increas­ingly pop­u­lar as anony­mous com­mu­ni­ca­tion tech­nolo­gies and anony­mous pay­ment sys­tems like Bit­coin con­tinue to roll out. The psychological effect of having children terrorized in this manner should not be underestimated. It will drive people into the arms of fascism, as they cry out for “someone to do SOMETHING! All of the contents of this website as of 12/19/2014–Dave Emory’s 35+ years of research and broadcasting–as well as hours of videotaped lectures are available on a 32GB flash drive. Dave offers his programs and articles for free–your support is very much appreciated.

The “camo pants” coincidence in Newtown, CT, part 3: updates and caveats

Here’s another update on the reports of a “second shooter” and the still unidentified “camo pants” man:
It appears that the mystery of Mr. Rodia has potentially been cleared up and he appears to be innocent and only coincidentally caught up in this event:
It looks like Mr. Rodia was actually pulled over in his car during the event and was not driving the possible suspect “vehicle”. Plus, there are a few caveats that need to be conveyed…

The camo pants coincidence in Newtown, CT, part 2: the mystery is solved except it isn’t

In our last post on this tragic topic, we addressed the possibility that the Newtown, CT shooter had help. In particular, the question of the identity and potential involvement of a man in “camo pants” and a dark jacket that was taken into the custody. Answers have emerged regarding this man’s possible identity. But a lot of questions remain. And one of those remaining questions is, unfortunately, who was the “camo pants” man? [Note: See important update at end of post]

The camo pants coincidence in Newtown, CT

There have been multiple hoaxes and ample misreporting in the Newtown tragedy as the event unfolded. As a consequence, there is an unfortunate topic we’re going to have to revisit.

Celebrating Hitler’s Birthday at Littleton, Colorado

Home of Columbine massacre, Littleton Colorado had a white man planting a bomb on Hitler’s birthday. Columbine High massacre in that city resulted from a conspiracy, probably including Nazi elements in student body and local law enforcement.

FTR #228 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Listen: MP3 One Segment Introducing or updating a number of different points of information and paths of inquiry, this broadcast begins with a story about South Africa’s unfortunate dalliance with “researchers” who contend that HIV does not cause AIDS. Relying on research developed primarily by a German-born scientist implicated in the chain of events underlying […]

FTR #158 The Life and Times of Senator Thomas Dodd

Gun control issue and international fascist intrigue, connections between the assassination of JFK and the world of Senator Thomas Dodd of Connecticut.

FTR #150 The Littleton, Colorado School Massacre

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold realized a long-held plan to murder schoolmates on April 20 (Hitler’s Birthday). They spoke German to each other, greeted each other with the “heil” salute and rehearsed their plan on video months in advance of the slaughter.