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Collateralized “Death” Obligations?

Both JP Morgan Chase and Deutsche Bank are, or have been the focal points of ongoing investigations into their operations. Now, two execs, one former and one active, have allegedly committed suicide. The mortality rate among London based banking executives has been particularly high in recent years. We wonder if the high mortality rate, the ongoing capital troubles and legal investigations plaguing the firms may be related to these deaths. Are we looking at collateralized “death” obligations?

FTR #693 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Blackwater security outfit plots to kill whistleblowers; deadly pathogens missing from Ft. Detrick; viruses mutating to infect other species; the bailout hasn’t assured economic security and has made the institutions that are “too big to fail” even bigger.

FTR #670 Update on the Meltdown, Part 3: Top Banana Republic

U.S. is beset by the same structural economic and political problems as Emerging Market countries; Will the “Top Banana Republic” pull through? Or will we bring the rest of the world down?

FTR #650 Analyzing the Causes of the Crash –
Interview with Lucy Komisar

Investment industry corrupt to its foundations, in regular collusion with U.S. regulatory officials.